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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


57. Chapter 57.

''Good to see you again.'' Liam leans his back in on the car and his leg is on the wheel. His arms is crossed over his chest and he is wearing a smirk on his lips. 


Where have he even been all day? I haven't seen him since he left me in the middle of the hallway this morning. He told me that he had something to do and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving me standing there. The day hasn't been that day after all, I've hung out with Amanda during the breaks and I've made some new friends from class as well. I've always thought that mondays is like a hell but today has actually been my favorite monday so far in my life.


I smile a little when I notice Liams tough position on the car but I admit that he looks absolutely hot. I walk towards him and he leans away from the car and throws an arm around my waist before giving me a kiss, making sure everyone sees it. He gives me small kisses on my lips before leaning away with a wink. He opens the door for me and I thank him with a nod. 


My phone keeps buzzing in my lap and I don't even want to answer it. The number is blocked and I never answer blocked numbers, it could be anyone but my first guess is on Harry. I saw him on the path with his new group of friends and an arm around Sophia, or Emma. I couldn't really see. He probably saw Liam and I kissing, maybe that is why Liam did it. I didn't expect him to do it but he did and I liked it. If Harry actually saw that he must be pissed at me, and what Amanda said to him obviously didn't work, if it is him calling after all.


''Aren't you going to answer that?'' Liam ask after my phone buzzes for the ninth time since I got in the car. 

''It can wait.'' I smile and turn off my phone.


The drive home is quite awkward, non of us is really talking and when we do it is pretty awkward. The only sounds that breaks the silence is a few coughs at some times but that is all. Why is it so awkward between us, he was acting so happy and cheeky when I met up with him after school and now he is all weird and silent. To be honest, Liam does have problems with controlling his feelings, just as well as Harry does. In some ways they're actually a lot alike.


''Okay this is awkward.'' I turn down the loud music and clap my hands together.

''Indeed.'' He takes a deep breath and sinks it.

''Is something wrong?''

''No.'' He fakes a smile and I can tell that he is lying, big time.

''Then why are you being so weird?''

''I'm not being weird, you are!'' He defends himself by yelling, he always does.

''Liam you do know that you can always talk to me right?'' I try to make eye contact with him but his eyes is focused on the road. ''About everything.'' I continue but he stays silent.


When we arrive at my house I don't get out of the car. I doesn't move out of my seat, I don't want to. Right now I want Liam to explain to me what is going on since he is being such an idiot. He defends himself and I know that it is serious when he raise his voice. He kinda always raise his voice when something isn't going like he expected, that is one of the things that annoy me about him.


Liams eyes finally leave the window and turns to me. My eyes is focused on the front door of my house and I can feel Liams eye brows getting raised. He is either confused or annoyed that I haven't moved from my seat yet. 


''Well go!'' He throw a hand in the air.

''No,'' He breath in a whole lot of air but I continue. ''not before you tell me what is going on!'' I turn around in my seat to look at him.


''Obviously!'' I yell back in his head and he bite his teeth together.

''I can't tell you okay.'' He sighs and I widen my eyes.

''You can tell me everything Liam.''

''No, I can't.''

''So you don't trust me.'' I bite the side of my cheek and cross my arms over my chest while turning back to the position I was sitting in before.


I can't believe that he doesn't trust me. He knows that he can tell me everything, I've been nothing but honest to him but he still keeps his secrets to himself.


Don't be such an idiot. People have their rights to have secrets, just as well as you do. My subconscious tells me.


It is right. I have secrets, everybody does, but sometimes it is the best to tell them to someone. That someone is me. 


His phone buzz in his pocket and he pulls it out.


''Don't you dare answer that.'' I order like I am his mother. What is wrong with me.


He just sighs and reads the message he received. His face pales even more after he have read that message. Who the hell is texting him?


''You have to go.'' He says and I raise my brows at him.

''Please.'' He continues and I grab my back from the backseat and opens the door.


Before I smack it in his face I give him one last glare in hope that he will tell me something but he isn't. He just stays silent...




Short but I promised an update within the next 24 hours so here you have it!

Just to tell everyone, I am NOT updating until I've received 415 likes. I haven't even got one simple new like since chapter 54. Sorry to those of you who always keeps reading and commenting, I love you :) x

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