The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


4. Chapter 4

I wake up to another morning with my family fighting. Well, my parents, and the baby they'd recently had. It was a boy named Jeydon. He was a quiet baby for the most part, but when he starts crying in the middle of the night, they fight again. And again. I'm not sure what this fight is about, all I can hear is muffled yelling. I cant actually hear the individual words.

I walk out, remembering that this is my house. I can kick them out. I really don't feel like kicking my own parents out in their time of need, but I have to do what would be best...

As soon as I get out into the living room, I see them fighting, Jeydon sitting there in the crib watching and crying. He's going to learn how to fight. He wont know any nice...

"Hey!" I yell, they don't hear me, "Hey!" I repeat, and they stop yelling. Their eyes go wide when they see me.

"Oh, honey.." My mum says, trying to grab my shoulder, but I shake away.

"No, it wont work this time. The fighting and then the comfort. It's not working anymore. And I have bad news," I say. I don't wait for them to say anything before I continue, "I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave and not come back if you cant control yourselves. You think fighting in front of Jey is smart? It's not. I remember, mum, when you told me that fighting in front of any child was bad because they soak up information like sponges and repeat what they see." I finish, my face heated.

It's a few minutes of cold, blank stares from my parents before they answer.

"Alright, alright, we'll only need to be here for a while... We can control it, I promise." My mum says, and grabs my shoulders, forcing me to look her in the eyes, "But, you also need to change."

"I need to change wha--" I start, but my mum interrupts.

"You need to go see a doctor about all these aches and pains in your chest. It could be something serious." She says, and I roll my eyes.

"Mum, it's nothing. I promise." I say, and walk away, back to my room.

As soon as I'm in my room, I plop onto the red leather couch I recently bought. I was literally in love with that couch already. I decided to call up my friend, Ally, and have her come over.

After about three rings, she picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I hear her voice over the other end of the phone.

"Hey, uh, I was just wondering if you could come over for like a movie day or something?" I ask, immediately getting to the point. She hesitated for a moment, and then answered.

"I just checked. I have no plans. I guess, I'll be over in about an hour?" She asks.

"Sounds perfect." I say.

"Hey, before you go?"

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Uh... Is.. is Niall going to be there?" She asks. I feel my face heat. With anger or embarrassment, I'm not sure.

"Uh, no, not unless I invite him, why?"

"Oh... You should invite him! We can all sit and talk. I haven't really gotten to meet the love of your life yet... You know, you said you'd set up a time when I could meet him. Today is a good day." She says. I breathe a sigh of relief. At least she isn't crushing on him.

"Oh, sure. He might have a meeting with his band, but I bet he could squeeze us in real fast. But if he can only stay for about an hour--" I cant say anymore before she interrupts.

"That would be fine, girl, stop worrying." She says, and then hangs up. I stand up and place my phone on the side table, grabbing my iPhone instead. I shoot Niall a text real quick.

Hey, Niall, can you come over today? I want to hang out <3

It's about five minutes before he replies.

Sure babe:) But I cant stay so long, meeting today at 3:00.

Okay, come over now xx

I'll be up in a few. Let me guess, movie day?

You know it, Ni :P

I'll bring a movie, see ya in a few. Xx

Sounds great babe xx <3

And with that done, I throw my iPhone onto my bed. It bounces, hits the wall, and then bounces off the bed again, and onto the floor.

I get up and set it on the table instead, and as I do, I get a message.

The message on my screen pops up as: Nialler Xx

I unlock my phone and read the message.

Hey, I'm here babe.

Okay xx I'll be right out.

I slide my phone into my pocket and walk out. My parents left, taking Jey with them this time. Thank God.

I hear a knock at the door. So, Niall was texting while he was driving again? I have to have a talk with that boy. I sift through many thoughts in my head until I get to the door, and my mind clears.

Niall appears at the door, roses in his hand, held out to me. I smile.

"Aw, Niall!" I say, and he sets them into my arms. I smell them and grab a vase out of the cupboard, and put them in water.

"Niall, they're gorgeous." I say, breathless and not knowing what to say.

"Just like my babe is. Gorgeous." He says, wrapping me in a hug. I hug him back and think back on all the times I dreamed of all of this happening. I wished so badly that it would happen, and it did. Finally.

He pulls away, and looks me in the eyes.

"So, I brought a few movies for us to watch to---" He was interrupted.

