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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


47. Chapter 47.

Harrys POV


''What the hell is your problem!'' I yell while pushing him against the wall.

''Take a chill pill man.'' He is calm. Hell no, not any longer.

''Why did you do that?'' I yell even louder and my fist connects with his jaw.

''Man, calm down!'' He raise his voice.

''Hell no I'll calm down! You're a fucking slut!'' 

''I'm just living my life bro.'' 

''Don't you dare calling me bro!'' I yell and punch him again which makes him fall to the ground.

''Someone's a little pissed.'' He says while wiping off the blood running from his nose with the sleeve of his shirt.

''Alright listen you little shit.'' I start to walk towards him and he backs. ''Don't you ever fucking touch her again. Non of you is ever going to get near her again, is that understood?'' I yell pointing between Marcel and Edward.

''Harold, I haven't done anything.''

''Don't call me Harold!'' I run my fingers through my hair while pacing back and forth.

''Listen mate, you dumped her last night, you're a single man now. Go out and have some fun, make some ladies scream okay?''

''No Edward. You don't get it!''

''Obviously not. I actually think Elizabeth enjoyed my hand squeezing her bum.'' He smirks. That's enough.


My fist once again connects with his jaw and I punch him multiple times until he is not moving anymore. Fuck. 


I'm off of Edward quicker than ever and Marcel is quick by his side, slightly slapping his head in an attempt to make him move. Shit shit shit, did I just kill my brother. I am panicking. He is just laying there, no movements and bruised because I heated him up. Fuck, I want to scream and punch the wall, I have never been this scared in my life before.


''For god sake Marcel! Is he breathing?'' I yell trying to get out my frustrations.

''Yes, but he isn't moving!'' I feel my shoulders relax as the words leave his mouth. I actually for a moment thought I've killed my own brother.

''Why do you always have to be so violent.'' He looks disappointed at me and my stomach turns.


I have never in a million years thought that Marcel could ever hurt me, and especially not by those words. He've said them to me a million times so why is it so different now? His face, it must be the way he looks at me. He looks so disappointed and scared, I quite understand him. I would be scared if I saw Marcel beat Edward up too and I would surely be disappointed.


It's now been about an hour since Edward passed out and he still hasn't woke up. This isn't good. I'm just glad mom decided to go home for a couple of days, she would have kicked me out if she knew what have just happened. If she just knew how many times Edward and I have been in a fight she would have kicked both of us out.


''Do you think we should call someone?'' I ask rubbing the back of my neck.

''We will get in trouble, or you would. I haven't done anything.''

''You were annoying me.'' I huff.

''That is not an excuse Haro…'' He stops and I raise my brows at him. ''Harry. We just need to wait for him to wake up.'' 

''I don't think that is a good idea Marcel. I've been in lots of trouble before, I can handle this.'' I take a step towards them.

''No Harry, seriously, just wait.'' He sighs and I sit down on the chair next to him, waiting for my brother to wake up.


Elizabeths POV


''Just please don't tell anyone about his meeting El.'' He says laying his hand over my thigh and squeezes. 


I immediately feel the electricity spreading from my leg to the rest of my body. I feel so uncontrollable when he touch me and I literally just want to jump on him right now, in front of everybody, but as he said. This meeting was a secret, I understand why he is so afraid for anybody to know about this, because who the hell can know what Harry would do to him if he found out. 


''I won't. I'm just glad you talked to me about this.'' I smile and he squeezes a little bit again.

''Of course El. I'm not a little boy anymore, I know when I've done something wrong and I know when I have to make up for it. I couldn't just take the risk of losing you forever.'' My heart flutters by his words.


I feel so much anger towards Harry and I have so many unanswered questions. I want to call him and yell at him for lying to me and setting this up just to have me all to himself and the worst thing is that he only wanted to get laid. Liam is one hell of a man to stand up for himself and contact me. I know he contacted me anonymously, but Harry would never do that. He would just let go of it, let go of me. 


''Liam, I'm so sorry for everything.''

''What are you sorry about? For being you?'' He smiles. A lovely smile.

''No, just everything in general.'' I look down at my hand. Liams hand is covering my whole hand, slowly rubbing his thumb in circles. This reminds me too much of Harry and I am still not over him. I pull my hand away from him and he starts to panic a little.

''Oh, I'm sorry El.'' He says in embarrassment. 

''It's okay. I'm just not over him yet.'' I sigh.

''Over who?'' He looks confused. What the hell?

''Harry?'' I question his question and he stops breathing for a moment.

''What?'' I say when he doesn't say anything.

''You were hooking up with Harry?'' I removes his hand from my thigh.

''I thought you knew.''

''I didn't.''

''What did Harry exactly tell you when he told you to stay away from me?'' I need to know the truth.

''He just said that I had to stay away from you, and if I didn't it would have consequences.'' What the hell?

''And you just did as he said?'' I am getting annoyed.

''I didn't have a choice El.''

''You always have choice.'' I cross my arms over my chest.

''Do you have no idea how miserable you made me feel?'' I say before my mind can stop me and his eyes widen.

''No, I don't.''

''Well you made me feel like a living hell, and then later that day Harry came to my house and told me that the only reason he has been near me was to get laid and try something new. What a day huh?''

''I'm sorry.'' His face pales.


I shouldn't be letting this out on Liam, I should be letting this out on myself and Harry, no one else. I feel so sorry for Liam right now because I almost felt like i was his mother teaching him a lesson, but to be honest I am just a pissed off girl who is in love with way to many people.


''Fuck!'' I think too loud.

''What is wrong?'' 

''Too many people just got in my head too quickly and I can't handle it.''

''Do you want me to leave?'' He places his hand on my thigh.

''You're the last person I want to leave.'' I smile and he stands up.

''Well it is kinda late so I actually think I have to.'' He takes a deep breath and I stand up next to him.

''Come here.'' He opens his arms for me to hug him and his arms quickly wraps around me.

''No one can know anything about this meeting.'' He says and the knife in my heart turns around once more. It hurts to know that I won't be able to talk to Liam in class or anything, only private.

''I miss you.'' I whisper and he chuckles. 

''I miss you.'' He kisses my forehead. ''But I really have to go now El. I'll speak to you soon.'' 


''Promise.'' I'm glad this meeting ended happy.


Before I notice it, Liam is out of the door and I feel the hole in my heart getting bigger again. This needs to stop...

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