Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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6. Chapter5- spending the day together

        From: Becca andrews ( Sent: 09 June 2013 20:35:23 To:     *The Next Morning*   Harry’s P.O.V   When I woke up I felt really happy. I have planned to spend my last day here with Rebecca. When we came back yesterday we told the boys and then Rebecca left to tell Kayleigh. I got out from my bed and shoved on a pair of joggers, my Rolling stones top and my blue beanie. I grabbed my phone and opened up the messages to text Rebecca.   To; Becca ;) Are you awake? Xxxx   I slid my phone into my pocket and went to the bathroom to fix my hair. Not like it needed fixing. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket I took it out and unlocked it. I saw I had a message from Rebecca.   From; Becca ;) Hey, Yeah I am do you want to watch a movie or something together? Xxxxx I smiled and replied straight away   To; Becca ;) Yeah sounds good xxxxxx   I locked my phone, Grabbed my jumper and headed for the door. I was walking down the pathway and I saw that Rebecca was already in her living room. She was wearing her joggers and a top that had a heart on the front. I thought she looked cute. I knocked once on the door and she let me in. “Hey!” I said and gave her a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. She smiled and we walked through to the living room. “Want anything to drink before we start the movie?” She said while walking into the kitchen. “No I’m ok thanks, what are we watching?” I said looking through the DVD’s on the rack. “Err I haven’t chosen one yet, Why don’t you choose” I looked back at the rack again and skimmed my finger over the titles. I stopped on the one that said Ted I have never seen this movie before but it is supposed to be Hilarious. “So what have you chosen then, Please say it isn’t a horror one I will never forgive you” She said walking back in with her drink. She smiled and I laughed and shook my head. “Agh why didn’t I think of that” She just shook her head at me and sat on the couch. “I picked ted is that ok?” she nodded her head And took it from my hand and placed it into the player. I sat down on the couch and she sat beside me. “You know I have never really watched this film, Kayleigh bought it but I have never watched it with her” she said turning to face me. “Me either, I heard it is supposed to be really good though” “Yeah me to” She giggled and grabbed the remote and pressed play. When she relaxed back in the couch she rested her head against my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.   *1 hour later*   The credits have just finished and the screen went black. I moved slightly to see if Rebecca had fallen asleep. She hadn’t said anything for the past 15 minutes or so. I saw she was sleeping peacefully so I moved back in my seat trying my very hardest not to wake her. Her eyes fluttered open when I moved back. “Hey sleepyhead” I said moving my arm so she could sit up. “Hi, how long was I asleep for?” she asked in a tired voice. “Well I would say you missed the last 15 minutes of the movie” I said moving a strand of her hair from her face. She smiled showing of her little cute dimples. “Where are the others?” She said, I had totally forgotten about the others I had such a great afternoon. “I have actually no idea, I haven’t spoken to them all day” I said smiling. I stood up and held out my hand. She took it and I helped her up. We walked over to the door that lead out to her garden and I opened it still holding onto Rebecca’s hand.   Rebecca’s P.O.V   When Harry opened the door, I saw the others all sitting around the fire talking and laughing. We walked over and I saw Kayleigh getting on really well with Niall they were joking and laughing. Kayleigh looked over to me and smiled. I gave her the ‘we have to talk’ and she just rolled her eyes and smiled. Kayleigh knew I wasn’t going to let this go down know. “Look who finally decided to show up” I looked at Zayn who was just smiling at what he had just said. Harry had pulled over another two seats and we sat down. I started to feel cold though. Why didn’t I take out a jumper? Harry put his arm around me and i looked over to him. “Are you ok?” He said sounding worried. “Yeah just a bit cold” I said. “Let me fix that for you” He smiled and took of his grey jumper he was wearing and handed it to me. “Thanks, but you’ll get cold” “I’m ok honest” I smiled, took it from him and put it on. We sat there for the rest of the night telling jokes and getting to know each other more in the process. I yawned slightly I tried to cover it up but harry noticed. “Why don’t you go get some sleep?” I nodded and said goodnight to the others. I was walking back to the door when I felt an arm around my shoulder. It was Harry obviously. “You didn’t think you get away without saying goodnight did you?” He said with a smile on his face. I nudged him and smiled. He began to lean forward so did I and we kissed. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. I felt a shiver go down my spine. I think I am really falling for him, but I’m ok with that.   Harry’s P.O.V   When we pulled away she smiled. We said our goodnights again and she went inside. I was really going to miss her. She is just perfect. I know what you might be thinking. You have only just met her! I know i know but I really do like her. I don’t want tomorrow to come at all. To say good bye to her for the first time.
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