The Luck of The Irish

Niall and Kendal have been friends since they were little. But, when they both feel like changing things to more than they already are, will it work? Kendal starts to experience heart and breathing problems and doctors tell her she may need surgery. What happens to you if you love someone who's falling apart inside and out? What happens when the person who stole your heart needs to actually have it for real?


1. Chapter 1

When I woke up this morning, there was a pain in my chest. I stood up and wiped the sleep out of my eyes, I took a deep breath and let it out. This was probably just tiredness from my cross-country meet last night. The whole team had beat their past scores, and we won over the other team. I was ecstatic when I heard the caller say "Congratulations to Mullingar High School for winning today's meet!".

The whole team had jumped for joy and we got taken out for ice-cream for all our hard work. The best part is that my best friend was there to watch this. It was by far my best track meet yet, but, not the only one he'd been too. I remembered three years back when Niall had come with me to the Finals, and I had fallen over a tree-trunk and twisted my ankle, automatically being disqualified. I remembered also hugging Niall while I cried over that. I had lost something so important to me that day, and after last night, I forgot it.

Our team is the League Meet Champions.

I smiled and walked over to my closet, looking for a good outfit to wear today. I was going to the movies with Niall and a few other people. I decided, after about ten minutes of looking, that I would wear a purple shirt that slants down my legs, with a black batman symbol. I wore it with black knee-high boots and skinny tights. The tights had a purple, black, yellow and brown Indian kind of decoration. This was an outfit I'd worn once or twice before, and plenty of people liked it. So, I guess it looks okay.

I slipped into the bathroom, grabbing my clothes to put on, and grabbed my make-up bag. I dropped my make-up bag onto the floor as soon as I shut the door. I lost my grip on it. Make-up spilled out everywhere, not to mention the loud noise that probably woke my parents up. My parents were staying with me for a while until their house got renovated. There was a bug infestation that they couldn't control, so now there was a bug-catcher getting rid of the problem for them. I shuddered at the thought of having thousands of bugs in your house, walking around everywhere.

I picked up all the make-up that spilled out and set them back in the bag, and onto the counter by the sink, then I grabbed my clothes.

Once I had my clothes on, I stopped by the mirror and focused on my make-up. Even just for a movie I needed to look my best. Niall has told me plenty of times before that make-up doesn't make anyone look better. He tells me natural beauty is key. Since then, I had summed down on the make-up. I don't wear blush or eye-shadow anymore. In fact, the only things I do wear now is eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. On fancy nights our or things, I wear blush and some other things, but that's about it. I have really summed it down.

I put on my black eyeliner and black mascara, getting really close to the mirror. I have a habit of holding my mouth wide open while I put my mascara on, I guess a lot of people do it...

I finished by putting on some light, natural coloured lipstick and a little beanie. The hat was pushed lightly over my hair, which was always curly. I took my curling iron and defined the curls a little more.

"Good enough," I say as I step out of the bathroom, taking a glance in the mirror one last time. I picked my iPhone up off the charger and quickly sent a text out to Niall.

Hey, Ni, which movie are we going to see today?

I glanced at the clock and saw that the time was 10:23. I over-slept. After about ten minutes, I got a reply from Niall.

Oh, you're alive, good. A horror movie sound good? I was going to pick ya up at about 11:00. Okay?

Yeah, sounds great. See ya then:)


I looked back down at my feet, covered by the black boots I wore. As soon as I looked down, a pain erupted in my chest, like a mild heart burn. I gasped and grabbed onto my chest quickly.

It stayed mild for about 5 minutes before it felt like a person was full-on stabbing me with a knife in the heart. Maybe I had pushed myself harder than I thought last night.

I walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. I took a few sips and sat at the kitchen table until the pain left. When it was gone, I waited a few more minutes before getting up and grabbing my purse. I wasn't going to take my purse, but now I need to take Tylenol with me, so this doesn't bother me through the whole movie. My muscles are just getting used to the new kind of action. I pushed myself really hard last night to get the time I did for my race. And I came in close to first.

I slipped a few Tylenols into my purse, along with my iPhone, sunglasses and my wallet.

I walked into the living room and turned the TV on. The news came on in a flash, some story on how a guy robbed a bank. Apparently, he escaped and ran about to the hills. Who doesn't run to the hills? They always go there... Im not sure why they feel like it's such a good hiding place

I looked at the time, 11:05, Niall would be here any second now. My parents wont be wondering where I was, well, because its my house and I could leave whenever. But, I decided to leave a note for them on the counter.

-Mum and dad, I left the house to go to a movie. Ill see ya guys later. Bye.-

In the middle of writing the note, I heard a car pull in. Niall. I heard a knock at the door, and I called for him to come in. He walked in, wiped his feet off and walked over.

"Ready to go?" He asks, and I nod.



Author's Note: I know its only the first chapter, but does this sound like something I should continue? Like, is it good enough to continue? Feedback and anything I can change or the better:) Thanks guys:) Oh, and any ideas! I take them all into account  and sometimes I use them in the near future! Okay, happy commenting! Bye:)

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