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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


62. Chapter 62.

''Are you sure? He cheated on you, you know that right?''

''We wasn't even together mother.'' I say.


We weren't, I don't know if we ever would've been but we weren't and as I've told myself multiple times, he has the right to do what ever the hell he wants to do.


''Michaels memorial is tomorrow,'' 

''I know,''

''Are you ready for that?''

''Yes, why wouldn't I be?'' She doesn't answer.

''You should be more worried about Joe.'' I joke, sort of. Non of us laugh so I end up doing a little cough which just makes it all much more awkward.

''Andy is gonna be there.'' I freeze.


I'm not ready to see Andy again, and he will probably bring Daisie with him even though the witch don't have a fucking clue about who Michael is. It makes me mad that I actually think he would do that, of course he wouldn't. He know what's right. 


''Does he know that I will be there too?'' I suck at my teeth.



''We told him?'' They what?

''Why did you tell him?'' I stand to my feet.

''Not me, your dad well us. He said it and I was there as well.'' Is she fucking stupid? 

''You didn't answer my fucking question!'' I yell but quickly covers my mouth again.


My mothers eyes widen as the word fucking slip out of my mouth. I don't think that I've ever said a swear word in front her before and especially not to her. 


She is speechless. I don't know wether to say sorry or to just leave. I feel ashamed by my actions but I know that i shouldn't'. My parents just raised me this way, to speak nice but America is pretty tough when it comes to communicating. People swear everywhere and you can't even walk past a person and smile at them without you receiving a stupid swear word. Here in England we call each other love and beautiful without even knowing each other. 


''I'm sorry.'' I end up with.


It is the right thing to do, to apologize for first of all yelling at her and second of all because I said a swear word in front of her. I really shouldn't be apologizing, I am 21 years old and I basically live on my own.


''You should be.''

''No I shouldn't.'' I say without thinking. I hate when I do that.

''Excuse me?'' She stands up to face me. There's basically no way for me to survive in this so I might as well tell her what I really feel.

''No, excuse me,'' I start. This isn't going to end well I can tell by her face.

''I shouldn't be apologizing for saying fucking. I am twenty-one years old, I live on my own in America to be correct. I can say whatever the hell I fucking want to.'' I emphasize the last fucking.


She can't think that she decides if I am nice and polite or if I am nice and free. I am free. I am more than free, and I love it.


The look on her face is emotionless. No emotion, not the least. She just stares at me and to be honest it kinda freaks me out.


''Okay.'' She says silent. 

''Okay?'' I repeat in case I heard wrong.

''Yes, okay.'' She sighs.


Is she okay with what just happened. Maybe she finally realized that I am not her little girl anymore. I am in some ways, like I come running home from America because I miss her and here I am fighting with her already.


She leaves the room in silence and here I am, left in my room alone.


Harrys POV


''Why isn't she answering!'' I throw the phone into the wall and I quickly run to see if it okay.


Shit, it's broken. The screen is everywhere in the room and I can't turn it back on. It's definitely broken. 


How am I able to call her now when I don't have a phone? I am still stuck in this shitty hotel room and I don't even have a car. I walked here last night after the party and I left my truck there. It is probably also broken by now, I know how those parties usually go.


I don't even know how long it is. I don't remember a shit from that walk, only that I was alone, yelling random things in the street and punching every single damn wall I walked past. My hand is slightly blue and red at the moment but it doesn't hurt the least.


I don't know what time I left the party, I don't know how I was even able to walk the way here. I don't know what the name of the hotel is, I basically just told Matt how it looked from the window and he found it luckily.


I don't have a single belonging in this room and right now, all I want is to basically get out of this place. I leave my broken phone on the counter in the kitchen and just take my sim- and memory card with me.



''What is the way to NYC?'' I ask a young girl I walk past...

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