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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


60. Chapter 60.

''Liam was there,'' I choke and almost fall to my knees. ''I was with him.'' He looks back up to the ceiling.


Liam was there. What was he doing there? Partying. Of course, he's twenty, this is the time of his life and he have the right to feel free and be carefree. I'm not here to stop him, he can do whatever the hell he want to. I'm not gonna be in his way for anything. 


Something that bothers me is the fact that he was partying on a monday, who does that, besides Joe but he knew that he didn't have to go to his classes today so that is okay, sort of. Liam is going to his classes, I think. He must be, as well as I already know him he wouldn't miss a day unless it is really important. A party isn't a good enough reason for him to stay at home. Maybe he wasn't even at the party, Joe is probably just confused. 


Instead of reacting the way I expected myself to react, tears down my cheeks and heartbroken on the floor, I just take a deep breath and turn around before telling Joe to get ready again.


''You have ten minutes.'' I say harsh and close the door.


Harrys POV


I pull him into some sort of hug to my surprise, nothing I would've ever expected myself to do. I am turning into some shit person, being nice to everyone, fuck no. 


I quickly pull away and cough a little. The look on his face is smirky, he enjoys seeing me out of control. Or maybe he is just happy that I am changing.


I don't want to change though, I want to be who I am now, I want people to be afraid of me. I don't like it when strangers thinks that they can just come up to me in the street and have a chittychat or just ask me a question. How the fuck should I know where the fucking fountain is? Does it look like I am some sort of fucking tourist experiencing the world. No, I think not.


I hide my thoughts in the back of my head and clean my mind. 


''Thanks for coming man.''

''No worries.'' He smiles and walk through the door.

''I didn't invite you in.''

''Then why am I here?'' He fires back.


True. I don't even know why I said that. I invited him here to talk, not to have him standing in my doorway the whole day. What is wrong with me?


''Thought so.'' He says as I don't answer him.


I close the door and walk into the living room of this shitty hotel room. It is small, way to small from what I am used to. I bet Elizabeth wouldn't survive three hours in this hotel, she lives in a house, a fucking big one and everything is just served on a plate for her. 


''So this is where you live?'' He sits down on the couch and it nearly breaks. For a moment i actually consider running over to him to catch him in case he would fall. What the heck?

''It's a hotel room you idiot.'' I walk to the kitchen.

''Easy man,''

''No, I won't take it easy. My life is fucking screwed up.''

''What have happened since last time I saw you?''

''A lot,'' I sit down on the chair opposite the couch.

''Tell me about it.'' He leans his arms on his knees like he is some sort of therapist.

''Come on,'' I point at the way he sits. ''would you please?'' 


He sits up straight and lift his one eyebrow. 


He looks so suited up, it is tuesday morning, morning for me, noon for him. Shouldn't he be in class or something. He is so perfect and I hate him for it, but at the same time I like it. He is good to talk to, sometimes. 


''I'm waiting.''

''You have to wait longer then.''

''If you make me wait any longer I'll leave.''

''I can call you.''

''Great.'' He stands up and I grip is wrist. He is not leaving.

''Sorry,'' I take a deep breath. ''sit down.'' I order and so he does.

''I need to talk to someone about this.''


He lifts his brow and lean forward again so lean on his knees. I give him a warning face and he lifts his hands as a sorry and sits back up.


''What's wrong?'' I don't really want to tell anyone about this but I need to get it out.

''Why are you in a hotel room.'' He asks again.

''One question at the time for fuck sake!'' I almost yell and yet again I take a deep breath.

''Okay,'' He clears his throat. ''what's wrong?''

''I know it looks bad,'' He cuts me off guard.

''Just tell me what the hell is wrong so I can help you!'' He yells.


I've never seen him mad, or angry before. He've always been the good, calm guy who I can't imagine hurting anyone. He is scary when he is angry though. His voice becomes all deep and crispy, a bit like mine. I know how violent I am when I'm angry, I just hope he isn't like that.


''Sorry,'' He continues.

''No problem.'' I say cold.

''What the hell is wrong with you?'' He says for the fifth time since he came and I finally man up to tell him.

''Last night, I went to a party,''

''Wait, on a school day?''


''Oh wow,'' He smirks and leans back in the couch.

''You know how mad I am at myself for letting her go right?''

''Right.'' He nods.

''So yesterday, I got really angry and hung up on it that I accidentally took out my frustrations on this girl,''

''You beat up a fucking girl?'' He leans forward again and balls his fists.

''No, no I wouldn't do that! Relax.'' His fists roll out again and he bites the inside of his cheek.

''Then what?'' I really don't want to tell him.

''I was angry, mad and drunk, I didn't know what I were doing so I accidentally ended up in bed with this girl.'' My stomach turns and my heart break into a million pieces as I let out that sentence.


Matt is chocked, so am I, hell I am. I fucked a fucking girl last night, a girl who wasn't Elizabeth. I cheated on her! No I didn't. We're not even together for gods sake! I feel like crying at the moment, I really did fuck a girl last night. I feel bad, I don't even know the fucking girl. I want to break something...







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