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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


50. Chapter 50.

''How was it talking to Liam?'' I stop by his words. How does he know I've been with Liam, has he been following me around? No wonder if he has.

''Uhm great, I guess. How do you know that I've been talking to Liam?'' I can't help but question him. He isn't answering. 


He looks down and bite his tongue, or his cheek I can't really tell, but one thing that I can tell is that he is embarrassed or ashamed of his answer. Yes, he has definitely been following me around. I'm not a kid anymore for god sake and I am also older than him, so it should be me keeping an eye on him. Not him spying on me. 


''Joe?'' I place my hands on my hips in an attempt to look serious.


''Have you been following me around town?'' He looks up and lifts his shoulders.


Oh my god, he has. He is struggling to find words to explain his stupid actions, his hands is in front of him, trying to look like he wants to be forgiven. There's nothing to forgive, he haven't actually done anything wrong, I mean like it is not right to spy on people, but I am after all his sister and he just wants to protect me. How comes it that I haven't seen him? I surely doesn't hope he had Harry spying on me for him because that didn't end well. Harry is just a dick and I don't really want to have anything to do with him ever again. He's messed with my feelings for way too long and he doesn't even bother to apologize.


I don't understand myself sometimes. Like I fell asleep on the way home from the library and I had the sickest dream. Harry was kneeling on the floor with tears streaming down his face and a broken piece of glass in his hands. He had multiple cracks on his chest and there was blood everywhere. As soon as he laid his eyes on me he ran in my directions, arms open ready to hug me. I remember that I nearly fell backwards. I almost laugh at the thought but I know that Joe would question why I'm laughing, ugh. Harry spun me around the room, kissing me passionate. It felt so real. He told me that his chest wasn't in pain and I believed him, he sounded so trustful and happy. A side of Harry I've never seen before and it is definitely the best version of him I've ever seen. I remember him yelling at me to wake up and I didn't understand him, I thought that I was already awake but suddenly my vision just went black and all I could hear was a couple of boys laughter. When I opened my eyes I was the bus and some boys from a year above me was sat in the back laughing, whispering and pointing at me. One of the boys came down to me and sat down next to me, asking for my number. I gave him the number, even though he seems like the sickest pervert ever, but he was hot so who cares?


''Seriously Joe? I can't take a step out of this house without you watching me every second?'' I sigh.

''Yes El, you can. I was just afraid that he would hurt you.''

''Why would he hurt me?'' Liam is probably the most caring guy I've ever met, he wouldn't even think about hurt me.

''I know what he's told you and I know how broken you were. I couldn't risk it.'' 

''Listen Joe. I'm an adult, I don't need my baby brother to walk me around town like I was an eight year old.'' I walk towards him and he sits down on the couch.

''I know, you just doesn't act like an adult,'' I gasp at his words. ''understand me right, it was a compliment.'' He continues and I nod placing a hand over his.

''So is all of this spying over?''

''It's over.'' He smiles and I stand up.

''Great, because the last thing I need in the moment is any more drama.'' He chuckles and I reach out for his hand. ''I have to make a call.'' I say and let go of his hand, walking towards my room.

''I'll be in my room if you need anything.'' I yell throwing a hand in the air.


Before I enter my room, I am prepared to feel the emptiness but when I enter I feel nothing. The emptiness is gone. The new lamp isn't even up yet, but it isn't empty in here anymore. It's weird, everything in my room seems, perfect.


I walk around my room in an attempt to find something, anything different but there's nothing. I take a seat on my bed and look around once again just to find the same thing as before, nothing. It somehow scares me. 


I am cut off of my thoughts by my phone buzzing in my pocket. A text, from Harry.


*I need to see you immediately.*


Hell no, I'm not meeting up with him, nope not gonna happen. I have way more important things to deal with than Harry, he is just a selfish idiot who just wants to have fucking sex with me. I told myself multiple times not to get in his trap, but yet here I am crying over some stupid ass boy, besides I'm not crying, I'm just angry, mad, annoyed. I'm just tired of all this shit going on, it's been so complicated since I moved here. 


I dial Anastacias number and call. Voicemail, great. 


''Hi, you've called Anastacia, unfortunately I'm not able to pick up at this time, but call me later or leave a message after the bip tone.'' I miss her so much. I've missed listening to her very strong Geordie accent and just her laugh. She's my best friend and when I think twice about it, I want to go home so bad. I want to clear everything up with Andy and just talk to everyone at home. Mom, dad, just everyone.


''Hi Anastacia, it's uhm, it's Elizabeth. I just wanted to call you to know how you've been the last couple of weeks. I miss you, a lot. Uhm, just give me a call when you hear this, thank you.'' I want to finish it off with a smiley but I'm talking, not texting.


