if im louder, would you see me?

when zayn malik loses his hearing the rest of the boys must find a way to help him through it.


4. silent love

zayns p.o.v


i got my phone out and text my mum

to mum x: hey mum xx just thought i would let you know that me and perrie are engaged

from mum x: thats great darling. im coming to your concert tomorrow. cant wait to see you hun x

to mum x: cant wait to see you xx

i havent seen my mum in a month. this whole thing with my hearing has really affected her. more then its affected everyone else. i've missed her though. she was coming to the concert tomorrow but before we're going out for dinner. just me her and perrie. i cant wait though. its going to be great.

"perrie" i yelled and she came in

'yes' she signed. she couldnt sign as well as liam but she was still trying and she could do simple things.

"i was wondering if you wanted to do it tomorrow. just get the wedding out of the way. we have eachother and we love eachother so it shouldnt matter how fancy it is."

'when tomorrow?' she wrote on a bit of paper.

"well i know you want it big so i was thinking what about at the concert. then we have the fans as our guests. it would be perfect" i said

'i love that idea' she wrote.

"well im gonna go tell the boys and sort things out. you might want to call your mum." i said. little mix have currently taken a year off so perrie can help me through this so she was going to be here for the whole tour. perrie walked off and i got to writing my vowels. tomorrow was going to be perfect.


it was the end of the concert and everyone was ready to go.

"guys, if you dont mind we would like an extra half an hour of your time. you guys have all been invited to the wedding of zayn and perrie which is going to take place now." niall was saying. i knew exactly what he had to say because he'd been practicing all day. and wanted my opinions on everything he wrote.i took off the clothes i had been wearing for the show. underneath was my suit. all the boys did the same. the vicar walked onto the stage. then perrie appeared. she looked absoloutely stunning. el was her maid of honour. none of little mix could make it but she didnt mind. it was only really me, teh boys, perrie and some of our family. the vicar was talking and liam signed everything he said to me. then it was vowels. me first


from the moment i met you i knew i was in love.  have never seen such a beautiful girl and i have never felt this way about anyone else. i cannot promise to love you forever as i shall never live that long. but i can promise to love you for the rest of my life. if theres anyway i can love you after that then i shall love you then aswell. because perrie you are my life. i cannot think of anybody i would rather spend it with but you. i love you for all your little things and you love me for mine. for now and forever you are mine. i love you perrie.

i saw perrie in tears and the whole crowd awwed then it was perries turn. liam signed it all to me


a million times i have told you that i loved you and a million times i have meant it. but till now i've never known the exact words to say to express how much i really love you. since we have been together i have been searching for these words. but now i have found them you cannot hear me say them. it breaks my heart that you cannot hear them exactly as i say them but i shall carry on anyway.

if i was a leaf then you would be my tree.

if i was a house then you would be my town

if i was a fish then you would be my sea.

but i am just a person and you are my world.

i love you so much zayn malik and i shall feel this way forever. i love you


the entire crowd was in tears and so was i.

"that was beautiful" i said and i hugged her. the vicar pronounced us husband and wife and then we kissed. we stayed that way for a while and when we broke apart i burst into tears again.

"i love you" i said

"i love you to" i say her say


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