Die In The Fear

[Gerard Way fan fiction]

Weird things have been happening in Bolton, Vermont for the past thirty years, but for the past five years seemed to calm down. New art teacher Gerard Way doesn't want any trouble, so he plays it safe with his students. Of course, there's one girl that sticks out.

What happens when this girl that everyone calls the Spawn of Satan has a close eye on Gerard? Will it all go down hill from there or will everything get cleared up for this troubled teacher?


1. Preface

[Thirty Years Ago – March 4th]


I found myself looking into the bright lights of a flashlight, wanting to blink but I knew that would only cause me to look guilty of a crime I didn’t commit.


‘’You’re out kinda late, missus.’’ The officer tells me, pulling a hand through his bush of black curls before flicking the flashlight off.


I finally blink, my thick black eyelashes sweeping across my face and it probably made it seem like I was flirting when I really wasn’t.


‘’I was going to pick someone up.’’ I say, crossing my arms. It might not have been the best thing to do, trying to size a cop up and all, but I wasn’t going to let him push me around and scare me. If I say I didn’t commit the crime, I didn’t commit it.


‘’What’s your name, missus?’’ He asks, squinting his eyes at me. I offer him a smile for a moment before it falters, knowing there was no way out of this. He was going to make me tell him my name, and then I was probably going to be taken down town.


‘’My name is Micah Ravenkroft.’’ I tell him, sighing heavily. I saw the shock evident on his face, and then it was covered by fury.


‘’You’re coming down town with me, Micah.’’ He snaps, touching my wrist before jerking it back with a howl.


‘’You signed my skin!’’ He shouts, jabbing a wobbly finger my way. I glare hatefully at him, holding my palm up. It was obvious the old officer mistook it for surrender because he grabbed me again, only burning his hands in the process.


‘’What are you?!’’ He cries, falling down to the dirty road. I simply smirk down at him, wondering why he would ask suck an absurd question.


‘’Why, I’m human of course. What do you think I am?’’ a small laugh escaped my lips, like everything was a joke. Maybe it was, to me, but to him? No. It was more life and death for him.


‘’J-just let me go! I won’t tell anyone!’’ He wails once again, honey colored eyes widening in terror. I couldn’t do anything other than smirk because it was true. He wasn’t going to say anything, and I was going to make sure of it.


I put my hand over his mouth, and I could feel the flesh fusing together. He was trying to scream, but it had been made impossible because his lips had been sealed together. Tears fell down the wise ones cheeks, and I almost felt bad for him.


‘’You’re the one that pulled me over,’’ I look at his badge smirking, ‘’Officer Morgan. If you hadn’t pulled me over and kept on driving than you would have been alright.’’


He tried to break the skin but it didn’t work. I rolled my eyes at his silly attempts, and after watching him struggle for ten minutes I grew sick of him and squat down again next to him, placing both of my hands of the sides of his temples and after a few minutes, Officer Morgan went limp.


The look of sheer horror was in his eyes, and it made me smile. He wasn’t in pain anymore, he was just unable to speak and I had made him brain dead.


Pulling my phone out, I dial 911 and wait for it to pick up. Finally, when they did, I made myself sound urgent.


‘’Oh my God, operator!’’ I cry, ‘’it’s Officer Morgan! He’s been hurt! Please, come and help him! He can’t move or speak! Please! We’re at – ‘’


I snap the phone shut after screaming, making it seem like I had been attacked. I had no time for the operators, or Officer Morgan. I just wanted to go home to my baby girl and forget about this tiresome night.


Giving Officer Morgan a smile, I bend over a press my lips against his molded together ones, laughing when I realized again he couldn’t do anything.


Sirens could be heard in the background so I stand up straight, my black combat boots grinding into the gravel.


‘’Helps on their way, Officer Morgan.’’ I tell him, sneering slightly before I cut across his meaty throat with my nails. ‘’How unfortunate for you because you’ll already be dead.’’



[A.N.-First story! Comments are welcome<3 This is so short because it's the preface, the next chapter goes into the thousands.]


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