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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


52. Chapter 52.

He is clearly surprised by my actions but he is definitely not scared. He squeeze my hand a little and scoop down a little so he lays a bit more down and I follow him. I can't believe I actually chose Harry over Liam. Liam is the nice and caring one, Harry is the bad and mean one. Maybe I just needed some drama in my life. Everyone need some drama sometimes, otherwise life would suck so the fact that I started out with Harry and that went wrong was actually a great idea after all. I'm now with Liam and it feels amazing. 


''Are we even watching this movie?'' Liam laughs and throws a hand in the air.


I laugh along with him and out of nowhere Liam sits up and turns around. What the hell is he doing? He throws a leg over me and is now sat on my lap. Great? He leans down and licks is lip. His face is like literally centimeters away from mine and I'm not panicking at all to my surprise. I'm calm and this doesn't feel wrong in any way. His eyes is locked to mine and I can feel his chest rising up and down above of me. He is breathing heavily but I know it is only because he is nervous. He doesn't have to be nervous after all because I want him right now just as much as he wants me. 


His eyes finally leave mine but only for a shirt while to stare at my lips. He close his eyes before his lips meets mine. His lips are barely touching mine and it freaks me out because I just want to dig my tongue down his throat at the moment. His hands move in under my shirt and around my waist. He almost hugs me while we're laying down like he his arms is tighten around my waist and he lifts me from the mattress. His lips press a little harder on mine and I literally just want to grab the back of his head and push his lips against mine, but at the same time I want him to have full control over this.


''Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment?'' He says into my mouth. I've never felt anything like this, not with Harry, not even with Andy. I've been close with Harry as well, actually closer but that didn't felt like this. The only thing I do to answer him is to bite my lip and stay silent, staring at his lips.

''Since the first day you were here.'' I didn't knew him the first day. I met Harry the first day I got here, not Liam. Strange.

''How?'' I manage to say.

''You probably didn't notice me.''

''Of course I did. You asked for my number, remember?'' 

''I did, on iHop. Not on the restaurant.'' Restaurant? The restaurant Joe and I went to the day we got here. Was he there?

''I was there.'' He answers my thoughts. ''I was there with a girl,'' Oh. ''I've had a crush on this girl for a very long time, but as soon as you walked through that door I forgot all about her.'' No, I've ruined two relationships in less than a month. Great. ''No need to feel guilty. I found out that she didn't even liked me. She just felt bad for me and went out with me.'' Well that was a relieve.

''She just went out with you because she felt bad for you? You're a man, you can handle that.'' I place my hands on his chest.

''Not when she have told me no 22 times.'' 


22. 22 times of rejection. That must feel horrible. He was in love with this girl and she rejected him 22 times. Is she stupid or something? This guy is amazing and incredible and amazing, again. How can she reject him? She must be blind. Like look at him, he is hot. He is so fucking hot and she still  rejected him. Bitch.


''Well good you're over her because I have plans to do with you.'' I smirk.

''Plans? What kind of plans love?'' He play along.


I move him off of me and sits up, him being totally confused. He have no idea about what's waiting for him. I place my hands on my shirt and pull it off leaving me sitting in only my bra on the top half. He widen his eyes and lifts his brows. A small smirk is planted on his lips but I can tell he is trying his very best to hide it. I pull out the hair ban I was wearing, leaving my hair lose and wavy. He sits up quickly and place his hands on his jeans. Is he already, no I don't wanna know actually. I want to burst out laughing by his reaction to this, he is already getting hard.


I grab his shoulders and throw him onto the mattress so I'm on the top. His cheeks are blushing and he clearly doesn't know what to do at the moment, oh gosh he is so cute.


''Wow.'' I mumbles before I stop him by kissing him.


His hands are all over my back and mine is around his neck. I tug a little at his hair which make him let out a small moan. I love how much he is enjoying this and I haven't even started yet. I slowly move my hand further down his stomach until I reach his jeans. I place my hand over him and he gasps a little under his breath, I almost laugh at him but that would be rude. His hands also moves further down until he reach my bum and squeezes it gently. I rub my hand over him for a moment before squeezing and I can feel him getting harder and harder for every second there pass. 


His hands keeps squeezing my bum while I rub my hand over him and he lets out small moans all the time. I move my hand to his boxers and break the kiss to look him in the eyes. I want to make sure he is okay with this and by the way he looks at me, I definitely think he is. I slowly move my hand down his boxers and he gasps again. I start moving my hand up and down and he literally throws his head back on the pillow in, enjoyment? I almost think it is fake because his reactions is so weird. I know it probably feels good for him, but the times I've given a handjob before, their reactions haven't been this. They've been a lot more calm but Liam is obviously taking it all the way. I move my hand out of his boxers and his eyes open. His eyes are wild and playful and I have no idea what is on his mind right now, but definitely something he would like.


