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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


7. Chapter 7.

You checked your phone to see if anyone has texted you or if you had any notifications from twitter or something. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Just your lock screen. 

You stood up, walked to the bathroom looking like a mess, started the water and then take a bath. After the bath you got out and did the usual mornings things. 

While you were eating your breakfast you got a text. And it was from Harry.


''Good morning Elizabeth! Excited to see you in school today:) I really wanna talk to you in the break. Is that alright or are you planning something else?'' You smiled. Harry was such af prince charming. It was cute of him to take his time to text you.

''Well good morning yourself;) Yeah, I guess we can talk. I don't have any particular plans, so yes, I'm free!:)'' You texted back. 

''Good! I'll find you there then.'' He texted back to you. You were really excited to see him as well, but you didn't wanted him to know that you had a good eye on him. You wanted him to think that you only saw him as a friend.


You took your Penny and rolled your way to school. You didn't really wanted to take the bus today, you didn't really knew why, you just wanted to get some fresh air. You had music in your ears so you couldn't really hear the traffic and stuff so you didn't notice the big black Range Rover that stopped next to you. You just kept driving until the guy in the car yelled your name. 


''ELIZABETH!'' You stopped your Penny with a chock and turned around to see who it was. 

''Harry?'' You asked. 

''No it's Edward.'' Wow wait a minute. Edward, why did he stop you. You lifted your eyebrows and gave him a confused look. ''Do you want me to drive you to school?'' You didn't really wanted to drive with him at all. He seemed like the bad one of them. You just nodded no, but he continued. ''If you wanna drive on that thing all the way to the school, you won't make it in time.'' He layed his head to his right and lifted his eyebrows. He was probably right. ''Come on, jump in.'' You gave up and got in the car.


Most of the time it was awkward. After you've been driving for 7 minutes you realized he was right. You couldn't make it in time if you haven't got in the car. 


''Hey, thanks.'' Edward just giggled. 


Before you knew it you were at the school. You still had 5 minutes to get into class.

You and Edward walked into the class together. It made you look like you've been driving to school with him, as you actually have, but you didn't wanted it to look like you knew him. People stared at you and Edward. Inclusive Harry, but he wasn't staring with a chocked face. He was staring with a disappointed face. You walked down to your seat, looking down as you didn't wanted to get eye contact with Harry. You were about to sit down, but as you pulled out the chair the chair wasn't empty...




Okay guys, one of you said to me in the comments that she thought that I should update a little faster so I did! Thank you for letting me know that:) But I wanna know where you're all from. Are you all from Denmark or? :)

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