Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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2. Chapter2- 1 Week Later

*1 Week Later*   Rebecca’s P.O.V   It’s been over one week now since I gave One Direction a place to stay. I still couldn’t get my head round it. I placed my brush down on my dressing table; I grabbed my jumper and headed towards Kayleigh’s Room. I knocked once and walked in. Kayleigh was doing her make up. “Hey I was going to go for a walk, wanna come?” I Said sitting on the edge of her bed. “Mmmm I was thinking of just staying here for the day, if that’s ok” she turned around to face me at this point. I just nodded. “Yeah ok, I’ll just see if any of the boys fancy it” I sighed and got up from the bed. “Ok then see you later” “Byee” I slightly sung and headed out the front door. I walked up the stony path towards the cabin and knocked on the door. I waited a couple of seconds and I heard someone come running to the door. It opened and I saw Harry standing there. I smiled when I saw it was him. “Hi Harry!” I said cheerfully, when I come to think of it may be a bit too much. “HI Rebecca, How are you?” he said kindly. I smiled as he let me in, all the boy were sitting on the couch watching TV. “Fine thanks” I replied. “Hey guys, I was going to go for a walk and Kayleigh won’t come with me so I was wondering if any of you guys wanted to come?” I said slightly nervous, hoping one of them said they would come. “I’ll come!” I turned around to see where the voice came from. It was Harry he was already beginning to put his shoes and jumper on. I laughed and walked over to him. Out of all the boys I have gotten along more with Harry, so I was happy when I saw it was him. We took the road that lead towards the beach. The one which over one week ago I took and got stopped by One Direction. Once me and Harry had reached the beach we sat down. Harry was first to break the silence. “So I was wondering… me and the Boys are going to a carnival near here tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to come with? Kayleigh can come as well as she wants” I could tell he was nervous about asking this so I smiled trying to take it away. He had a slight sparkle in his eyes which was cute. “I would love to come Harry and I’m sure Kayleigh would love too as well” I could feel the smile getting bigger on my face so I laughed trying to hide it. Harry gave off a slight smile. When we started heading back because it was starting to get dark, we started asking questions. I took it upon myself to ask the first one. “What is it like to be famous and have all those thousands of screaming girls after you all the time” He smiled at me when I asked that and replied. “Well sometimes I wish I could just have some me time, you know. Like it isn’t very often I get to have peace and quite like it is with you just now” I nudged him and laughed. He winked and smiled at me. We had now arrived back at the house and we stood outside the cabin door. Harry began leaning in and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight. When we pulled away I just smiled and he winked at me. “See you tomorrow then?” Harry said still smiling. “I guess you will” I then turned to head back when I heard Harry say something. “Goodnight Rebecca” I turned around and smiled, which he smiled back. “Goodnight Harry” I turned back around and head towards my door.    
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