He flips us over so he's on the top and he unbutton my jeans quickly. Oh so we're going there. I don't know if I should tell him that I've never tried this before, or if I should just let go of that thought. I feel like this is the right moment, it doesn't feel wrong in any way like it did with Harry, this feels like it is the perfect timing. He starts rubbing his hand against my panties and I moan. Not even Harry made it this far. Liams fingers are so hard against me and I don't know if it is more hurtful or great. Maybe I should tell him that this is my first time ever doing this?


''Liam, I have to tell you something.'' I moan and he instantly stops what he is doing and panic. 

''Am I, doing something wrong?'' His eyes are panicking. ''Please tell me I'm not.'' He frowns.

''No, you're doing it completely right, it's just, I haven't tried this before.'' I mumble and his eyes widen.



''Can you explain to me then why Harry told us that he have been fingering you?'' He did what?

''No because that never happened.'' 


I can't believe Harry told him that just to make him jealous? Wait, Liam said us? What does he mean by that? 


Right now I seriously either just want to fuck Liam hard and make Harry fucking jealous or I would go find him and cut his head off and watch him die. Wow I have really violent thoughts.


''Wait who is us?'' I let myself ask.

''So I guess that Harry haven't told you that we are kinda best mates, have he?'' Wow wow wow, wait a fucking minute. Best mates? How in the fucking hell could I miss this? Best mates? They act like enemies like what best mates get in a fight over a girl? No one, that's right. Fuck.

''He hasn't.''

''I should have known that wasn't true.'' He sighs and rolls his eyes.

''So you're not ready for this?''

''Here's the funny thing. Harry actually tried to finger me but stopped as soon as he could feel on me that I wasn't ready, but right now I feel more than ready. It's weird.'' 

''No what's weird is the fact that you've been kissing with my best mate and me in less than two weeks.'' He emphasized the and. 


''It was a joke babe.'' He laughs and I can't help but smile at his adorable laugh.


Did Harry really say that to him? That he actually fingered me. I just lost the last respect I had left for him, he is such a fucking idiot. He thinks that by saying that he won't lose me, but guess what? I am lost.


''So I am allowed to do it? I don't wanna hurt you El.'' 

''You won't.'' I smile.


I am one hundred percent sure about doing this with Liam right now. I know it will hurt, but I also know that it is only for a short while. I don't feel like Liam is pushing me to do anything, even though Harry wasn't pushing me at all. 


Liam takes a deep breath before moving his hand down my panties and I gasp. This feels so, weird. Liam slowly starts rubbing against me, slightly less than before and it feels amazing. How is it that I've never done this before? It feels so good. He looks up at me and I give him a nod in sign to tell him it is okay. 


He slowly slides one finger into me and it hurts. It really does hurt. Now I know why I haven't done this before. I bite my teeth together and wrinkle my forehead. Liam seem to take a notice of that and pull out his finger.


''Did it hurt?'' I says with a worried face.

''A little but it is okay.'' I smile and he starts sliding his finger in again.


This time it doesn't hurt as much, maybe because I know how the pain would feel like. He slides it all the way in and looks at me in an attempt to get a respond out of me. I just give him a cheeky look and he starts sliding his finger in and out. Once again it hurts, but not bad at all. It hurts in a good way. He lean down his head and gives me small neck kisses while sliding his finger in and out of me, giving me full pleasure. I let out a moan and I can feel his lips turn into a smile against my neck. He suck a little at my neck and I lift my back a little from the mattress in pleasure. He speed up the movement and I groan, making him slow them again.


I can feel one of his other fingers trying to access me, but he looks at me once again to get permission to make him enter one more finger. I doesn't answer with words, but a few neck kisses and he very slowly slides another finger inside of me. Fuck this hurts a lot worse than the first one. I have to hold in the pain, I can't show Liam that this hurts it disappears in a few moments anyway.


I moan repeatedly while sucking at his neck which makes him moan as well. 


After a few moments I notice that the pain is completely gone and is now only pleasure. I am more than glad that I did this with Liam the first time than with Harry. 


I bite my lip and and creep my eyes together completely. This feeling is so weird, I've never felt this good before. How is it possible for a person to make you feel this good? When I open my eyes after a while my vision is totally blurry and my breathing is heavy. What was that? 


