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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


61. Chapter 61.

Harrys POV


''Please Harry, calm down.'' Matt begs.


I am on my feet and my fist is balled. I have no fucking clue what to do right now, I just want to break something. I am trying my best to keep my shit together right now, why did I do that. I barely remember anything from that night, not even sleeping with that girl but everyone told me I did. They said I was angry, I didn't tell them why I was just mad and people told me that I went into a room with a girl. I fucking slept with her, what could've I've done with her otherwise than sleeping with her.


I feel something shatter in my hands and it hurts. It hurts in a good way though, like it helps me calm down. I open my hand again and I hear glass fall to the ground. Blood is falling from my hand and I feel like I am finally able to breath again.


''Is this how you let out your feelings? By hurting yourself?'' Matt is rushed to me with a towel he picked up in the bathroom. 


The towel is slightly wet and is now covered in red. 


Is this how I let out my inner feelings? I've done it before, I couldn't stop. Elizabeth was there, I remember her running into my arms and me telling her that everything is okay. I remember her fingers running over the cracks in my chest and I felt like it was healing faster than et probably should. 


I try to picture Elizabeths hand in my, like it is her holding the towel against my skin and not Matt. I close my eyes and for a moment I think I hear Elizabeths voice, but when I open my eyes there's no Elizabeths to be seen, only Matts stupid worried fucking face staring at me. 


I jerk away from his grip and take the towel out of his hands. This isn't working, the towel is completely ruined and this jealous thing against El haunts me. I've never really felt jealous before, not this way. Like I've felt jealous when i was younger because one of my brothers got something I didn't but that is far from the same as this.


''Do you want me to call her?''

''No!'' I yell at him before he can barely finish the sentence.


If he call her I don't know what I'm gonna do besides lose my shit. I'll break the damn entire room and I know that is gonna cost me big. Right now I actually just want him to leave, I want to be alone to collect all the broken pieces.


''Do you want me to leave?''

''Yes please.'' I say with a sarcastic hint.




I haven't received any text messages from Matt since he left and I am sort of worried. I've called him three times but he doesn't answer. If something happened to him I don't know what I'm going to do, I can't handle losing anymore people in my life. Is he even a part of my life? He is sort of. He've been helping through most of my difficult times and he is always there even when I treat him bad.


My finger scrolls through my contacts and stops at Elizabeth. My finger plays around on her name and the back button, should I call her? Damn it, I'm doing it. 


After seven rings I hang up. She isn't answering, why would I even think that she would be answering, she hates me. How did I come this far, why did I tell her those things at her room. I was drunk, that's why.


Elizabeths POV


The sense of home is good. I've missed the smell of the house and I've missed the stairs. Those stairs keeps so many memories, tears and joy. Everything.


I walk a bit further into the house without talking to Joe. Are my parents even home? The smell of food gets stronger and stronger for every step I take into the house. The smell is delicious and my mouth is already watering.


When I walk further into the house they're both in the kitchen making dinner. Thank goodness, I am hungry. 



''How is it over there?'' my mom leans against the door counter and I sit down on my bed, my old bed. It seems so weird to use those words, I don't live home anymore, I am an adult.

''It's great,'' I press my mouth into a line. ''I mean it's a bit tough getting to know people as well as you know them here but I'm working on it.''

''Any interesting boys?'' She asks right away. Typical mother instinct.

''Mom!'' I throw a pillow at her and we laugh.


I've missed these ridiculous laughs with my mother, I've missed discussing boys with her and most of all I've just missed her in general. I have this special relationship to my mother, almost like we're sisters. We fight, not serious fights just fights like who has to do the dishes and stuff, but we also talk like we're the besets friends on earth and to be fair we sort of are. 


''I need to ask.'' 


Her laughs fills the room and it brings up memories. It brings up the time where Harry and I started seeing each other and she came to my room every fifth minute in hope that I would tell her something. We spoke for hours about how cute he was and how handsome and grown up he looked. We talked about how childish he looked when he smiled because of his dimples and we talked about how much of a gentleman he was. That was the old Harry.


''Have you heard about Andy and Daise?'' She sits down next to me and puts her hand over my thigh. I take a deep breath.

''Yea,'' I look up at her. ''and I am totally fine with it.'' I say and mean it...




I'll be updating tomorrow. Sorry for the long waiting :(

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