Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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7. chapter6-Leaving Day

  Rebecca’s P.O.V   I woke up this morning feeling really great; the sun was shining through my curtains putting a smile on my face. My mood soon changed when I thought of Harry he was leaving today for 3 months. Yay! Not. Even though I have only known him for a little while it feels like a lifetime. We just get on so well, it makes it even easier to be together since we were friends to begin with. I groaned to myself, and then sat up. I dragged the covers off me and stood up. I realised I still had Harry’s jumper on. This made me smile; I walked over to my wardrobe and opened the door. I pulled out a pair of high waist shorts, a flower printed top and with that I took my pinkish/purple jack wills jumper. Once I had finished getting changed I opened my curtains and grabbed my hair brush. I couldn’t be bothered to make it all fancy so I just put it in a ponytail. I quickly grabbed my phone, and then I made my way to the bathroom with my make-up bag. On the way to the bathroom I met Kayleigh in the hallway, she seemed happy. “Why do you look so happy?” I asked confused, I would have thought she would be sad about the boys leaving. I mean we LOVE them! On the other hand she hasn’t really got a certain someone to miss unlike me. “Why wouldn’t I?” She said, smiling. I just shook my head as if she didn’t know. “Aren’t you upset that the boys are leaving today?” I wondered. “They are only leaving for a while, I’m sure they will keep in touch. Anyway we can spend some time together I have hardly seen you, since mmm let me think Harry came along” She replied cheerfully. I just laughed and gave her a little shove. “Oh Shh!” she just smiled and I continued on into the bathroom to put my make-up on. When I just reached the bathroom I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I placed my bag down on the bath side and took my phone out.   From; Hazza<3 Morning Beautiful<3 Xxxx   I smiled to myself, he is so sweet. It didn’t take minute for my fingers to go over the keypad and send a reply.   To; Hazza<3 Morrning! ;) Xxxxx   I looked at Harry’s name on my phone, I went to my contacts and went to Harry’s name and I typed in ‘Boyfriend<3’ I smiled at my choice it felt right so don’t judge me I thought it was cute. I put my phone back into my pocket and made my way to find Kayleigh. When I got to the end of the hall she was already waiting for me in the kitchen. “Ready!” I asked while slipping on my converse. She nodded and started to head towards the door me plodding along behind. Not really looking forward to this. I was so far away with my thoughts that I didn’t realise that Kayleigh stopped so I walked into her. “Ouch!” I said since she stepped on my foot “Why did you stop?” She sighed and gave me ‘Don’t you know why?’ look so I just gave her my face which was ‘duh I wouldn’t off asked that question if I didn’t realise’ she laughed and then shook her head. “How do I look?” She smiled and looked down to what she was wearing. Now I know why, this just one of these things that we always do. “Beautiful as always” I smiled, she was just wearing patterned leggings and a cream top that said ‘cheeky’ on it. “What about me?” I said adding my little twirl. “Gorgeous!!” she smiled, once we were finished having a little laugh we headed towards the cabin.   Harry’s P.O.V   I woke up this morning feeling really low, I actually couldn’t believe I was going to miss Rebecca this much. I got dressed, I just put on black skinny jeans and a white v –neck t-shirt. Once I was finished I walked over to my case to check I had everything. I heard a door open and voice shout through the house. “Hey only me!” I ran out to see Rebecca. I walked up to her and hugged her. When we pulled away I grabbed her hand. “Hey! Emm I was wondering would you be able to drive me to the airport?” I asked. “Yeah sure!” she replied smiling, I smiled back. I let Rebecca and Kayleigh go and sit in the lounge room while I finished my case off. I quickly finished packing my bags and took them through to the hallway. I went through to the sitting room and sat next to Rebecca, who had her phone in her hand. Kayleigh was sitting across from where we were, playing on her phone. I took my phone out to text Rebecca. I know what you’re thinking I sitting right next to her why don’t I just speak? Well I would but I don’t want Kayleigh to hear this I promised I wouldn’t say anything. I knew I could trust Rebecca though. Before I texted her I decided to change her name. I went to my contacts to Rebecca’s name, I deleted the name she had put in and after some thinking I typed in ‘perfect<3’ It might sound cheesy to you but that is what she is to me and again I know I haven’t know her for long but it feels like it has been forever. I felt someone watching me and I turned my head to see Rebecca looking at me. She sort of blushed a little when I saw her. I smiled at her and turned my screen around to show her. When she read it the smile grew on her face, before I could say anything she threw her arms around me and hugged me. When she pulled away she gave me a quick kiss. “Thanks, Harry! I Love you” she said. Once she said that she blushed again. I just smiled. “I love you too Rebecca!” I replied. Then I looked over to where Kayleigh was sitting she was just smiling at us, totally forgot she was sitting there.  