"Hey girl!" I hear Ally's voice from behind us, she'd walked in the front door. I smile and run over to her, hugging her tightly.

Niall comes up, and stands beside me, grabbing my hand.

"Hey, Niall, big fan." She says, trying to hold back her fangirling. I knew she was a fan of One Direction, I just really hoped when the time came for her to meet Niall that she could hold it back. Her face was all red and she was biting on her lip like it was her last meal, but I think she's handling it better than she could be..

"Okay," I say, clapping my hands together, saving Ally from a post-traumatic heart attack, "Shall we watch a movie?" I ask. Ally nods, and Niall squeezes my hand.

"Which one? I brought a few and then I heard that we'd be talking and catching up and I think I'm going to--" I interrupted Ally before she finished.

"Ally, slow down. It's okay. Don't be all nervous." I say, and she grabs my other hand. I look over and see Niall, a smile covering his face.

"Okay, okay. I'm better," She clears her throat, "Which movie are we watching first?" She asks, much slower.

"Better. How about you pick, Ally?" I say, and Niall sets down two movies.

There was The Last Song and Paranormal Activity 4. I knew right away which she'd pick.


I grabbed the movie and put it in the machine. PA4. I thought so. Ally had always been a horror fan. Whether she was dragging me off to a horror movie marathon or telling scary stories, she'd always loved it. Anything to do with horror or gore or monsters and scary folktales, she'd be right there.

"So... Uh, I think I'm gonna go get a drink.. Anybody else want something?" I ask, my hands already shaking. The previews had barely started when I knew I was nervous about watching a scary movie. I always hated them. People say it's why me and Ally are the best of friends, because somebody has to have the nice factors. One of us needs to be sweeter and not a horror addict. Seriously, it's like horror is her drug. Without it, she'd die.

Sometimes I like to pretend I am what she is, not afraid of horror.. Sometimes I like to think of what it would be like if she wasn't into anything scary, if I was the gutsy girl and she was the girlie girl. I just cant think of me liking some of the things she enjoys. Horror isn't my thing..

"Hey, I'll come help you." Niall says, and Ally just lounges on the chair, watching the horror movie previews. I see blood splatter on the screen, and I instantly run into the kitchen. She's out there giggling and smiling, having a good time watching these previews for things I cant take. I really am different than her..

Niall grabs my hand, "Are you gonna be okay? I mean, watching the movie?" He asks. I smile, and nod.

"Of course. It's not that bad." I say, lying, hoping to convince myself, but it doesn't work. I'll always be one of those stereotyped girls. The ones who aren't courageous or daring, the ones who'd rather go shopping than take a risk.

"Okay.. Well if you need me, I'm gonna be right there the whole time." He says, and with that, he disappears back into the living room. I can still hear Ally laughing. I don't understand how watching people die is so funny, but okay.

I pour a glass of water, and take a long, slow sip. I stand by the sink, not daring to go back in the living room just yet. I hear the movie come on, and Ally calls out to me.

"Hey, girl, come watch the movie! It's starting." She says, and I nod to myself.

"I'll be right in." I call back.


I turn on my heels and walk into the living room. Ally is, like, all over Niall. I roll my eyes and sit in the chair. Niall looks over at me, and shrugs.

He gets up and sits by me, putting his arms around me. I lean into him, putting my head on his shoulder. I can feel his shoulder rising and falling with his even breaths. I smile, thinking, I finally have the guy I want.


I wake up with my head still on Niall's shoulder. I look over and see that Ally was still awake, but the movie was over. She was sitting there on her phone. When she looks up, she smiles.

"You fell asleep, girl. I didn't think you were so tired. I guess Niall fell asleep too." She says, giggling. I look up and see Niall's sleeping face. I smile, and trace my finger across his lips. And then across his jaw-line. He smiles in his sleep, and his eyes flutter open.

"Well, hello beautiful." He says in his cute sleep-voice. Ally looks about ready to melt over there, and I just smile.

"Hey," I say, "We fell asleep." I giggle. He smiles and yawns.

"Yeah, I guess we did," He says, blinking sleep away from his eyes.

I was just about to throw my arms around Niall and hug him, when a pain erupted in my chest. I shudder and gasp. I stand up and run into the kitchen, clawing around for Tylenol or Motrin or anything that could kill pain. But my mum had hidden it, saying I'd been taking too much of it lately. I grab my stomach and almost fall to the floor, if it weren't for Niall racing in and grabbing me.

