The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


5. Chapter 5

**Before you read the next chapter: If this one isn't as good, I'm sooo sorry. Keep reading. Something big is about to happen in a few chapters and starting in this one. It's just really early here, and hard to write when you just wake up.**



One Week Later...


Ally hadn't talked to me since that day.. Niall and I have talked plenty, well, of course. I have no plans today, so I thought I would just hang out today. Sit and watch tv, or go online. Maybe even watch a few movies.


I hopped off the couch, where I'd slept last night after having more troubling pains, and went to go get some comfy clothes. It was just an all-around bad day today, runny-nose, watery eyes, and to top it all off, mother nature wasn't being the sweetest lately.

I stood at the edge of my door, quietly pushing it open, and walking inside. I felt the soft rug sink in around my feet, and I breathed in the relaxing air. It smelled like different perfumes I had recently used. I hadn't charged my phone last night, so I wasn't surprised to see it was almost dead. That phone burns battery power faster than any phone I've ever had before. But, I was also surprised to see a message from Will. And Austin. And Ally. There were a couple on there, and they were all around the same time.

Will: Hey... Niall... well, Niall needs help. Hurry over!! :(

Austin: Niall's sick.. He wants you.

Ally: I'm so sorry about the day I walked out. Forgive me?

I ignored Ally's text, and focused on the other two. Niall's sick? I'm guessing he's at his own house.

I jumped up from my spot where I'd been sitting recently. I didn't even change out of my clothes into something better looking. I ran out the front door, hopped in my car and drove straight to Niall's. I ran three red-lights and didn't stop to let a couple of elderly women pass, I just kept driving. If Niall was sick, and he wanted me to be there, I would be there. No matter what.

As soon as I reached Niall's house, I jumped out of the car and ran up the steps to his house.

The door flung open before I even knocked. I came face to  face with a  very sweaty Will. He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. I snapped my arm away from him, only for him to grab my other one. Suddenly, he stopped me.

"N-Niall, he's really sick." He says. I nod, hoping tears don't come when I see him.


***Author's Note*** I'll be gone for a while. I'll finish this chapter soon. Sorry, it will be way better next time, like I said, something big is about to happen. Please stand by.



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