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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


63. Chapter 63.

This girl is slutty, just like every other girl in this fucking town. She is wearing some sort of bra, the only thing that doesn't make it a bra is the fact that it's denim, wait. Can you get a bra in denim?


She is wearing shorts, or should I say panties. Once again denim and I can't imagine it being nice wearing denim panties. The shorts doesn't even cover her bum and her shoes is just high heels. 


I've always wondered how girls walk in heels, especially the girls who walk  in extremely high and very thing heels, like I would fall constantly.


''Mr. Harry Styles.'' She cross her arms over her chest.


How does she know my name, am I supposed to know her? I hope not. Maybe some of my friends have just talked about me or something. Her face doesn't look familiar, makeup everywhere, dirty hair and tired eyes. It''s not exactly that kind of girl I want to remember.


''You're lost?'' She pulls a smirk. ''Of course you are.'' She rolls her eyes and I bite the inside of my cheek.


Who the hell is this girl? She sounds like she knows me, but I swear to god that I've never seen her in my entire life. Never.


''Who are you?'' I take a step back from her and raise my brows.

''And you don't remember me,'' She cross her legs. ''why does it surprise me.'' She sarcastically remarks.


What do I answer to this? No I don't. You doesn't exactly look like a girl worth remembering and you sure as hell doesn't act like that. Now answer my fucking question. I want to spit out, but that's probably a bad idea.


''I'm CeCe Portmann.'' She holds her hand in front of me. Does she want me to shake, that? No, I'm not doing that. I look at her hand and then back to her face. There is no way I'm shaking that dirty thing. She lets out a long sigh and drop her hand to her side.

''What was your question?'' She snap at me and I take a tiny step towards her.

''Which one?''

''The first,'' I look down at my hands. ''idiot.'' She whispers.

''What did you just say?'' I take another step towards the dirty girl in front of me and lean in over her. 

''The first,'' she pauses. ''idiot.'' She smirks.


How dare she call me an idiot? She's the fucking stalker.


''Don't you dare…'' She cuts me off guard.

''Just tell me the fucking question and I'll answer it.'' 

''How do I get to NYC from here?''

''Babe, it's right over there,'' She points behind me. Dammit. ''are you high?'' She questions.

''No.'' I turn around and walk away from her.

''A thanks would be fine!'' She yells.



I walk around but I can hear her huff behind me. What a jerk. 




Elizabeths POV


''Morning beautiful.'' My mother wakes me up.


At first when I open my eyes I am blinded by the lights but after a few seconds I can see clearly. My mom is carrying a plate with breakfast on it, just like iHop.


I greet her with a smile and she place the plate on my lap. There's pancakes, a muffin, orange juice, eggs and bacon and fruit. Wow, she really went all in. 


She sits down on the edge of my bed and place a hand on my leg. 


''It looks delicious.'' I say and take a bite of the bacon.


It doesn't taste as good as I expected it to but it's still good. Probably because I'm not with Liam, in America, on iHop. I somehow regret that I went back home, thank god we're going back tomorrow. I miss America more than anything even though I've only been there for like a month or something.


''What about Joe?''

''Dad made breakfast for him.'' She smiles.

''And how did that go?'' I joke and she laughs.

''Terrible.'' We both laugh.

''Today is gonna be tough for him, you know that right?''

''I know.'' I sigh.


Josephs best friend is having a memorial today and Joe have promised to say something. I'm probably gonna cry, I always cry. Even though I didn't knew Michael as Joe did, I'm still gonna cry. I cried when my goldfish died, I cried when I lost my teddybear. I was 12 at the moment it disappeared and I am still sure that Joseph stole it to make fun of me but then was afraid to give it back because he thought mom and dad would yell at him. He was right.


''Do you know what he's gonna say?''

''I have no idea.'' She answers and stands up.

''Hurry up,'' she says. ''we'll be leaving in two hours.''


Two hours? My mouth falls open and my eyes widen.


''I'm kidding baby.'' She laughs and I place my hand over my heart.

''No seriously, you have one and a half hour to get ready.'' She leaves the room quick and I eat my food way faster than possible.


What do I wear at a manorial? Black clothes? White clothes? I decide to go with black. I chose a black pair of jeans and a black laze shirt with a black blazer over. Should I wear heels or flats? Heels would be good. I take the only pair of heels I have out and put them on. They're black, great.


Makeup. Is this gonna be all black as well or is it more casual? I start off with putting on some wine red lipstick on and foundation. I put on my normal amount of eye makeup and loose my hair from the ponytail. I take my flat iron and start flatting my hair.


I look sort of great. I hurry into Josephs room to see what he is wearing. Black jeans, a white tee with V neck and a black blazer as well. Great. His hair is pulled back, not in a quiff but more like a grown up man. On his feet he is wearing black vans and no socks. Disgusting.


When he notice me in the door he lets out a deep and long sigh. His eyes is starting watering and I hurry over to him to catch him from falling to the floor. He starts crying into my shoulder and I dap his back a little while he is sobbing down my clothes. I don't care right now, this is one of the hardest things he possible has to do and if he needs to cry, I'll let him cry. Even though he is ruining my shirt.


''Joe look at me.'' I pull him away by his shoulders and when his eyes meet mine he looks absolutely lost. His eyes can't even focus on mine.

''It's gonna be okay.'' I tilt his head up using my thumb and index finger.

''I killed him.'' What?

''What? No Joe, no you didn't. Don't say that.'' His eyes is staring into the wall behind me.

''We were playing soccer around the road,'' he starts but I try to stop him. ''I kicked the ball out onto the road and I asked Michael to get it.'' Oh god no Joe.

''Joe, please stop.''

''I bent down to tie my shoes and,'' he looks at me. ''I heard a scream.'' His lips shakes.


Joe wasn't even with Michael when it happened, he was at school...




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