I breathe short, quick breaths in and out, focusing on just taking in breath. Ally runs out, completely startled. I feel bad for shaking them both up so much, but it's not like I have a schedule for these things to happen. I just think back to a happier time, like the moment Niall's lips met mine for the very first time.

Just feeling Niall's arms around me makes me feel safe, but I know he cant stop the pain in my chest. This time, it felt like a hand ripped through my chest and was squeezing my heart. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Like I was trapped in a room too small, the walls closing in.

"D-does she need to go to the doctors'?" I hear Ally's voice say, nervously.

I try to say no, but I cant even force my lungs to do that much work for me. Yet. I focus on breathing, surviving, and I close my eyes. Sweat runs down my face as the pains increase, then decrease, and then increase again. I felt hot and cold at the same time. I didn't know how to describe it, or how to tell if this one was permanent. I didn't know what to do. I felt trapped and scared and alone. Like a little kid that gets lost at the fair or in a shopping center. I just felt like dropping to the floor in panic and screaming. But, I couldn't. Niall had me in a firm grip, and I couldn't force any breath out.

It felt like I was choking. On something that I couldn't escape from.

I felt tears run down my face and I realize that this is the first time it'd made me cry. I didn't want to put Niall or Ally or anyone through this with me. I wanted to be alone for this.

I wait it out a few more minutes, feeling the pain decrease, and I wait until it stops to drop from Niall's arms, breathing heavily.

"I-I'm okay." I stutter out, gulping air like it was my last time to breathe.

I decided it was time to face the facts: there was something wrong.

I stayed on my hands and knees, breathing heavily, until I felt like I'd worked up the strength to stand and move about again.

My legs were weak and shaky when I stood, but Niall and Ally let me lean on them until I felt better. It was almost three, and I knew Niall would try to miss his meeting if he knew I was still feeling like this. So, I put my acting skills to work, and I force myself to stand up and walk by myself.

"Okay, okay, I'm good now." I say, but their faces tell me my shaky voice isn't very convincing. I turn around and grab a cup, filling it with cold water. I take a slow sip out of it, feeling it cool my now aching head. I feel around on top of the counters for the pill bottles. I find one in the very corner, and I pull it down. Tylenol. I take two pills out and drown them down with water. Then I turn back to Niall and Ally.

"Niall, your meeting." I say, but I already know he wouldn't leave me.

"K.. I'm not leaving." He says, and I smile.

"Thanks. You're so sweet." I say, and he smiles back at me. That made me feel a little better.

"And I think I'll leave you two alone." Ally says, walking towards the door.

"Ally, don't go.." I say, my voice still weak and trembling. I reach towards her, my hand out, shaking, but she steps away.

"No, I cant be around you when you're like this. I don't want to see it." She says, her voice cold and harsh. I put my hand down, and Niall grabs it. She takes a few more steps until she's out the door.

She turns around, and for a second I think she'll stay, but she just turns back around and leaves. I hear her car start up and I know she's gone.

"What just happened?" I hear Niall ask, but I've seen this happen before. Ally lost her friend to something like this before, and she doesn't want to see it happen again. But, this is just a bad case of heartburn.. I hope. Well, Ally walked in on her best friend in agonizing pain, and she just stood there. She watched her friend die. She said she tried to help, but she couldn't move. For once, she was frozen with fear. Ally, horror girl, she was paralyzed with fear.

I know what was going to happen as soon as she turned colder on me. She wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. Maybe it's what she's seen happen before that changed her whole appeal on horror. Maybe she thought if she'd toughen up enough to handle those things that she could help the next time and not be afraid. But even I know she isn't that immune to fright. Nobody is. It's different on screen, it's not real. But, when it happens in real life, it's so weird. Like you're living a nightmare.

"I-I don't know." I finally find the words to answer Niall.

I take a step towards him, and wrap my arms around him. I feel his arms wrap around me, and I feel better. Niall's always had that spark with me, he could always make me feel better. No matter what he did, he could instantly make me feel better.

"Don't worry, you'll always have me." He says, and I feel myself smiling again. There he goes, making me feel 100% better again. And I come to think of it, maybe it is and always will be Niall that gives me my normalcy. And the courage to do things that I couldn't do on my own. I thank Niall with my life for the day he decided to be my friend. We'd been friends since we both started kindergarten.


Author's Note: How is it so far?


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