Summer Love

Rebecca and her best friend Kayleigh, are just expecting a normal summer but it is far from that. One Direction get stuck with no where to stay. Rebecca offers Them a place to stay which they take. When her and Harry start having feelings for each other, they start dating. What will happen when they go through tuff times? will they stick by each other? Find out in Summer Love.
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1. Chapter1-Meeting them

Rebecca’s P.O.V.   Thank goodness it’s summer. I don’t have to worry about anything. I haven’t got  work, I get to have long lies, go to the beach and hang with friends.  This summer is going to be the best I can just feel it. “Kayleigh! Are you ready yet?” I shouted up the stairs to my Best friend (but more like my sister). We are heading out to the beach. Since it is our first day of our holidays. “Just coming” I looked up to see her running down the stairs and out the door. “Hey wait for me” I laughed. She stopped and turned to face me. “How do I look?” she asked. I looked at her from head to toe she was wearing a summer dress and sandals. “Gorgeous, how about me?” I gave a small twirl.She smiled when she looked at what I was wearing I had about the same thing on. “Cuttte!” I laughed. We headed down the gravel road towards the beach.  I was about to say something to Kayleigh when she stopped me. “Watch out a car is coming” we moved from the middle of the road (it is really quiet roads here) and on to the grass verge at the side. It was a dark van with tinted windows. Once it was level with us it stopped and the window rolled down. “Hi there, could you tell us where the nearest B&B is?” the driver said kindly. “Sorry, the nearest B&B from here is fully booked” I replied. “Oh, do you know of anywhere else we can stay?” “Mmmm” I thought for a while, I looked at Kayleigh but she shrugged her shoulders. Then a thought came to my mind. “Well, I have a cabin just outside my house you could stay in?” I replied. I heard some muttering coming from the back of the van, but I couldn’t see in since the windows were blacked out. I saw the driver nod at whoever was in the back. “How big is the cabin? Just that it’s not just me that needs to stay in it” said the driver. I gave a confused look before replying. “How many of you are there?” I said beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for. I heard a click come from the door and it slid open by someone inside. I looked in a bit more and saw five very very familiar boys sitting there. It then clicked OH MY GOD IT IS ONE DIRECTION!. “Oh!” I said really shocked with a massive smile on my face. I looked at Kayleigh she looked just as speechless as me. “I’m sure we could spare the room” I said to the driver. I’m still trying to get my head around that ONE DIRECTION! Are sitting in this car, but I’m going to keep calm. “Why don’t you girls hop in the back and give us directions?” the driver said from the front. I was just about to hop in when I thought I should probably introduce me and Kayleigh.  I stopped and smiled before I said. “Hi I’m Rebecca by the way and this is Kayleigh” Kayleigh managed to get into the van before me and grabbing the last seat. This was beside the lovely Niall. “Where can I sit?” I said looking around the car as there was no room. “Come sit over here” Harry said moving along his seat so I could squeeze in. I smiled and climbed in. I began giving some directions towards my house. It didn’t take long as we weren’t that far away. Once we arrived I showed them around, then Kayleigh lead the way towards the cabin. She put the key in the lock then opened the door. I led the way with all the boys filing in behind me. “Wow!” They said throwing their bags down and starting to look around. I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. I think Harry noticed cause he gave me a small smile, I could feel my cheeks start to flush so Looked to the ground. Did I mention that I have a small crush on Harry, but I know I wouldn’t get very far. My thoughts were interrupted but their driver approaching me. I still need to find out his name. “How much do you want so that we can stay here?” He said. “Nothing we hardly use this place anyway” I smiled as they were still amazed, walking around the cabin. “I’ll leave you guys to get settled in” “Thanks” I heard the driver say, I smiled and began to make my way out. I saw Kayleigh making conversation with Niall, so I made my way over there. “Hey Kayleigh, I think we should leave the boys to get settled in?” I said, she said her goodbyes to Niall. We also said goodbye to the boys and made our way to the door. “Hey! Rebecca” I Heard someone shout from behind me. I tuned round to see Harry standing there. “Yeah?” I replied smiling. He slid his hands into his pockets and smiled. “I was just wondering….. mmmm….. Well I was wondering if I could have your number?” I smiled at how cute he was. He actually wants my number. “Yeah sure” I took my phone out from my pocket and handed it to him. He handed me his as well. I Quickly typed in my number and handed my phone back to him. I said good bye one more time and turned to Kayleigh who was standing there with a huge grin on her face. “Let’s go!” I said rolling my eyes at her still smiling. I grabbed her hand and headed out the door back to my house.     Harry’s P.O.V   I couldn’t believe how nice Rebecca is just taking us in like that. The boys and I started to unpack our stuff very slowly as we were mucking around. All I was thinking about though was Rebecca. She is really Cute and from the conversation I’ve had with her already, she is really easy to get along with. I really want to get to know her while I’m here. My thoughts got interrupted by a knock coming from the front door. I almost ran to the door, hoping it to be Rebecca. I opened it to see I right; Rebecca was standing there still looking as beautiful as before. She was by herself this time. What am I thinking she probably has a boyfriend? My thoughts got interrupted by Rebecca starting to speak. “Just came to see if you guys have settled in?” she said sweetly. “Yeah Thanks!” we all sort if said at the same time. I let Rebecca come in and we all went to the sitting room bit in the cabin. I slouched down on to the two seated couch, I was expecting one of the boys to grab the seat but I was wrong. It was Rebecca. “Mind If I sit here?” she said pointing to the seat beside me. I smiled and shook my head. “Thanks” she said sweetly. I gave her a smile which she returned. Before we even began any conversation there was another knock at the door. Louis got up to get it and returned with Kayleigh. She saw the only seat left which was beside Niall so she took it. “So are you two sisters then?” Liam started of the conversation, breaking the silence in the room. I saw Rebecca Shake her head. “No we’re not, we have known each other since nursery and we have been close friends ever since, But I sort of class her as my sister more than my friend. Kayleigh lives here though” She smiled then it went silent again “So where is your mum living then?” I asked. Rebecca turned her head towards me. “She lives outside this part of town” she smiled. I gazed into her beautiful green eyes and our gaze locked. It got broken though when Kayleigh stared speaking. She gave a slight giggle, which made me give off a smile. “Do you boys fancy watching a movie or something?” Kayleigh asked. “Got any Grease?” Louis was the first to reply. I laughed to myself. “No we don’t want to watch that we want to watch TOY STORY!!” Liam shouted the last part. I heard Rebecca Giggle, which made me smile. We decided to skip the movie and we just continued getting to know each other. I spoke to Rebecca the most of the night, and I really got on well with her. I found out a lot and I told her a bit about myself as well. We had a good laugh as well.
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