Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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3. The Note and First Kisses

Rebecca’s P.O.V   I woke up and Harry was the only thing on playing on my mind. I rolled over on my bed and saw the small but cute teddy Harry had given me last night. It reminded me of how sweet he was. I got changed and made my way towards Kayleigh’s room. I was determined to find out what was up with her last night. I knocked once, and then walked in. Kayleigh was standing in front of her mirror straightening her hair. “So… what was up with you last night?” I asked. She didn’t reply. “Kayleigh!” I shouted. I walked over to her and patted her shoulder. “Hmm...ohh sorry was listening to my music and you know what I’m like headphones full volume” we both laughed then Kayleigh packed away her straightener’s. “So… what was with you last night?” I asked again, I wasn’t going to let this pass. “What do you mean?” she gave me a confused look. “You know…Niall?” I replied, smiling. “Eh…Yeah we are just friends” “I know you like him like him” I said. I sat on the end of Kayleigh’s bed while she finished doing her hair. We just carried on a normal conversation and out of nowhere she asked a question. “So what happened with Harry?” I gave her a slight confused look as I didn’t know where this was heading. “Before you say I don’t know what you one about, I was wondering what you two did at the carnival? Since you basically ditched me” I started smiling when she said this. Great! Now I can’t escape and tell her that nothing happened. She smiled and dropped everything she was doing and flew on top of the bed. “Well… we just talked and stuff” I said but Kayleigh gave me the look as to say she didn’t buy it. I giggled slightly at her actions. “Ok well if you must know, we talked and we went on the Ferris wheel and he won a teddy gave it to me…” Kayleigh’s smile grew bigger and bigger by the second. “Anything else?” I knew I would have to tell her, I couldn’t keep it from her we were basically sisters. I took a deep breath and prepared myself to tell her. “Emmm… Then… *cough*we *cough kissed*cough” I said covering it with the coughs. Kayleigh just stared at me. “Come on Rebecca you know you can tell me anything” “I know I’m sorry, ok well before we headed back to find you guys we went to look at the lights. When our hands touched he grabbed mine and then before I knew it we kissed” I looked at Kayleigh who was smiling like a kid in a candy store. I laughed and I felt my own smile grow on my face. “You two would make a really cute couple you know that” She nudged me in the side and I smiled to her. “Thanks, anyway that went a little off subject. I know you like Niall Kayleigh and not just in a friend way like you told me” I told her walking out of the room. I shut the door behind me. I heard her shout ‘I don’t’ when I got to the end of the hallway. She so does. I walked into the living room and looked out the patio doors. I saw Harry and Louis playing a bit of football. This sight was really weird, just over a month ago I was a normal fan and now they are staying at the back off my house. It’s just Crazy. Harry saw me standing there and waved at me to come out. “Morning!” Louis said. “Morning! Everyone have a good sleep?” I asked. “Yeah thanks, must say the best I’ve had in a while” Harry said, I smiled at him. “I was just about to make breakfast anyone want anything?” I said walking back over to the patio door. I turned round to see what they were going to say. “No you’re ok, we have already had something” Harry said smiling at me. “Ok then” I gave a small smile back to harry and I walked back into my house. I quickly made myself a bowl of cereal and plopped myself down on the chair at the breakfast bar. I reached my hand across the table to grab the remote. I switched on the music channel and started humming along to the song that was on. Once I finished I placed my bowl in the sink and rushed up stairs to change from my joggers into something that I won’t boil in. I walked into my closet and pulled out a pair of high waist shorts and a vest top. I quickly changed, pulled my hair into a messy bun and put some make up on nothing to fancy just a little. I was just about head out my room again when I heard my phone buzz.   From; Hazza<3 Are you doing anything just now? I need to ask you something x   I smiled at this text, I wonder what he need to ask? My head started filling with thoughts. I quickly scrolled my fingers over the key pad typing a message in reply.   