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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


59. Chapter 59.

''Please tell me you feel better.'' I sigh. 


He doesn't look up at me until I repeat my words and I notice how red his eyes are. He is either still high or he have ben smoking again. Is this something he does now? Seriously, I want to throw something at him and scream. How did he get into this, did someone force him or is he really doing this because he just want to? If he does that every day I swear I am sending him home and he is not coming back until he stopped doing drugs.


''Okay,'' I step into his room, dropping all of my bags on the floor. ''Where is it?'' I search through his things in an attempt to find some sort of drugs.

''What are you doing?'' He yells.

''What do you think I'm doing,'' I get down on my knew to look underneath his bed. ''I'm looking for the drugs.'' 

''What drugs?'' He grabs me by my hips and pull me up. Why does he have to be so strong?

''The ones you're taking.''

''You think I am taking drugs?'' Why does he sound so surprised?

''Yes and you confirmed it tonight. Now where are they?'' I hold out my hand.

''Tonight? What happened tonight?''

''You don't remember?''

''I remember stumbling through the door and I remember waking up in my bed.''

''So you don't have any clue about what happened?''



This is weird. Either he is acting out on this by lying to me or he is actually telling me the truth. It just seems so weird that he doesn't remember a thing. I've never been high before so I can't tell if that is what happens the day after, but it must be weird to not remember anything.


''But you remember everything from before then?'' I have to ask.

''Yea I think so.''

''Great,'' I take a deep breath. ''then you should be able to know if you've taken any pills.'' 

''Not that I remember.''

''Eaten any brownies, drunk from another persons cup? Anything?'' I throw my hands in the air.


He stays silent wrinkling his brows, he is thinking, I know he is. He is trying his best to remember what happened last night, if that was me my brain would literally be on fire. 


''You know what,'' I throw my hands again. ''forget it.'' I lift my shoulders and turn on my heel. ''Pack your bags.'' I order and head out of the room.


I quickly walk to the kitchen and almost empty the cereal box, I have to save something for Joe. I'm mad at him still but it would be mean of me not to save any breakfast for him. No, no it wouldn't. I empty the box and throw it out, he can eat an apple or something. I don't want him to think that we're good, even though he have no clue about what happened it's still not okay.


Some of my friends have been high before and they've remembered most of what happened. A few things was a little blurry for them but it has never been as bad as Joe says it is. Maybe because it's his first time getting high. When I started talking to my friends most of them've all been high before they met me and they've never really told me what is was like to get high for the first time.


Before I realize it I've eaten the whole bowl and Joe still hasn't showed from his room yet. I quickly clean the bowl that was filled with cereal a few minutes ago and knock on the door to his room. He doesn't answer. I knock once more but he still doesn't answer. Please tell me haven't passed out. I open the door quite violently but he is just laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.


He is thinking. Good. I walk over to him and sit on the edge of the bed. For a minute I think about laying down with him but we are actually quite busy so as quicker I can get him to sit up and get finish what the hell he was doing as better.


I stand up and start walking towards the door. He still have about 20 minutes to get ready. I'll just call the taxi in the meanwhile. I have nothing better to do anyway.


When I reach the door Joe finally speaks up.


''I remember something.'' He almost whispers.


I don't answer him, instead I just turn around and lift my brows. I know he can't see me but I also know that he knows me well enough to know that I am lifting my brows and I want him to tell me what he remembers. 


He turns his head to me. He is creeping me out right now...




I apologize for the short chapter, but I have a very good reason. It is because I am currently writing on my new fanfic which I am really excited to publish and yes, I know I should be focusing on this one but I just can't. I'm like in love with the other one! Sorry though :/

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