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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


54. Chapter 54.

''Are you okay?'' Liam asks me after closing the door.

''No. I can't believe he actually just came here!'' I am getting mad just by the thought. He ruined my night with Liam just because he felt like hurting me again. That boy has some serious problems, I can't believe I actually liked him. He is a fucking dick.

''He just had some things love. I'm sure he didn't do it to hurt you.'' 

''Are you defending him?'' He got to be fucking kidding me.

''No, no I'm not El,'' He place his hands on each of my shoulders and watch me as my face becomes more and more red by anger. ''I'm just saying that I know Harry, and I know he wouldn't do that to anyone.''

''Well then why are he doing it to me?''

''He has some, things, going on in his life at the moment.'' He sighs.


Things? What things is important enough to make you wanna hurt people? I know that you can get really angry and stuff but he is seriously hurting me. Every time he says something rude or comment on one of my flaws I literally break inside. It feels like someone is breaking every single one of my bones and afterwards rip my heart out. It sounds so violent, but that is the best way to describe how I feel. 


Why do I even feel like this when he is rude to me? It's not like I still feel something for him, I am over him and I don't really, no I don't want to have anything to do with him ever again, but he just can't stay away. I think he has some sort of obsession with me, wether it is a good or a bad thing I just need him to let go. He doesn't love me that is for sure, so he must feel some sort of hate towards me.


''What kind of things is bad enough for him to hurt me?'' 

''It is not about that El.''

''Then what it is about?'' I cut him off guard. ''Because I don't know and I am sick and tired of him coming around, hurting me each time. I don't have superpowers so I actually do get hurt when he says those things to me, but no one seems to understand that!''

''He is in love with you for gods sake!'' He yells and I am numb. He takes a deep breath before repeating the sentence again. ''He is in love with you okay?''


Harry, in love with me? This is the sickest, most humiliating joke someone have ever pulled on me. The last thing Harry feels towards me is love. He is being rude and mean to me all the freaking time and I don't remember the last time he did something nice, or yes actually I do but I don't wanna think about it. Especially not now. If Harry is actually in love with me he needs to get over me because I don't feel the same way about him. I did once but not anymore, he ruined everything and that is his own fault, not mine and I won't forgive that easily. 


Liam is stood with his eyes locked on mine and I know he feels guilty for yelling at me. He shouldn't be guilty thought because I yelled at him first. Liam is just a too caring person. 


''I'm sorry.'' His eyes falls to the floor.

''You shouldn't be. I yelled at you first so I should be the one apologizing.'' I tell him but he just giggles a little and nods.

''Look El,'' Something bad is on its way, I can feel it. ''I can't keep up with him. I can't stand the thought of my best friend being in love with the girl I,'' He stops. His mouth keeps opening but no words is said. ''with the girl I love.'' He lets out and my heart flutters. 


He loves me? A small smile is spread across my lips and I can't help it. He just told me that he loves me, even though he knew that I've been with his best friend. I am cut up in a triangle. Liam who is Harrys best friend loves me, Harry who is Liams best friend is in love with me, but I only feel love towards Liam but I know that if I tell Harry he would just break Liams neck. I couldn't hurt Liam like that.


Even though I can't see Liams face I know that he is smiling. I know that he finds himself really pathetic right now but he isn't. This was just what I needed. To be brought back up. 


''I just can't do this.'' He looks up with tears in his eyes and I fall back down again. What? 


I feel heartbroken again. He can't be serious. If he really does care about me he wouldn't leave me now, he knows that I need him more than anything right now. He would be stupid if he left me now, he knows that I can't live without him at the moment and I know for sure that Liam isn't that stupid.


He turns around to each for the door knob but I place my hand over his before he gets to open the door. I don't want him to leave me, I want him to be here more than I have actually ever wanted to be with a person. Right now I just need to be with anyone except my brother, or Harry of course.


His eyes dart to my hand and I squeeze my hand over his a little making him bite his teeth together. I know it is hard for him to leave me and I know he don't want to but I don't know why he feel like leaving. 


''Don't leave.'' I whisper and his eyes moves to mine.

''El, I have to,'' I cut him off.

''Please,'' I take a deep breath. ''just stay.'' I look to my feet.


I hear him take a deep breath and then lets out a long sigh. 


''Fine.'' He breaths and I feel a weight lifting from my shoulders.


I don't want to be alone tonight, not after what happened with Harry. I am still not over it. The way Liam almost just pulled him out of my room and the way he looked like he just killed somebody. I don't think that I am ever gonna forget that face on Harry. I don't even know why Liam tried to talk to Harry about me, but he did and I do hope that Harry will now leave me alone for good.


