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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


56. Chapter 56.

Joe turns around in his seat and lay his eyes on the pair of twins standing in the corner. He lets out a deep sighs and turns back around. I bite my teeth together and gulp. Why is he here? He knows that I am here every morning so why does he has to show up with all of his friends. He is humiliating me on purpose. 


I wonder if he even remember his short visit at my place, I hope not. I don't know what Liam told him but it probably wasn't something that got in his head since he is here right now.


''Ignore him.''

''It is kinda hard when he is staring at me.'' I take a deep breath. ''With his arm around Sophia.'' Joe turns 360 degrees in less than a millisecond and gasp.

''That Sophia?''

''That Sophia.'' I sigh and take bite of my pancakes.


Amanda appear from behind the desk at as soon as she sees me she almost runs towards me. She hugs me, tight, very tight but I guess that is just what I needed. She gives Joe a small hug as well and sits down next to me, resting her head in her hand. Her face is curious and I know she wants some answers. 


Last time I saw her was when Liam shut his car door in my face and told me to stay away from him. Amanda was just as chocked as I was and now she probably just wants to know what exactly happened.


''So I guess you want to know what happened between Liam and I?'' I give her a cheeky smile and she claps her hands together multiple times really fast. Excited much? I guess so.

''Yea, but firstly I want to know what happened last night.'' She smiles at me and my eyes dart to Harry who is now staring at me, like literally staring at me. His eyes are wide and I can see the veins in his neck getting clearer and clearer.


I cough a little and take my eyes away from Harry and looks down at my hands. I fumble around with my hands a little until Amanda gives me a little push on my shoulder. I really don't want her to know what happened, but in fact how does she even know Liam and I was together? He told her?


''How do you know?''

''Uhm hallo? Liam isn't late for work unless it is something important.'' She gives me a bitchy, but friendly look and I laugh.

''It wasn't important.'' I giggle and Joe kicks my leg underneath the table. He throw his head back a little in an attempt to point at Harry. When I look at him his arm is around Sophias waist and he is wearing a fake smile. Wow he is bad at it. I can easily tell that he isn't comfortable doing what he is doing but he does it anyway because he wants to make me jealous. Does he really think that I am that stupid?

''Oh trust me girl, it was. Liam has never been late for work before and I saw that cheeky smile on his face when he mentioned that he had been staying at your house for the night. Don't deny it!'' She points her finger at me and I smile.


Liam told her that he have been staying the night with me. He smiled when he told her that. I can just imagine Liams giggle when he told her that, covering his face with his shoulders and being all shy. But we did in fact had a very intimidate night last night. I got fingered for the first time and Liam, well Liam was nice and he understood it. He was so nervous and I remember how shaky his hands were when I wrinkled my face in pain.


''Well yea,'' I nod at Joe. I can't tell her about anything when Joe is sat right next to us. ''I'll tell you later.'' 


Liam appears in the room and freeze when he notice the twins and their friends. He walks past them without even looking back at them and before sitting down at our table he gives me a kiss on the cheek and Harry a glare. I know how jealous this makes Harry and I am more than happy about Liam doing all these things to make him angry. Harry needs to know that I am better off without him. He isn't good for me and all he ever does is hurt me.


Liam sits down across the table and gives Joe some kind of bro hug or something and we start to discuss the dancing class. Every time I speak up I can feel Liams eyes on my lips and just to torture him a little more I bite my lip a few times during my speech. Liams hands has turned into balls now and I know how hard it is for him to hold it in. I sort of just wish he would jump on me right now, right here just to see Harrys reaction. Would he even do anything?


After speaking for a little while we stand up and head to Liams car. Before walking out from the building I look back and notice Amanda whispering something to Harry. Her fingers trip across his chest and his face is becoming more and more red by the time pass. She ends up her little thing with a dot on his nose and I can see his teeth bite together. His fists are balled and his eyes follow her out of the building. What the hell was that about?


After driving for a little while I notice Liam and Joe is having a great and loud conversation about some stupid football game that was on TV last night and I guess this i my chance to ask Amanda about what happened between her and Harry at the restaurant.


''Can I ask you something?'' I say very low to her just to make sure that none of the boys are listening.


Joe and Liam are in the front seats and Amanda and I are in the backseats. I actually like it back here, not being able to see where I am going but I know that I will end up a safe place.


''If it is about what I said to Harry at the restaurant you don't have to worry about it.''

''Oh,'' I look at my feet, then back up to her face ''but I still want to know what it was about.''

''It's nothing okay. I just told him something that might get him to stay away from you.'' What?

''What was it?'' I ask again.

''It doesn't matter but I am sure that he will never say a word to you again.''


What could possibly be so bad that he would never say a word to me again? It is weird, a couple of days ago she was so happy and carefree, she still is but right now she is so mysterious. I have no idea of what she could've said to Harry and she won't tell me. I am afraid that if I ask Harry about it he will just turn his back to me a walk away.


''Then can I ask you how you know Harry?'' I probably shouldn't ask, but the words fall from my mouth before my mind can follow.

''We had a thing once, then he dumped me.'' She cross her arms over her chest.

''Can I ask you why?''

''Sure you can.'' She smiles and takes a deep breath. ''We was on a date and when I kissed him he just pulled away and said he couldn't do it.'' Sounds like the typical Harry to me. ''Something about him still being in love with this girl he once dated.'' My heart stops for a moment.


This sounds so much like what Harry have told me about how he feel towards me. He dumped Amanda for a girl he once dated. I am one hundred percent sure that, that girl is me. Of course it is me. I've spoiled all of his relationships without even knowing and here I am in a truck with his best friend and probably my coming boyfriend. 


Now that I think about it, I have been treating him as shit just as well as he have been treating me like shit. I am such an idiot...




The chapters are so short and I am aware of it and I am soooooo sorry!!!!!!! I really want to make enormous long updates but I don't have the time for it and when I do I forget to do it! I promise to update again within the next 24 hours, sorry! I love you!

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