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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


48. Chapter 48.

The walk to the bus station seems longer than usual. My feet seems a lot heavier today and my stomach hurts a lot. Maybe it's that time of the month. 


''Elizabeth right?'' A voice says behind me. Mr. Deyes, shit.

''Oh, hi mr. Deyes.'' I didn't show up to his classes today, what the hell isn't he going to think about me. He probably thinks I'm some sort of a rebel who just stays away from class and stuff.

''Looks like you're feeling a lot better.''

''How do you know I was sick?'' This is creepy.

''You brother Joe called me.'' I sigh. Typical Joe, but I must admit that he has everything under control.


''You should be very thankful for having such an amazing and caring brother.'' He smiles and takes a step forward. I don't like the fact that I am chatting with my teacher, especially not when I look like this and he looks like, that. I have to admit it to myself, mr. Deyes is a very good looking young lad.

''I am.'' I smile and takes a step forward, I much more prefer him standing behind me.

''What have you been doing at the library?'' 


Oh, I've just been discussing how Harry Styles is threatening Liam Payne without any reason and the fact that Liam is in love with me and Harry just dumped me because I didn't want to sleep with him, basically a normal day in the life of Elizabeth Nielsen.


''I just needed some new things to read.'' I lie.

''Really? Because I just saw Liam Payne walking out of the building a few moments ago.'' He raises his brows. I need to come up with a good excuse now, I can't just tell him that I lied to him.

''Seriously? I didn't even see him in there.'' I try to sound as surprised as possible.

''You didn't? He looked pretty upset.'' Why does he keep talking this? Why is it so important to him for me to tell him the truth? The smirk on his face makes me annoyed.


''I just thought that you two may've broke up or something.'' If I had water in my mouth I would spit it out. Broke up? We're not even together.

''I think you've misunderstood something. Liam and I aren't together.'' I want to burst out laughing, but that would just be rude.

''Really? You surely look like a couple.'' 

''Okay, I think it is a bit inappropriate for you two ask your students about their personal love lives.'' I turn around with my arms crossed over my chest.


He can't just ask people and especially not his students about their love lives. I don't even know this guy, he is my teacher and that is just weird. To start with he was nice and cool, I actually really liked him, not liked liked him, he was just very friendly, but now, he's just an idiot who can't keep his mouth shut. 


''I agree with you, but you aren't like all the other students Elizabeth.'' What the hell is he talking about. ''I don't look at you as a student, I look at you as a friend. It's weird, I know.'' I'm not sure about the 'I know'. 

''That's just creepy.'' 

''I know.'' Ugh.

''Stop with the I know's because you don't.'' 

''Someone's in the moody corner today.'' 

''Can you just stop talking and leave me alone?'' I huff.

''Where are you going?'' Gosh he is annoying.


''Where is home?'' Oh my god.

''You don't need to everything about my damn life for god sake!'' I raise my voice.


This guy is really nerve wracking. He annoys me on purpose, like why? What do he get out of it? To see me mad, why do he care? He is my teacher, not my father.


''Okay, I get it. I annoy you, I'm sorry'' Ugh.

''Thank you.'' I turn around on my heels and sit down on the bench behind me. 


Harrys POV


Fresh air is the only thing that can help right now. I've been walking for hours and I have absolutely no idea about where I am. I think I am near some sort of a library, everyone is carrying books and I mean like everyone. The only two people not carrying books is the two dorks sitting on the bench over there. Wait. What the hell is Elizabeth doing here? Who is she talking to?


''Styles? Harry Styles, is that really you?'' I feel a hand on my shoulder.

''Long time no see.'' This can't be true.

''Matt Stewards?'' 

''The one and only.''


Oh my god, this literally saved my day. I haven't seen Matt since I moved here three years ago and here he is. He doesn't look like himself in any way, it is had to find something about him there's still the same. 


Matt and I used to go to parties and fuck every damn girl we laid our eyes on, damn we had fun. Matt teach me everything I know, sounds ridiculous but it's true. I wouldn't be able to get laid every day if it wasn't for him. He is a true legend.


''Good to see you man.'' He pulls me into a man hug.

''Where have you been hiding?'' Matt left town three years ago without a sound. He just left and to be fair, I felt lost. Like something was missing and it was the worst pair of months in my life. What the fuck, I sound like a stupid in love boy.

''I went to Florida to visit some family.''

''So you've been visiting your family for three years?'' Sounds sick.

''No, I stayed there because I needed to get out of here. You know all the trouble and stuff, I just had to go away for a little while.'' 

''You could've at least told us.'' 

''Yea I could, but I didn't. I couldn't risk any of you telling anyone.'' Seems legit.


Just before Matt left he got into a fight with Zac Johnson and it didn't exactly went well. Zac ended up laying in the hospital for about 2 months. Multiple bones broken and he was in coma for about 2 weeks. I understand why Matt left now, it was the best to do, but it still annoys me that he didn't told anyone. 


Matt isn't dressed in his old oversized sweatpants and hoodie anymore, instead he is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and button up shirt. He is wearing some sort of slippers on his feet, it looks ridiculous, like who wear slippers in public?


''What the hell are you wearing on your feet?'' I put my hand on my stomach and laughs.

''These? It's TOMS, they're very popular in Florida.'' 

''Since when do you care about what's popular?'' 

