if im louder, would you see me?

when zayn malik loses his hearing the rest of the boys must find a way to help him through it.


3. you cant hear so you must see

perries p.o.v


i hated seeing zayn like this. not the fact that hes deaf. im okay with that. its just one of things in life. im gonna love zayn whether he can hear me or not. the thing that i hate seeing is him being so depressed. he doesnt realise that everyone still wants to teat him the sam. he thinks everyone doesnt want t be around him because it means that they have to sign. he doesnt understand that people want to help him get through this. i put my hand over his eyes

"where are we going perrie?" liam asked

"london eye if zayns not gon to hea he might aswell see alot!"

"i think that is the most romantic thing in the world" liam said. i still had my hands over zayns eyes. we skipped the queue. not that it was big anyway but everyone understood. when we were on the pod and the door was close i took my hands off zayns eyes.

"its beautiful perrie thank you" he said i got out a piece of paper

'seeing as you cant hear the world i want you to see as much of it as possible :)' i wrote. tears formed in zayns eyes

"thasts the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me. i wasnt planning on doing this now but i have had it on me ready  for the perfect time. and i believe that is now. perrie edwards, will you marry me?" he asked. i started crying. this was supposed to be his romantic surprise and now he was asking me to marry him. i put my thumbs up and saidyes. he couldnt hear me but he could probably read my lips. he pulled me in and hugged me

"i love you" he said. i pulled away.

'i love you to' i signed

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