I take ahold of his hands and lead him back into my room. I tell him to get comfortable and assure him that I will be back in a minute. I close the door and walk into Josephs room. He is sat by his desk with a notebook and a pencil, with his headphones in of course. I slightly knock on his open door and his eyes dart to me. I walk in slowly and sit on the edge of his bed and he roll his chair to the bed. He is sat in front of me leaning his arms on his elbows. 


I don't wanna tell him everything even though he know most of it. He is after all my brother and some things is just meant not to be told to your family although Joe doesn't seem to me as a brother, he is more like my best friend. No matter what, this is some girl things and I need to talk to a girl to get the right advice, but there is just one problem. I don't have any friends here in America besides Amanda, but I've only known her for like a week or something. 


''What's up?''

''Can we just not talk about it?'' I snap and he leans back in his chair. ''Sorry, I didn't meant it like that.'' I apologize and he lifts his shoulders as if was no big deal.

''What do you wanna talk about then?'' What do I wanna talk about? 

''I don't know.''

''Why did you came in here then?'' He lifts his brows and so do I. I have no idea.

''I don't know.'' I stand up. ''Forget this conversation.'' I head to the door and storm into my own room.


Liam is laid across the bed in just his jeans and socks. He is laid on the side, with the back against the door so I can't see his face but I have a feeling that he is asleep. 


I walk towards my dresser and starts pulling my shirt over my head when Liam coughs and I jump. 


''Giving a show huh?'' 

''Look away!''

''Oh, so just like 30 minutes ago you were on top of me in only your bra and now I don't even get to see you change. What a diva.'' He jokes and turns around. 


I quickly take off my clothes and put on some shorts and an old t-shirt. I remove the last of my makeup and lay down on the bed. Liam turns around and rest his head on his hand making him look like a puppy. I crawl under the sheets and so do Liam. On his way under the sheets he scoots a little closer my me and our faces are pretty much less than a centimeter from each other at the moment. 


I really feel like kissing him right now but I better not, not after what happened. I can't do anything after what happened, once again Harry ruined everything. 


''I am so sorry.'' I whisper and Liams hand tug a bit of my hair behind my ear.

''Don't be. It's not your fault.'' He's right. It isn't my fault but then why do I feel guilty? 

''Then why do I feel guilty?''

''Because you are.''

''Well thanks.'' He chuckles.

''No, listen to me babe,'' The way he uses the word babe sends chills down my spine. ''Harry is obsessed with you, he would do anything to be near you and he finds peace in you if that doesn't sound too creepy.'' He smiles a little. ''The point is that Harry is not who you think he is. Deep down under the hardcore boy is the british boy you met way before meeting me. He is just afraid of showing this side because he is afraid people will judge him.'' Wow.

''Why would they judge him?''

''Because he came here as he is now and it is not that easy to just change your personality.''

''He did it when he moved from England to America.'' I snap.

''He came to a new place. He had the possibility to start a whole new life here.''


But why? Why did he change who he really is? I loved the person he was back in England. The sweet, passionate and caring guy, not the hardcore though guy he is now. He barely show his feelings and when he does it is mostly anger. I know when he cooked me dinner he tried his very best to be romantic and I really appreciate his attempt, but I don't wanna change him, I can't change him and I am not going through a hell to do that. 


Maybe he wants me to change him? Maybe I am the thing in his life that keeps his feelings going on? No, I can't be. Even though he treated me like shit I can't help but think ''What if he never left England?'' How would his life be today if he didn't leave? Would him and I be in a relationship? Would we be best friends? Would we even talk? I wish though he wouldn't have left without telling me, I think he started being a complete asshole that day.


''And unfortunately he did.'' I sigh and Liam leans his forehead against mine. 

''But the good thing is, if Harry hadn't been such a jerk to you, we probably wouldn't be laying here right now.'' He smiles and his lips touch mine.


His lips isn't pressing against mine like a kiss, he is just running them over mine making me crazy. His breath falls onto my lips and I lick it off. He barely touch my lips actually and he is aware of how crazy that makes me.


He finally press his lips a little onto mine and I am in heaven. I move my hands to his neck and his to my thighs, squeezing them gently. He opens his mouth a little and press his tongue against my lips in permission and I open my mouth. His tongue is moving slowly around with mine and his hand slowly moves further up my thighs until he reach my bum. Even though I had expected him to keep his hand they he moves it further up to the small of my back and press a little...

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