if im louder, would you see me?

when zayn malik loses his hearing the rest of the boys must find a way to help him through it.


5. read all about it

perries p.o.v


i woke up the next morning and turned the telly on. it was news.

good morning london. todays top story: zerrie is offically married. last night at one directions concert the boy suddenly announced that zayn and perrie were getting married and all the fans would be their guests. whilst zayn told perrie his vowels, perrie said them to everyone else whilst zayns fellow band member liam payne signed them to him. this was done after zayn announced 2 days ago that he is infact now deaf. apparently mr malik was too close to the impact of the boston bombings and whilst he has no serious injuries he has now lost his hearing. perrie moved everyone to tears after she said this to zayn as her vowels: if i was a leaf you would be my tree, if i was a house you would be my town, if i was a fish you would be your sea, but i am a person and youv are my world. clearly the member of little mix has a way with words.

well it was official now. everyone would know that me and zayn were married and that zayn was deaf. i saw zayn slowly start to wake up.

'god morning' i signed

"morning beautiful" he replied

'how did you sleep' i signed

"good" he replied. after zayn went to bed last night i got liam to teach me some more signing. i was getting pretty good at it now.

'do you want breakfast?' i asked and he nodded. we went downstairs and louis was already down there. he was reading a newspaper. when he saw us he chucked it at us. there it was on the front page.

'THE WEDDING OF ZERRIE' i handed to zayn and he read it. then louis handed me another magazine. on it was all about zayn being deaf. he read through it silently and i saw tears escape his eyes and roll down his face.

"they're right my life is worthless!" he said before walking slowly upstairs. i read what he had been reading

'it is now reported that zayn malik is deaf. hw can a singer be deaf. he will miss his cues and no longer be able to interact with his fans. a career in music is stupid when your deaf like zayn. if he thinks that its a good idea then hes stupid because he no longer should be allowed to have a career i music or be able to be in the band' i hated this i ran upstairs to zayns room. he was sitting slumped on his bed. he ha a razor held above his wrist. i sat next to him. i carefullty took the razor out of his hand and tossed it into

 the bin. he turned to look at me and i saw all the tears in his eyes.

'it ill be ok' i signed

"i know. its just really hard"

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