Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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8. Girly night and a suprise skype call

Hiiiii guys   Soo i'm back from London and i said i would try update soo here it is hope you like itOMG london was amazing second time being there and enjoyed it even more the second time. Met one direction in madame tausauds, went to the O2 arena, saw i model and thought i saw harry but no went on the london eyei have sooo much to tell you guys but i'm going to stop and let you read the chapter.   Please favourite/like and comment really want to know what you guys think   Love ya   Becccaa xx   Harry’s P.O.V   Once I climbed onto the plane I sat next to Niall and Louis. The boys all were all going on about how excited they were about going to New York. The only thing on my mind was Rebecca, I decided to tune out of their conversation by plugging in my headphones. I clicked on shuffle and slowly drifted off to sleep. *8hours or so later* “Harry! Harry! Harry!” I heard someone whisper shouting to me. I opened my eyes and saw Niall was the one waking me up. “What?!” I said slightly annoyed that he woke me up. “We’re 10 minutes away from landing” Niall replied smiling. “Are we?” I said, the excitement growing inside me knowing I will get to call Rebecca. “Yeah, look. You can see all the familiar buildings out the window” Niall said. I was so relived; I couldn’t wait to speak to Rebecca. I missed her a lot already, I have no idea how I’m going survive these 3 months away from her. We just get on so well and we used to talk all the time even before I asked her to be my girlfriend. A couple of minutes later I started to feel the plane move. We were just about to land. When the plane fully stopped I grabbed my carry on. I pushed past Paul and the boys and ran off the plane. “Hey!” they all shouted at me when I pushed them out the way. We picked up our luggage and Paul took us out to the car. I took out my phone and called Rebecca.   Rebecca’s P.O.V   I was lying on my bed and I heard my phone start to ring over the other side of my room. I sighed and got up to walk over to my phone. Once I picked it up I saw that it was Harry calling me. My mood quickly changed. I smiled and answered the phone. “Hello” “Hey beautiful, I miss you” When I heard his voice, I instantly got butterflies in my stomach. “I miss you too Harry, it doesn’t feel the same anymore without you and the other boys here” “Aww babe, I just wanted to call and here your beautiful voice and to tell you I got here ok. I need to go now there calling me to hurry up, I call you again when I get to my hotel” “Ok, Love you” “Love you too Babe” Once he hung up I laid back on my bed, with a massive smile on my face. I got up to go head to Kayleigh’s room we need to have a girly night. Once I got to Kayleigh’s room I could her talking to someone else. I knocked once and walked in. “Yeah, I miss you too” I saw her starting to blush since she knew I had just heard that. I knew right away who she was speaking to. I just smiled and sat on the end of her bed waiting for her to finish. Once she hung up she just looked at me. “Soo… Do you wanna go watch a movie and have some pizza?” I asked her, breaking the silence. “Yeah sounds good!” Kayleigh replied. “Ok, well how about we get changed into our Onesies or something and I’ll meet you downstairs in about 5 Minutes?” Kayleigh agreed and went off to get changed. I did the same, I got changed into a dark purple one and I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I went down the stairs and shoved the pizza in the oven. When I walked back through into the living room Kayleigh was there. She was wearing her Onesie which was hot pink and her was also in a messy bun. “Hey do you wanna choose the movie while I go get the pizza out?” I asked her. “yeah sure” I went back into the kitchen and got the pizza out and put it onto a big plate. I cut it all into slices and took it through to the living room. Kayleigh was sitting on the sofa with the remote in her hand. “What are we watching then?” “The notebook” she smiled. “Oh my, better get the tissues at the ready” We both started laughing then I heard Kayleigh’s phone start to ring. I looked at her. “It’s not mine” I said. Kayleigh reached forward and picked her phone up from the table. As soon as she answered it she walked through to the kitchen. I couldn’t hear who she was talking to but the smile she gave off before leaving the room suggested it was Niall. After about a minute of Kayleigh being in the kitchen I started thinking of Harry. I took out my phone and texted him.   To; Boyfriend <3   Hey babe, I miss you xxxxx   About 10 seconds later I got a reply.   From; Boyfriend<3   Hey beautiful I miss you loads too, is Kayleigh on the phone just now? Xxxxxx   I replied straight away saying; yeah she is why? Xxxxxx   From; Boyfriend<3   This is niall’s face he just loves her can’t you tell xxxxxx   I looked to see he had sent a picture. I clicked on it to open it up and I saw niall holding his phone smiling.   To; Boyfriend <3 Aww, they are so cute xxxxxx   Just as I pressed send. I heard beeping coming from my laptop in the corner of the room. I got up and walked over to it. I moved my mouse to wake it up again and I saw I was getting a Skype call from Harry. I picked up my laptop and quickly sat back down on the sofa and answered it. “Surprise!” He said with huge smile on his face. I love his smile. I just giggled.   Harry’s P.O.V   I could see how happy she was when she saw me. It made me feel even better. “I miss you” I said. “I miss you too Harry” She couldn’t stop smiling. After a few minutes of making weird faces at each other, Louis and Zayn came in and pushed me off the bed. “Ehh, guys!” I said picking myself up from the ground. “Hey Rebecca!” they said. “Hey guys!” She replied back. “Harry won’t shut up about how much he misses you” Louis said and both he and Zayn laughed. I felt like I was starting to blush. “I’ll be back in a minute, I’m going to get a drink” I shouted then walked out the room.
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