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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


55. Chapter 55.

I wake up with a sweaty body. Liams is hugging me with all his body and he is deeply asleep. I don't want to wake him up but we have to go to school. I look at my clock and it says 5:30. I am wide awake and it is only 5:30 what the hell? I close my eyes again in an attempt to sleep but fail miserably. I very slow try to move out of his grip and I success. I stand up and look at the clock again which now shows 6:00. What to do at six in the morning? I decide to leave Liam sleeping and take bath. 


When I enter my room Liam is still asleep and it is now 6:30. Should I wake him up or would that be too early? It would, but what if he have work today? I walk over to him only my body covered in a towel and I shake his shoulder. He growls a little and turn around, covering his head with the blanket. I whisper his name wiry quietly and he mumbles something.


''Do you have work this morning?'' 

''Yea.'' His morning voice is deep, very deep. Oh god.

''What time do you have to be there?'' 

''At seven.'' I look at the clock and I realize that he only have about 25 minutes to get there.


''Yes.'' He uncover his face.

''You have to be there in twenty-five minutes.'' I tell him and he is suddenly wide awake and sitting up.

''Shit!'' He is quick out of bed and trying to find his shirt.

''Where the hell is my shirt?'' He scan the room with his eyes and I point at the chair I laid it on.


He quickly pulls it over his head and take on his shoes. He looks in the mirror one quick time and just runs his fingers through his hair a couple of times until it looks as it normally does. He is quick out of the room and I don't even know if I want to follow him. He is late, I get it but he could've at least said goodbye.


Couple of seconds later he returns into my room and I smell something nice. He probably just went into Josephs room to borrow some cologne or something. 


''This is inappropriate but can I borrow your toothbrush?'' Uhm.

''Yea, I guess.'' He walks very fast to the bathroom and once again return couple of seconds later. 


I am now dressed in a pair of jeans and a black lace bra. Great. His eyes widen a little when he notice what I am dressed in and a small smirk plays around on his lips but is quickly removed my his hand and a cough. He gives me a small kiss on the cheek and walk towards the door.


''Oh, are you coming?''

''With you? Right now?''


''No, look at me. I'm not ready!'' I panic.

''You don't have to come now.'' He pauses. ''How are you even gonna get there?''

''A taxi I guess.'' He opens his mouth but I cut him off.

''I know, I need to get my own car.'' I smile and he laughs.

''See you there then.'' He smiles and is quick out of the door.


I quickly get dressed and apply my makeup. When I enter the kitchen Joe is sat on one of the chairs with his bag on his back ready to leave. The taxi is already here. Oh. 


As soon as I take my first step out of the taxi the hot air hits me. I didn't expect it to be this warm, I am way too dressed up for this weather. Joe is wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a hoodie. Perfect. When we walk into iHop Liam is serving a table and he notice me the minute I walk in. He smiles politely at me and I sit down at a table near the desk. I stand up and excuse Joe to go to the bathroom to change. 


The minute I walk into the bathroom I see a familiar girl. I don't remember wear i've seen her before but I am sure that I've seen her. Her has is long, really long, and brown. It curls a little bit in the ends. Her lips are quite big and her cheekbones is high and pretty. Her eyes look quite tired and she is wearing almost all black. The only thing  not black on her right now is probably her crop top. It's white with black dots on it and she wears a shirt around her waist, just as Liam always does. 


She is plugging in some earrings I think and I find myself staring at her.


''Can I help you?'' She says with a bitchy tone. 

''No.'' I snap back.


I take a few steps towards one of the toilets but the girl grabs my arm and turns me around.


''Aren't you that Elizabeth girl everybody is talking about?'' She place her hand on her hip and points at me with her other hand.

''Probably.'' I jerk away politely from her grip.

''I did thought I recognized you,'' She smiles and holds her hand in front of her for me to shake her hand. ''I'm Emma,'' I wrinkle my forehead in confusion. ''Sophias sister.'' Shit.


I shake her hand and turn around quickly into one of the toilets. I mouth shit to myself multiple times and try to forget how stupid I am. Of course it is Sophia, or wait, her sister, I don't know! What was I thinking? I quickly remove my sweater and fold my jeans up a little. I pull my hair into a messy bun and take a few deep breaths.


I haven't heard the door yet, is she still in here? I am quite afraid to open the door to find out, but i do and just as I expected she is leaning against the sink applying mascara. 


''You do know that you look horrible right?'' I gasp at her words.

''Excuse me?'' I say, my accent coming out very strong.

''What I mean is that you look like shit.'' Bitch. ''No offense.'' I huff and smile at the same time.

''You do know that if you just gave me a minute or two I could make you as hot as I am, right?''


I just stand still and don't reply to her. Harry was dating this girls sister? This girl is sick and I already hate her. What the fuck is her problem. This girls is nothing like her sister, I think.


''I'm joking for god sake.'' She laughs and I fake laugh along with her.

''But seriously, let me do something with that problem.'' She emphasized that and waves a hand in front of my face. 

''Look I don't want you to get me wrong, you are extremely beautiful, you just look slightly,'' She is trying to find a word. ''terrible?'' She questions and I lift my brows.

''Just let me do something!'' She lifts her shoulders in excitement.

''I don't think so.'' I laugh and open the door to the restaurant.

''Fucker.'' I hear her say and just to be annoying I turn around.

''Listen, just because Harry pretended to like your sister, doesn't mean you have to be like him.'' She wrinkle her brows and I walk towards her. ''Actually, I think you two would be a perfect match. You are so much alike.'' I stop in front of her and lean my head a little to the side.

''Both of you are enormous selfish bitches.'' I give her my bitchiest smile ever and turn around on my heel and walk out.


I hear her huff like the idiot she is but I ignore it and find the table. Joe already ordered for me and I thank him.


Was that really Sophias sister? Sophia seems so much nicer, Emma is a jerk. But wait, are they twins? How fun would it be if Emma was actually seeing Edward. 


Just as that thought crosses my mind he enters the room. His hands is buried in his pockets and he is just looking around the room. Suddenly Emma appears out of the bathroom and Edward smiles a little. Wait, are they dating? No way. 


Emma walks over to Edward and Joe kicks my leg. 


''Ouch!'' I say quite loud making enough people turn around to look at me to get me embarrassed. Emma is glued to Edward right now and I notice her whisper something to him which makes him look at me, no wait, stare at me. 


It is so fucking creepy that Edward looks so much like Harry and Sophia like Emma. How is that even possible? It's like they're each others double gangers. Just like in Vampire Diaries besides this is the real world and things like that doesn't happen.


''What the fuck are you looking at?'' Joe waves a hand in front of my face and I almost spit of the food I have in my mouth out as I lay my eyes on the boy next to Edward. Harry...




People started with teams.. Oh well okay then. #TeamLiam or #TeamHarry ?

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