''Are you okay?'' He says while pulling out his fingers slowly and starts rubbing against me again.

''Mmh.'' I moan.

''Was it bad?'' I bite my lip.


It takes me a while to answer. It hurt to begin with but it quickly disappeared again. Also the last feeling I got, what was that?


His breath is heavy as well, like he just have ben out running. On the other half I sound exactly like that as well. 


''No, it was amazing.'' I finally respond and he pulls out his hand out of my panties.

''I can't believe no one has ever done this to you before.'' 

''Me neither.''

''Was it hurtful?'' Should I be honest? I should.

''A little, not that much but just a little.'' I honestly answer him and he smiles.

''You were really tight though.'' He chuckles and I blush.

''Is it normal to get like a really weird, good feeling at the end?'' It probably sounds stupid since he is laughing.

''Describe it please.'' He laughs. Why is he laughing?

''It was like, good, and my vision got all blurry and stuff.'' Oh my god. ''Why are you laughing?'' I slap his shoulder and he coughs.

''Nothing.'' He smiles. ''It is called an orgasm.'' Oh.

''Oh.'' I repeat my thoughts. Was that an orgasm. My friends have always told me that I wouldn't have the slightest doubt about an orgasm. Obviously that is not true, but to be honest, I was expecting a bit more. I have expected it to feel like I was in the clouds or something, I mean like, It was good, like really fucking good, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

''You've never had an orgasm before?'' Is that weird? By my age it is probably a bit weird.

''No.'' I hide my face in my hands.


Liam chuckles a lithe before removing my hands from my face and place them on each side of my head. He leans down to my head and just before his lips reach mine he whispers, ''Sick.''. His lips meet mine and his hands is removed from my wrists and placed on both of my cheeks, cupping my face. I let my hands to the top of his head and tug at his hair making him moan.


Our little intimate moment is stopped by the front door getting opened. I can hear Josephs voice and someone else, I can't quite hear who but the person definitely sounds mad. 


''Who's is that?'' Exactly when he says that realize who it is.


''Who is it?'' I push Liam off of me and stands up quickly to get my shirt. Shit. Standing up after getting fingered for the first time isn't a good idea I found out. ''What the hell is happening?''

''Quick! Turn on the tv and start the movie.'' I order and he do as I says. ''Just play along okay?'' I say just as I hear the footsteps coming towards my door.


I ask Liam to sit down on the chair and open my computer on some random page and he does as I says, still confused as hell. I quickly grab a schoolbook, a notebook and a pen and lay down on the bed, looking as relaxed as I can possibly look like and as I was expecting, in comes Harry.


''What the hell is going on here!'' He slams the door open. Liams eyes is wide and his mouth is open. This isn't happening.

''Uhm, we're studying.'' I look at Liam trying to get him to play along. 

''Do you want anything?'' I say after the few moments of silence in the room. 


Harry is breathing heavily and his eyes are bloodshot from what looks like alcohol. He is drunk, great. The last thing I needed was a drunk Harry to walk into my room, breaking the moment with Liam. 


To be fair I actually think he buys it. As Liam and I are sat right now it actually looks like we're studying. I can't believe Harry actually came to my house, how did he know that Liam was here? Did he even know or did he just come here in an attempt to hook up with me again? Too bad that wasn't going to happen anyway. If I had opened the door and Harry was stood outside I would just slam the door in his head. I wouldn't even give him a second to speak or move.


''Why is Liam here?'' He asks me, still breathing like he just ran a marathon.

''As I said, we're studying.'' 

''Blah blah blah, but why Liam?'' Dick.

''Are you drunk?'' I have the nerves to ask him.

''Maybe.'' He takes a step towards me but nearly falls. ''Would you care if I was?'' 


I don't know why but that actually hurt. Why does he still have the power to hurt me like that. Can't he just leave me alone and just find someone else to mess around with? This situation right now is so awkward. Liam and I are pretending to do something we aren't doing and Harry is standing in my room, drunk staring at me and trying to hurt me like usual.


''No.'' I lie. I care if he is drunk. He shouldn't be drunk at this moment and he definitely shouldn't be in my house. Drunk.

''Great.'' He smiles like nothing just happened and sits down against my bed.

''Well get out of my room.'' I snap at him.

''Why? I want to study with you.''

''Yea, but you can't. Get out.''

''Why do you always has to be the grown up in relationships. You're like the mother of two childs, or you could be the really manipulating person. In the past two weeks you've been messing around with me and now you're all over Liam. You are really in the need of being loved aren't you?'' That's enough…

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