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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


51. Chapter 51.

''So it's settled?'' He sounds so surprised and happy. He is definitely not hiding his emotions in any way, he almost looks like crying. I hope it's because he's happy, if it's not I'll kill him. I'm not in the mood for any more drama or tears. Not today at least.

''It is. We'll be leaving monday.'' I smile and plant my hands in my back pockets of my jeans.

''Can I hug you?'' His eyes are watering. Please tell me this is a good thing.

''Uhm, sure.'' My lips turns into a smile and Josephs arms wraps around me. 


I feel my shoulder getting wet slowly, he's crying. What is his problem? A minute ago he was smiling and happy, now he's crying and, sad I think. For the first time ever I actually wants to pull away from a hug with Joe. He is probably crying because of what happened to Michael, I get him. It was horrible, and now he is attending a memorial for him. Harsh.


''Joe, is it happy or sad tears?'' I pull away.

''Bit of both.''

''Is it Michael?'' I can't help but ask.

''Yes, it is.'' He sighs.

''Listen El, I haven't been completely honest with you?'' What?



What the hell? Why has he been lying, he can tell me everything, he knows that. I love him for no matter what the hell he's done. My heart is literally racing and I'm afraid it will jump out of my chest any minute. I am so scared of what he is going to tell me, is it bad, is it good, is it even important. Why does it take him so long to answer?


''I, uhm, I was the one who, uhm,'' Sweat is dripping from his forehead and I can easily tell that he is nervous about this. I cross my arms over my chest and raise my eyebrows. I'm not good in these situations. ''I was the one who found Michael dead.'' He lets out a deep breath.

''I knew that already Joe.'' I am relieved that it wasn't something important like he was the one who killed him, that would've been terrible and I would literally just pack my bags and run away from him. He would be dangerous, what if he wanted to kill me as well. 


I place that thought at the back of my mind and give him a hug. Ew, this is disgusting. He is all sweaty and sticky, not my type of favorite hug, but he needed it and I love him so I don't care.


''I was expecting you do tell me something really scary like you were the one who killed him.'' I laugh and he sinks. He fake laughs along with me and wipe away the sweat from his forehead with his shirt. Why is he acting so weird?

''Yea, that would've been sick.'' 

''Well I'm just glad it wasn't anything I didn't knew already.'' I smile and pat him on the shoulder. 


He jumps by my actions and his eyes darts to my hand. What is wrong with him, he acts so unlike him. Should I be scared, it's not like he's ever acted like this before. I don't know if I believe him or not in what he just told me. I don't think that was the thing he wanted to tell me because he already knew that I knew.


''Are you okay Joe?'' I let go of his shoulder.

''Yea, I'm just gonna take a bath.'' He is quick on his heels and out of the room.


I wake up by my phone bibbing on the table. Did I fall asleep? I grab my phone and check the number. Who the hell is this? I normally don't answer blocked numbers but this could be important. Who calls in the middle of the night anyway?


''Hello?'' My voice cracks.

''Are you okay?''

''Yea, I'm just sleepy,'' My voice cracks once again. Stop for god sake. ''who is this?'' I rub my eyes with the back of my hands while my shoulder supports the phone against my hear.

''Don't you recognize the voice?'' 

''I don't sorry. Who is it?''

''It's Liam.'' Oh, why is he calling at this time of the day, or should I say night.

''Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?'' He laughs. Why is he laughing, did I say something stupid?

''Why are you laughing?'' My voice sounds serious but jokey at the same time.

''Open your front door. I'm out here waiting.'' He says and I can imagine the cute smile he is wearing. ''But make sure Joe won't come out, I have a surprise for you and I don't he would like to see it.'' He hangs up.


That was weird. I grab a pair of my most comfy pajamas pants and a white top. The top is see through so I quickly grab a white bra as well. Laze, great. I open the door to my room slowly so I'm sure Joe won't wake. He isn't asleep, what the hell. Why isn't he sleeping.


''Shouldn't you be asleep?'' I whisper to him. Why am I whispering.

''No, why should I?'' 

''Forget it. Don't come out of your room the next couple of minutes okay. I have a guest.'' His eyes widen and his mouth turns into a smirk.

''Is Harry here?'' He raises his brows up and down. Ugh, such a pervert.

''After what he did? No.'' I laugh at the no

''Well who is it then?''

''No one, just stay here okay?'' 

''Okay fine.'' He smirks again and I roll my eyes.


I close the door to Josephs room and starts walking towards the front door. Is it just me or is there a light out there? There is, what the hell. I still don't get why he is here right now. He should be asleep. He knows it is too dangerous for him to be here, if Harry finds out he is a dead man. I want to just text him that he can't be here and that I want him to go home and sleep, but another part of me wants him here more than anything else. I slightly grab the door knob and opens the door a little bit. It is actually Liam out there. 


