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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


46. Chapter 46.

I wake up all alone in my own room and I don't feel the tiniest bit of sick anymore. Was it all just a dream? All the things that happened in my sleep wasn't even real, just a dream. The small fight I had with Joe this morning was just a dream. The way I passed out was also just a dream. We didn't even went to iHop at all. Oh. This feels weird. I sit up in my bed and I don't feel dizzy at all. What time is it even? My phone is off and I am quite scared that it is about 10am or something and  I will be late for school. When I turn on my phone the clock shows 13:34. So yes, I am late and I only have about 20 minutes left of todays school day so there is no reason at all to go there. 


When I get to the kitchen, Joe is stood there making tea for himself and I notice a cup on the table damping. He is dressed in the pajamas he was dressed in, in my dream, weird, again. 


''Slept well?''

''Yea, uhm. Why didn't you wake me?'' 

''Why should I? You needed rest.'' He turns around dipping his teabag into the hot water.

''I made tea for you by the way.'' He sounds so relaxed.

''Uhm thank you.'' I sit down.

''How do you feel?'' 

''What do you mean?'' 

''You don't remember you passed out in the parking lot to iHop?'' He smiles. It wasn't a dream?



So it wasn't a dream, it was real. Joe and I had our little fight and I actually fainted in the parking lot to iHop. I feel the embarrassment going trough my brain and I probably looks like a tomato in my face. What weren't people thinking about me? Oh there is a girl who looks like she's dead. And if it were tourists. Oh there is a girl who looks like she's dead, let's take a picture. I would panic if I saw someone laying on the ground passed out. What if they were actually dead?


''You don't remember a thing do you?'' 

''Yes, I just thought it was a dream.'' I smile a little over how stupid that sounds.

''Well, how do you feel then?'' He repeats himself.

''I feel great. I don't feel the tiniest bit of sickness anymore.'' I honestly answer him.

''Well that is great.'' He smiles and takes a sip of his tea.

''Are we still going shopping?''

''Do you really want to do that or do you feel like I am forcing you to do it?'' 

''I want to go. As I said, I need a new bedding.'' He smiles.


I finish my tea and go to my room to get dressed. I don't look as horrible anymore so I guess that is a good sign. I told him that it wasn't anything important, I just felt sick for a few hours as everybody does sometimes. 


I put on a little extra makeup today to hide the redness in my face and the dark under eye circles. I suit myself in a simple one piece because to be honest I don't wanna look all fancy and stuff just to go shopping for a new lamp and a new bedding for Joe. 


A knock is on my door and Joe steps through it.


''Ready?'' He asks and without and answer I just walk out of the door followed by my brother. He is wearing a white t-shirt with floral sleeves and a pair of grey sweatpants. He in wearing a pair go white converse on his feet and when I look down i notice that I am wearing the same. 


When we arrive at the mall Joe is quick to find the fragrances and I laugh at his appearance. I pace back and forth between the lamp session, but I haven't really found any lamp that I like yet. After a while Joe appear with two sets of beddings in his hands and he puts them in the basket. He quickly disappears again while I try to decide which lamp to buy. I really can't decide, non of them is pretty to be honest. 


''You haven't found a lamp yet?'' I jump by the familiar voice behind me. I turn my head around to be sure it is the right guy I am thinking of and yes, I was right.

''Are you some sort of stalking me?'' I huff, not turning around.

''If someone is stalking anyone it's you stalking me.'' He giggles.

''Just go away.'' I say through my teeth.

''Hey, just because Harry said how he felt about you, doesn't mean that I can't come near you.'' 


His hands slowly sliding around my waist and I gasps.


''Let go.'' I order.


He doesn't seem to understand the words let go, so I try to move out of his grip, but instead he digs his fingers into my skin. The pain isn't hurtful, it actually feels quite good. Oh no, shit shit shit, I am not falling under his spell as well.


''Edward let go of me!'' I raise my voice and move around but he is too strong.

''What's happening here?'' Joe appears around the corner. Thank god.


Edward doesn't seem to be embarrassed or anything, he seems as relaxed as you could possibly be in this position. 


''I just showed Elizabeth a ballet position.'' He lies and moves his mouth to my ear. ''Play along.'' He whispers and a shiver is sent down my spine.


Joe raises his brows at me to see if I'm going to follow Edwards lie, but I am actually extremely afraid of Edward at the moment and I am scared to do anything else.


''Yea, thank you Edward.'' I say and his hands slowly moves away from my hips.


His movement feels like hours and I am not quite sure if I am comfortable or uncomfortable with this. I somehow feel an amazing feeling going through my body by his touch, but at the same time I feel horrified. Before Edwards hands isn't connected to my body anymore, he slightly moves one of his hands to my bum and squeezes it. I jump by his actions and he chuckles knowing I liked it. I have to do something about this, I have to stay away from them. All of them, even Marcel. That is going to be difficult as my brother and him are like best friends.


''See you around.'' He smiles and starts to walk away.


He bumps into Josephs shoulder, not by accident, and Joe bites his teeth together to hold in his anger. Edward is such a jerk. I pick up the bag and walks over to Joe who shakes his head. He is probably just trying to get Edwards annoying attitude out of his head. 


''Why was that prick teaching you ballet in the middle of the hall?'' He says and takes the bag from my hands.

''Uhm, I basically just ran into him, and then, he just, we just, yea…'' 

''He wasn't teaching you ballet, was he?'' I don't know wether I should lie about this or tell him the truth. I decide to go with the lie.

''No no, he was really teaching me ballet.'' I try to sound as I am telling him the truth, but I don't think he actually believes me.

''Okay then. You found a lamp yet?''

''No.'' I pout and he looks around.

''That one would fit your room.'' He points at the lamp on the table in the corner.

''You actually think so?''

''Yea, come on. Take that one.''

''Okay.'' I sigh and grab a box with the lamp on it...


(updating tomorrow, had a busy day.)

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