if im louder, would you see me?

when zayn malik loses his hearing the rest of the boys must find a way to help him through it.


1. i just want to hear you

zayns p.o.v


louis held up a peice of paper. it read 'are you okay mate?' i nodded.

"yeah im good, hows the signing going?" louis put his thumb up. i hated this. 2 months ago i was fine. i was in the greatest band in the world and loving life. then i got in that stupid accident and now look at me. i mean im still in the band but i have to rely on watching the boys lips and them signing me when its my turn. i hate being this way. if your wondering what happened to me. heres the story of how i lost my hearing.

2 months ago i was in boston and there was the boston bombing. i wasnt close enough to be seriously injured but it ruined my hearing. now the doctors say im never going to hear again.

'are you ready to go?' liam signed. he was the only one that was really good at it. the other boys were still learning

"yeah im ready" i replied. we left the house and made our way to the concert.

we sang little things first. i watched the band play and came in on my part. liam gave me a thumbs up which meant i was in time. i slowly watched liams lips and was able to join in on my next part. liam stuck his thumb up again. we carried on like this through the whole concert. then it was time for the twitter questions. the first one asked us to do the harlem shake. so we did. the second one asked us to do twinkle twinkle little star. liam sighned reggae style to me. we did that. then it was the final twitter question. 'why does zayn keep ignoring people speaking to him and why is liam doing funny hand signals?' i looked at liam. 'now?' he signed i nodded

"because 2 months ago in the boston bombings i was too close to the impact. i lost my hearing. so now im deaf! sorry about that guys" i saw a little girl in the front row started signning

'your really brave. we respect you' i started crying.

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