Well this is slightly awkward. I then remember I was going to tell Rebecca something. I unlocked my phone again and typed in a message and showed Rebecca my phone. It read; ‘I’m going to tell you this cause I can trust you and that you won’t say anything, but Niall likes Kayleigh and I mean realllly likes her. He told me so himself. Xxxx’ I saw her eyes scan over the message before a smile creeped on her face. I saw her quickly type something in on my phone before handing it back to me. ‘I KNEW IT! Well I didn’t know Niall felt the same way but I knew Kayleigh like him but she just wouldn’t admit it, I promise I won’t say a thing xxxx’   Rebecca’s P.O.V   I can’t believe how sweet harry was. I also can’t believe that I said that I loved him for the first time and he said it back. It felt so right being with Harry. It is so sweet about Niall I think they would make a cute couple. I took my phone out and showed Harry his name. He looked at my phone smiled and kissed my cheek. I looked over to the clock that was on the wall at it was 12:00 the boys flight leaves in an hour. “We better get going” I said turning around to face Harry. He nodded and we headed out to the hallway. I helped Harry out to the car with his bags, I was about to go back in and shout on the boys when I saw them all come trailing out. Once they had put all their stuff into the van I said goodbye to all of them. I got into my car and turned the key. I pulled out of my driveway with the other boys following behind me.   Harry’s P.O.V   When we got into the car, Kayleigh hopped into the back with Niall. They so like each other. I turned around to Rebecca when she got into the car and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled at me and kissed me back sweetly. I could feel Kayleigh and Niall staring at us from the back, so I decided to switch on the radio. We were listening to the charts when ‘Kiss You’ came on. It had got number1. “Yes we made it!” Niall and I cheered. I looked at Rebecca and reached over and quickly kissed her cheek. She laughed and started humming along to the tune. I just smiled at how cute she was.   Rebecca’s P.O.V   I took a right turn into the car park at the airport. The smile that was spread across my face suddenly disappeared. “You ok babe?” Harry said turning to face me when he got out from the car.  Aww he is so sweet and caring. “Yeah just realised how much I’m going miss ya” Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me on for a hug. “I’m gonna miss you too” He whispered in my ear. He took my hand and we walked over to the door, the boys were standing there now looking for us. “Here they are!” Louis shouted, the other boys looked up to see us coming towards them. “Let’s go then!” Paul said. I was waiting by the check in desk while the boys where checking in. Harry had just finished and started walking towards me. He grabbed my hand and without saying a thing he started walking off somewhere. “Where are we going Harry?” I said laughing. Then I realised I had ditched Kayleigh again. He smiled at me and stopped right in front of a coffee shop. “We are going to grab a coffee and sit together before I have to leave” I nodded my head and harry pulled me inside. He bought two coffees and then he pulled me over to the waiting area. The other boys and Kayleigh were already there. Kayleigh was sitting beside Niall. I know she said they were just ‘friends’ but honestly I think there is more to it.   Niall’s P.O.V   I felt really nervous I wanted to tell Kayleigh how I felt about her. I just don’t have a clue on how to even start the conversation off, which is weird because when we are talking we never run out with things to say. When I hang out with Kayleigh we always have a laugh, she is lovely too and well beautiful. I decided to text Harry so I took out my phone. To; Harry Hey do you think I should tell Kayleigh now?? I hit send and seconds later Harry looked at his phone. Once he read it he looked at me. He showed Rebecca his phone, did she know? She looked at Harry and nodded with a smile on her face. I got a message back from Harry. It said; ‘Yeah mate go for it!’ I turned to Kayleigh and smiled. “Emm Kayleigh, Could I ask you something?” I said. “Sure! Niall what is it” She said sweetly. “Come with me” I said standing up and taking her hand. “Mmmm, Kayleigh I know I have only know you for a while, but I Emm Really like you. When I get the time would you like to go out somewhere?” I said my nerves getting the better of me. Kayleigh looked at me and smiled. “I would really love to Niall and I Emm I like you too” She smiled and gave me a quick hug. When I turned around all the boys including Rebecca were smiling. I took Kayleigh’s hand and walked back over to the boys.   Rebecca’s P.O.V   I smiled at Kayleigh when she sat back down in front of me. She just rolled her eyes and smiled back. Then I heard this ladies voice over the speaker saying ‘Flight to New York boarding now’ I was suddenly sad again. I could feel my eyes beginning to water. Harry turned around and hugged me. “It’s ok babe, I’ll call you as soon as I get there I promise” Then I felt a tear fall down my face. I really like Harry; you don’t know how much I’m going to miss him. Harry wiped away my tears and held me tightly. He kissed me and took my hand, we walked up to the gate and we said our goodbyes again. I left Harry last. “Love you Harry” “Love you to Rebecca, I’ll call you when I get there I promise” He said hugging me. I looked around, not letting go of Harry and I saw Kayleigh and Niall hugging. I smiled at Harry and turned back to him and gave him a kiss. He then let go of my hand. Just as he was about to  walk down the tunnel he waved. I smiled and walked back.   Authors note    Hiii guys!!!   I would like to take this time to dedicate this chapter to two people .   1) @hristiyanak; i just love you!! Thank you so much for reading this!! Class you as one of friends now!! But you already know that!   2) lovely best friend kayleigh! you finally got your bit with Niall!!!! There is gonna be more don't worry( sorry if this was not what you were expecting haha)  
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