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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


53. Chatper 53.

I am quicker on my feet than ever before and in front of him. I lift my hand to hit him but I freeze. No wait, that is just Liams hand wrapped aroung my arm stopping me from slapping Harry. Why is he stopping me, I thought he kinda hated Harry, oh wait, no they're best friends. 


This whole thing is sick, everything is sick. I am more than happy to go back to England because I seriously can't take anymore drama, I can't take anymore of Harrys shit and Liams love and it is all just so frustrating. I wonder if this is how fan bases feel like, I mean, they always overreact, like Anastacia is one hell of a big Justin Bieber fan and she always just gets a flip every time he is holding a baby or is kissing some girl on the cheek. I kinda feel like I want to explode. I hope this isn't how she feels, then I would feel sorry for her.


''You are a sick bastard!'' He stands up and Liam os doing his best to hold me back. ''Why do you keep coming back just to hurt me!'' I yell trying to get out of Liams grip, but he is too strong.

''Hurting you?'' He laughs. Why is he laughing, this isn't funny. ''You're the one hurting me.'' He clap his hands together in front of my face.


Oh I really want to just kick him, my legs is free and I actually have the possibility to kick him as hard as I can but what would happen if I did it? Maybe a broken leg, or a very hurt Harry on the floor screaming in pain. I actually think that would be a great vision.


''Harry just leave.'' Liam breaks.

''No Liam. I won't, and you know why? Because I am in love with Elizabeth!'' He says totally carefree and I freeze.


''and you know why? Because I am in love with Elizabeth!'' The words replays n my head multiple times and I feel like the whole world is frozen. What does he mean by this? He can't possibly be in love with me, that would just be sick. Why would he treat me like shit if he was in love with me, who does that? If that is his way of flirting I feel bad for those girls who have been hooking up with him. He's in love with me? Bullshit. He is just trying to find another way into my heart just so he can break it into trillion of pieces again. Not happening.


''You got to be kidding me.'' I jerk out of Liams grip and fold my arms over my chest. ''Do you think I am that stupid?'' I point at my own head to illustrate and for a moment I think I hear a tiny giggle coming from Liams mouth.


Harry is basically just stood there. He isn't saying anything, he is just stood there, looking like a damn dead body or something. His eyes are red from the liquor and this breath isn't good either. He looks like a hot mess literally a hot mess. Why does he even has to be this hot, why couldn't he just look like a normal boy, oh wait, he is british. Every british boy have some sort of thing that makes them special. Harry has to, I just don't know what it is because he haven't showed me yet and he won't ever get the chance to because I won't ever speak to him again. 


He takes a step towards me and breaths on my face. His breath is warm and smells like fresh liquor. I can feel Liam just behind me and he is ready to step in as soon as Harry tries to do something, but for now he is just breathing on my face. He leans his head a little to the side and his eyes open a little further, his mouth turning into a little smile.


''You are so beautiful.'' He says, pretending Liam is not here.

''Shut up.'' I snap but he doesn't seem affected by it at all.


He slowly leans his head to the other side and his smile pales a little. What the fuck is he even doing? Studying my face?


''But this side,'' He grabs my face before I can do anything and I am stuck. Liams hand is wrapped around my wrist whilst Harrys hands is literally on my face, digging his fingers into my skin. I am afraid at the moment, I am afraid that he will do someone to hurt me. Wether it is words or physical, I am afraid. ''is just so wild and,'' He pauses and wrinkle his brows, moving his eyes from my one eye to the other. ''black.''


Black. I am black. He sees black in me. What the hell? Does it mean he actually sees hell in my face. I don't quite understand his words wild and black but it isn't a good thing. The wild thing is maybe, but the black thing is far from good I can tell. Basically what he is telling gem is that he sees two sides in me. A dark one and a light good. A bad one and a good one. What is it supposed to mean?


Liam pulls my arm a little back towards him and Harry lets go of my face. What a relieve. Liam moves me around and I end up behind his back, keeping an arm around my waist the whole time.


Harry is so scary right now, he looks like some homeless drunk who is on a mission to kill someone or could at least break a thing at any moment. He looks like he wears all of his emotions on his sleeve right now. On one side he looks angry, on another happy, on a third side he looks tired. All of his feelings are showing right now and I can't tell he is not happy about it, but I can also tell that no matter how hard he is trying he can't hold it in.


''You're so boring Liam.'' He throw his hands in the air and sits down on the bed.

''Harry, I think it is time for you to leave.'' He says through his teeth.

''Oh why? We are having such a fun time together,'' He lays down on the bed and quickly sits up again. ''aren't we?'' He is sat like a fucking 5 year old.


Harrys POV


Elizabeth is just standing behind Liam like she is his little dog and it makes me sick. She belongs behind my back and Liam should be trying his best to get her away from me. Elizabeth is a bitch and she knows it herself, but Liam doesn't.


I am sat on the bed, pouting and I have no idea why. They want me to leave but I think we are having a great time. I could make quite a show out of this, with all of the blood from Liams body on the floor and I would be dancing on top of him with a bottle of champagne in my hand. That would be so much fun but what would I do about Elizabeth then? Kidnap her? I don't think she would like that very much. 


''Elizabeth,'' I start and she takes a deep breath, preparing for the shit I am going to say. ''are you aware of the fact that you're a real bi…'' I am cut off by Liam.

''Don't you dare finish that sentence.'' He challenges and a grin is spread across my face.

''Bitch.'' I finish and he grabs my collar and throw me onto the floor. 


Liams isn't punching me as I thought he would, he is just sitting on top of me having the most dreadful face expression ever. This is what he always does, making me feel bad. Making me lay here to think of what I've done and look around to see the people I've hurt. This is the thing I can't stand the most in the world, Liam trying to push some sense into me. It's working.


''Look around you Harry!'' I lays a little weight in his grip and I wrinkle my face by the pain. 


''Look what've happened to your life! This isn't how you are! Get out of this life you're pushing yourself into!'' He yells and slams be against the floor.


He is mad at me and I know exactly why. I would be too. 


I look around the room to find Elizabeth and she is stood in the door with Joe by her side, shit I forgot he was here. I can see the disappointment in her eyes. The only thing she wanted was a relaxed night and I ruined it all just because I can't be without her. Life sucks for me at the moment... 




This is short, don't blame me....

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