I don't know what to do at the moment, I want to call Liam but I can't because of Harry, I want to talk to Harry but I can't, because of Harry. Everything is just because of Harry and I can't take it much longer.


''Joe!'' I yell as loud as I can.


I need to tell him something, ask. I don't know, it's a stupid idea but I have to hear this opinion on this. It's sick but it's something I really need at the moment, just to hear the voices of the people I love. It's only been a few weeks but with all of this drama really makes me homesick. Back home there were no problems, just a happy girl with her friends and boyfriend. He wasn't really my boyfriend, we were just dating, I thought so at least. He cried at the airport when we said goodbye, so that means that he definitely has feelings for me, wether he wants to admit it or not.


Or he was just sad about not telling you that he's been cheating on you the entire time, my subconscious tells me. 


So he wasn't crying because he had to say goodbye to me, or that is one story, but it could just as well've been because he's been cheating on me. I haven't done anything wrong that could've made him cheat on me, I was loyal and always nice to him. I was boring. I wonder if Daisie knew about this the entire time. I hope she didn't or else I will cut her fucki…


''What is it?'' I am cut off by Joe walking through the door.

''I've just been thinking about something.'' 

''Yea?'' He sits down on the bed.

''I want to go back to England.'' His eyes widen.

''Like permanent?'' He says very quietly like someone can hear us.

''No, just to visit.''

''You scared me for a second.'' He smiles.

''So you want to visit home? We just got here.'' 

''Yea, but I'm homesick and I have a lot of things to clear up at home.''

''Things like rip Andys head off?'' He jokes and I laugh.

''No Joe, serious things, like rip Daisies head off.'' I tease and we both burst into laughter.


This is just what I needed. Joe and I having a good time, laughing about ridiculous things. I love that boy more than anything in the entire world. I just wish he wouldn't be so protective but we can work on that. 


''So, are you on?'' 


Joe is probably thinking about this, he isn't very happy about moving around all the time and I think he actually likes this place. He deserves this more than anything, to have friends and to actually like the place he is living. Look at our house, it is amazing. This is house is definitely Josephs taste, also mine but mostly Josephs. He had a rough time just before we moved out with one of his close friends passing away. Michael was a close friend of Joes, also a close friend of me and the rest of our family. The way he passed away was horrible, it was literally murder. He've had some problems at home and with some bullies at school, but no one ever expected the bullies to actually kill him. They didn't actually kill him, the car that hit him did but it was the three bullies who was in the car. They didn't even stop to help him, they just drove away. The hardest thing is that it was Joe who found him. 


''Yes.'' He breathes and I smile.

''Sam actually told that they were planning a memorial for Mike.'' My heart aches. A memorial, does he really wanna go?

''Oh, that is, great?''

''Yea, they're planning on doing it this wednesday and I've actually thought about going home myself for a couple of days to be there.'' What?

''But Joe, we can't just leave school like that, this has to be planned a lot better.'' I tell him and he frowns.

''Yea I know, but this is important to me Elizabeth.'' He raises his voice.

''Shh Joe, okay, uhm, we'll figure out something okay?'' He sighs.




How the hell are we gonna fix this? We can't just leave America like that, it takes time. We doesn't have any flight tickets. He is not realistic, he's just really affected by this thing about Michael. I understand why he wants to go to that memorial and stuff but for god sake, it's in another country and we have at least 5 hours of time difference. I don't actually know how much time difference, but it's a lot. 


I really want to go back though, maybe to surprise my friends. They don't have to know I'm coming and who knows, maybe they'll actually be happy to see me.


''Should we look at some flight tickets then.''

''Wow, slow down.'' We both stand up. ''We need to know if mom and dad is okay with this.''

''Weren't you an adult? You don't need permission from mom and dad to leave the country.'' Damn he's right.

''No but you do.''

''Can't we just say that I'm an adult?'' He smiles.

''No.'' I pick up my phone and dial my mothers number.

''Hey hey hey wait a second.'' He grabs my phone from my hands.

''Give it back to me.''

''Yea, but can we just talk about it?''

''No, mom and dad needs to know that you're leaving school for a couple of days.'' I reach out for my phone but he backs. I don't have energy to play his games.

''I wanna surprise them.''

''Sure you do.'' I laugh halfway through the sentence.

''Please Elizabeth.''


His stupid puppy face always works. Why did he had to be born so fucking cute. Shame on you mom and dad.


''Please.'' Ugh.

''Okay fine!'' I run my fingers through my hair. This guy is seriously too much sometimes...




Halfway through! This story is probably going to end by chapter 100. :( 

I need 10 new likes before I'll update, sorry but I haven't received more than 1 like through the last 3 chapters...

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