''Since I found out what a life without trouble was.'' My smile fades.

''Oh, I'm sorry man.''

''It's fine Styles. You're not the first one to comment on the way I dress.'' He smiles and puts a hand on my shoulder.

''Who were you stalking before?'' What?

''What the hell are you talking about?''


I wasn't stalking anyone. I took a walk, a long one and then he came up to me. Maybe he's thinking of me looking at Elizabeth and that guy over there who I still have no clue about who is? I really want to just go over there and punch him in the face and tell him to stay away from her, that actually sounds like a good idea. 


''The girl over there? Who's that?'' He is definitely talking about Elizabeth.

''I don't know, she's just quite hot and she's a student in my class.'' I lie. He can't know about El and I.

''You're still fucking girls like they're objects?'' 


What the hell is wrong with this boy? He teach me all I know and he told me to just live my life and not think about anything and now he is this sensible guy who over thinks everything. This is not the Matt who's my best friend. How is it possible for him to just change like that, okay it's been three years but it's still a short time to just change. I haven't changed in those three years.


''You told me to.'' I huff and cross my arms over my chest.

''I didn't expect you to listen.'' 

''So what? You have a girlfriend now or something?''

''I do.'' Oh.

''Fuck who are you?''

''The man I should've been ages ago. Listen I know this sounds crazy and you probably won't listen anyway, but please just stop what you're doing. It isn't going to end well.'' 

''Who the fuck do you think you are? Just telling me what to do, leave me alone man. You're sick.'' I back away from him.


He can't be serious. Just telling me what to do and then expect me to be fine with it, he knows me well enough to know that I won't listen to any of his shit. Not anymore. He's a fucking psychopath. 


I start walking towards the bench where Elizabeth and some sick annoying guy is sitting. I clearly hear Matts voice beg´hind me trying to stop me from what I am about to do, but as I told myself before. I won't listen to any of his shit anymore.


Elizabeth doesn't seem to notice my appearance just in front of her, is he ignoring me or is she really just a blind stupid girl? I grab the collar of the guy Elizabeth is talking to and turn him around. I ball my fist and just as I am about to punch him I get back to reality.


''Mr. Deyes?'' I crinkle my brows and look down at Elizabeth who is sitting on the bench still, looking terrified. 


I am in chock. What the hell is she doing with him? What were talking about? Me? Elizabeth would never talk private with her teacher, hell not even me. No one expect her damn brother. We're near a library so they were probably just talking about some stupid ass books she have borrowed. Wait, she isn't carrying any books, what the hell? Neither is he. Did they just meet up here to chat? I am going to flip his head off if he is trying to fuck her.


''Hello Styles. Would you please put me down?'' He raise his brows. Why is he so fucking calm?


I let go of his collar and push him away before he is able to say anything stupid. He moves his collar a little bit before picking up his bag.


''Nice to talk to you miss Nielsen. I'll see you monday in class.'' He nod at her and stare at me while walking past me. Idiot.

''Leave me alone.'' She stands up and grabs her bag.

''Something wrong here?'' 

''Fuck Matt leave me alone for god sake!'' I yell at him.

''Who are you?'' He says and starts walking towards Elizabeth. Oh hell no.

''Leave her alone Matt.'' I threaten.

''Who are you?'' He ignores me and jerk away from me.

''Elizabeth.'' He shake her hand and smiles.

''And what just happened hear?'' I lean against the wall and sigh.

''He attacked our teacher.'' 

''Oh would you please? He deserved it.'' I roll my eyes.

''In which way? Harry just leave me alone okay? I'm so tired of your fucking shit!'' She yells. 

''I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore, I'm over you!'' Matts eyes widen and my heart jumps out of my chest.

''Wait? Over him?'' Matt shut up please.

''Yea, he made me fall in love with him and we hooked up. Then he told me that the only reason he did that was to… Wait, who are you?''

''An idiot.'' I say low hoping non of them hear it.

''Shut the fuck up Harry.'' She yells as loud as she can. People are looking, great.

''Would you please lower your voice.'' 

''No I won't! I hate you so much!''


There it goes. I probably look like a retarded seal right now, but I don't care. I don't care about anything. I can't feel anything. It's not like I can't feel my body or something like that, I just can't feel anything. My feelings is just shut down. What is happening?


''Harry?'' Matt voice sounds so soft in my ears.

''Yea.'' I stare out in the air.

''Is something wrong?'' 

''No, nothing is wrong. Absolutely nothing.''

''Then why are you staring at me?'' Elizabeths voice sounds.


Everything suddenly comes back. My head hurts, too much. It all just comes back at once. I want to cry, scream, laugh. I just want to express all of my feelings at once, but the one feeling that is the strongest is anger. I want to scream at both of them for humiliating me, but I can't.


''Because I feel like doing it.'' So instead I'm gonna annoy her.

''Ugh.'' She rolls her eyes.


A bus pulls up next to where we're standing. What the hell? Is this a bus stop? Where is she going?


''Where are you going?'' I ask her while she pays for her ticket.

''Away from you.'' The door closes and I follow her down the bus until she sits down ann the bus drives away.

''What have you done Harry?'' Matt looks disappointed at me. Why is everyone giving me that look today, I can't take it anymore.

''I think I need to tell you something Matt.'' I look up at him and he sighs...

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