To; Hazza<3 Nope:) I’ll be out in 2 minutes xx   I slid my phone into my pocket and began walking down my stairs. When I got out the door I saw Harry leaning against the wall, I smiled and walked over to him.   Harry’s P.O.V   I turned around when I heard footsteps coming beside me. I looked up to see Rebecca and a smile grew on my face. I grabbed her hand without saying a word and began leading her in a direction. Only I knew where this way was heading. I heard Rebecca giggle slightly before I turned a gave her a smile and then pulling her down another path. “Harry slow down! Where are we going?” I turned and saw her smiling. I didn’t reply to her question just gave her a smile. I noticed we were getting nearer and I wanted to keep it a secret so I stopped and turned around. “Close your eyes!” I said smiling at her. She shot me a confused look, which to me looked adorable. “Trust me” I said still smiling at her and I placed my hand over her eyes. She just laughed. “Ok I will” I didn’t move my hand, Just in case she tries to peak and spoil the surprise. We walked the finally few steps towards the place where we need to be. When we finally arrived I pulled Rebecca to stop then I moved my hand. “Open your eyes!” I stood back as she opened them. I saw her smile creep onto her face and her mouth formed a little ‘o’ shape. I really like it when she smiles I think she is cute. I had set out a small picnic by the river. “Oh my god! Harry you did this for me?” She said before looking over to me. “Wel...” Before I could finish my sentence she had thrown her arms around me. “I love it!” she whispered in my ear. I smiled at her and took her hand and lead her over to the picnic. There was a small blanket covering the ground and a basket of food that Louis helped me to prepare. There was only one thing playing on my mind, I really tried not to think about it but it was hard not to. “Harry what’s wrong?” Rebecca said sounding worried. “Well I thought I was going to be staying here for a few more, but we are leaving to start our tour soon” I sighed once I finished what I was saying. Rebecca finished what she was saying before speaking to me. “Is that it, that isn’t that, bad” She said smiling at me. “Rebecca I know this might sound crazy because I’ve only know you for a couple of weeks, but I like you a lot” I paused and saw Rebecca slightly blush when I said this “And I’ll be gone for a while… and I’m going to miss you” This time it was my turn to get embarrassed. I heard Rebecca giggle slightly. “Harry, It’s not silly I think…I like you too and I mean we can still keep in contact” I smiled at her and she laughed. “So mmm…” I looked up at Rebecca. I guess now was the right time to ask that one important question. “Mmmm…How would you feel if I asked you to be my girlfriend?” I said, she looked up at me and smiled. “I would say yes!” She giggled. I smiled at her. “You would?” I said still smiling at her. She nodded and I stood up and gave her a hug. Really Harry a hug? Is that all you could think of? “But can we just tell the boys and Kayleigh just now?” I said and she nodded and smiled. I pack everything up into the basket and took Rebecca’s hand and we ran back to the house.   Rebecca’s P.O.V   Harry is so sweet I can’t believe he planned all of that for just the two of us. I really liked being with Harry we always had a laugh. I couldn’t believe he just asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn’t complaining though I really liked him. When we were walking home that night it felt…Different but a good different, because we got on really well it didn’t feel awkward. “So when do you leave?” I said looking up at Harry not letting go of our group. “Two days’ time” He sighed. “That’s not long at all” I said, he looked at me and smiled. “Well we will just have to make it last then” I giggled at what Harry just said then he started to laugh. “What!” I said smiling at him. “Nothing, it’s just that your cute when you laugh” I nudged him and smiled. We were now standing still. Harry moved closer lifting my head with his finger. I smiled and moved at little closer. Harry smiled back and he closed the gap between us by kissing me. It felt so special I can’t even describe in words.   *Authors note*   Hiii guys this is my first ever fanfic!! What do you think of the first few chapters? Please comment/vote i would love to see what all you lovely people think   Thanks for reading   Love yaa!!   Beccaaa x  
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