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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


64. Chapter 64.

''Here,'' I reach out for a piece of toilet paper.


Joe and I is now in the toilet. He is still crying his ass off and we're leaving in like five minutes. His eyes are bloodshot and his whole face is red from crying and his lips are swollen. I think I might've convinced him to think that he didn't kill Michael. He didn't after all, the two of the ditched school and Michael went to get the ball and got hit by the car that killed him.


''let's wipe those tears away.'' I run the piece of paper over his cheeks and it is quickly covered wet.

''Promise me one thing?'' He asks and I am quick at telling him yes.

''When I have to do my speech, I want you to be up there beside me.'' 

''I promise.'' I give him a small smile and squeeze his hand.

''Come on, let's go.''


I drag him out of the toilet and down the stairs to the kitchen where my mom and dad are waiting. They're not dressed up as we are, maybe a little bit, my father is wearing a tie and my mom is wearing a long skirt and heels. Otherwise they're dressed in their normal clothes.



When we arrive the place is full. I don't even know if we can get to sit anywhere. I look around the room to find some familiar faces but it doesn't seem to be that easy. There's a little path between the two sections of chairs and when we walk up the path people literally turns around to look at us. It's not like we're dressed more up than anyone else in this room, they're just staring. When we reach the end of the path I notice the picture of Michael on the board. I hold Josephs hand in mine as he looks at the picture.


''You okay?'' I whisper to him and he nods biting down on his lip. 


This is hard for him, for me too. Saying goodbye to one of your friends is never easy, especially not when it's your best friend. 


''Elizabeth?'' A recognizable voice says behind me.


I don't quite exactly recognize the voice, it's a bit shaky but I sure as hell knows that I've heard this voice multiple times before. I slowly turn around and as I let go of Josephs hand and the first face that catches my eyes is Anastacia. Why is she here? She didn't even know Michael, I mean, she've been at my house whilst he was but they never talked, I think.


She stands up and her eyes is slightly watering. Is this happy or sad tears, I sure as hell hope it's happy. She almost run to me with open arms and wraps them around me way before she is even close to me. She hugs the air and I literally burst into laughter, typical Anastacia. I hurry to help her up and I hug her. Wait.


''Have you been drinking?'' I pull her away from me and her eyes is all over the place.


''Before a fucking memorial?'' I ball my fists. ''This is important for my brother and I won't let you ruin it.'' I grab her wrist.

''Oh baby, relax.'' She jerks away and walks around in a circle, trying her best to be sexy.

''How many of your, friends, are drunk as well?'' I emphasize friends.

''All of them, duh.'' She opens her purse and hold up some sort of a little bottle.


She leans into my and her lips touch my ear. Her tongue runs up and down my neck and I think she have forgotten that we're in a public place. I place my hands on her shoulders and push her away a little but she pressed her hand against my back making the space between our bodies disappear.


''You can have some if you want.'' She tease.


Suddenly I feel a arm around my stomach, thank god that Joe was watching all of this. Anastacias arms fall to her side and she sighs before crossing them over her chest. The arm around my stomach is still placed there and the grip is getting tighter and tighter. Joe has really become strong.


Anastacias smirk has fallen quickly and her friends is on their feet, on their way out. What? Are they actually scared of Joe?


''You're such a party killer Andy.'' I almost fall to my knees.


Andy? I want to scream out loud at him, but I don't even have the power to turn around to see his face. Why would he help me? I thought he hated me.


I finally find the power to turn around and there he is, glaring at Anastacia. He looks like one of the really hot vampires like Edward Cullen or something, how could I just move away from him. Right now I actually want to rip his shirt off to see if he is shining underneath or something but that would be a bit inappropriate I think. 


Anastacia bents down to grab her bag from the chair and gives us a little huff before turning around on her heel. 


Andy watch her as she disappears from the room. He doesn't look at me before she is completely gone. He lets out a deep breath and looks at me. No wait, he stares. 


''Are you okay?'' He finally speaks.


I'm speechless. I can't find the words so I just let out a awkward cough along with a nod. He giggles a little and I look down at his arm that are still wrapped around my waist. When he notice he quickly lets go but as annoying and manipulating he is, he runs his hand down my arm and ends his touch with a little squeeze on my hand. Oh god please tell me he doesn't have feelings for me still.


''Sorry.'' He says and I smile the most awkward smile ever.


Joe is out of sight, I can't seem to find any familiar faces and Andy is stood in front of me. This was just how I wanted to start my day, or not.


''I didn't knew you were coming back.'' He interrupts my thoughts and my eyes dart to him. His hands is in his pockets and his shoulders is pulled up to his ears. He is wearing blue baggy trousers and a plain black tee. On his head he is wearing a beanie and his feet is covered by some white converse.

''Neither did I.'' 

''You didn't knew you were coming?'' He giggles. Oh shit.

''I mean, I did knew it.'' I pause. ''We just planned it like three days ago or so,'' I smile.


''Yea.'' This is hella awkward. Did I just use the word hella?

''I should probably go find Joe.'' I break the silence.

''Yea, yea you should.'' He smiles and pull out his hands from his pockets.

''It was nice to see you again.'' I smile and start to turn around on my feet.

''Yes,'' he takes a deep breath before continuing. ''talk later?'' he asks and I stare at where my eyes is. 


Do I want to talk to him? Without further control over myself I answer him and immediately regret it.


''Sure.'' Dammit...

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