His face lightens up as soon as he sees my face and I open the door a little more. He is carrying a rose, some films and a flashlight. Oh, how cute. Before I get the possibility to say anything he storms through the door, places all the things on the desk besides us and grabs my face while his lips connects with mine. He is wild but passionate. This wasn't what I expected him to do, but it feels good.


His hands cup my face and my hands is around his neck while my fingers slowly moves through his hair. His tongue moves gently around with mine and I almost fall to my knees by this feeling. How is it possible for him to do that to me, I thought only Harry could do that. Harry, get out of my head.


I place my hands on Liams chest and try my best to push him a little bit away. It's not because I don't like this, I just wanna hear him talk. It's really hard to get him away. He is fighting his best to keep his lips connected with mine but I finally break the kiss and his face pales as I pull away. I giggle a little and he bite his lips.


''Well hello to you to.'' I bite my lip and he places a hand on the small of my back and pulls my close to him. He is very romantic, actually so much that it surprises me. He's probably been standing out there for moments thinking this through over and over again.

''Ready for an amazing night babe?'' Babe. I like that word, especially when it comes from his lips. Who is this wild and incredible guy who just walked through my door. 

''Liam you shouldn't even be here. What if Harry finds out?'' Why am I even worrying about this, I shouldn't even be afraid of that sick bastard.

''Trust me, he won't. He is at a party with some annoying girl.'' My heart somehow aches when he tells me that, but I hide my emotions.

''Who's the girl?'' 

''Just one of those typical senior cheerleaders. Blond hair, playing dumb because she thinks boys likes that. What she doesn't know is that boys actually finds intelligent girls attractive.'' He grabs the things he brought. Wow, he is caring all go those damn things in one fucking hand.

''Am I intelligent.'' I can't help but ask.

''Very.'' He gives me a small kiss. I can feel his lips turning into a smile.

''Where's your room?'' He starts walking around like he knows what he is doing, but when he stops to look around it's clear to see that he have no clue about where he's going.

''Follow me.''


I walk in front of him to the room and I almost turn around to tell him to stop looking at my bottom. I can hear how giggling his breath is and how happy he is. I know he've been waiting for this moment for a while now and he finally received his award. I don't wanna be seen as an award, but he kinda got an award. It's like he has been in a competition with Harry all the time and he finally won that competition. I know i shouldn't be happy to be an award, but I somehow am. I'm actually just glad I ended up with Liam and not Harry.


I enter my room and Liam follows. He lay the things he bought with him on my night stand table and turns around to look at me. He takes slow awkward steps towards me and I can't help but smile at his stupidity.


''Are you on for zombie movies?'' He waves 'The Cabin in The Woods' in front of my face. ''Or do you prefer love stories?'' He waves 'The Notebook' in front of my face.


I shyly point at the love movie and he smirks.


''Thought so.'' He turns around to find my TV. 


I sit down on the bed and watch him as he fumble around with the remote. He reminds me of Joe in this situation, he is so nervous and shaky. I love how he almost punch my TV because the movie won't start, he've probably lived under a rock his whole life since he doesn't know how to turn a TV on.


''Here, let me help you.'' I place a hand on his back and bent down to turn on the TV. ''You do it manual.'' I smile at him and looks take the remote from his hands.


I can feel him stare at me for moments and when I turn my head to watch him watch me, he quickly turns his head to the TV and coughs a little. I find it so fucking cute that he is nervous. I wonder if he is doing this on purpose or something, like he knows I find him attractive when he is nervous. Like the first day I met him, he was so nervous when he asked for my number and I loved every second of it.


''Done.'' I say and take a seat on the bed. I lean against the bedpost and Liam joins me, putting an arm over my shoulder.

''You never answered to why you are here so late.'' I lean my head on his shoulder.

''If you mean that 8pm is late then okay.'' He giggles. 8pm, isn't it like in the middle of the night?


I lift my body and stand up to find my phone, I need to know if it is actually 8pm or if he is just messing with me. He is confused and I mouth a sorry to him before he huffs and cross his arms over his chest. Wow, he was right.


I walk back to the bed and sit down, lifting Liams arm over my shoulder and cuddle into him. He kisses my forehead. 


His fingers is running around in circles on my shoulder and it dents chills down my spine. He is very interested in the movie, or at least more than expected him to be. He keeps watching me, but when I turn my head to look at him he quickly looks away. He is just embarrassed about staring at me, I understand him, I would too but I let him. I like it. I lift my arm from the madras and takes ahold of his hand, still not looking at him. I run my fingers through his and cuddle a little more into his warm body...

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