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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


45. Chapter 45.

His smile is quickly gone by my words and removed by his hands. He coughs a little before turing around on his heels and almost running towards the door. Seriously, I can't help but laugh at this jerk. What the hell is wrong with my brother?


''Where is Liam?'' Joe ask as he have forgotten what happened yesterday.

''I don't know Joe.'' I say harsh, much more harsh that i expected me to sound.


''It's okay El, I just forgot it for a second.'' He smiles and takes a bite of his pancake.

''How are you feeling?'' I want to yell at him and tell him for the I don't know time that I am not sick.


I don't feel very well and I admit that, but I am not sick, it is just a cold or something. Joe acts like I am about to die, like seriously he needs to calm down, it's not like i won't survive this little cold. I look like a dead person and I am aware of that, I barely have any blood in my face which makes me look extremely pale and my nose and cheeks are red. My eyes are swollen, or so it feels like it.


''I'm fine Joe, relax.'' I smile and take a sip of my water.


Joe doesn't seem to relax as I told him, he seems mad and annoyed. I get him, I don't do as he says and I would be just as pissed if he didn't do as I said, but once again I am the oldest and our parents made it clear before we left that I have the control here. I am always the person to make the last decision and I am more than happy for that. I would literally be dead by now if Joe decided what to do and when to do it.


''By the way, after school we are going shopping.'' I tell him hoping he will be okay with it.

''No, you're going home.'' 

''No, we are going shopping. I need a new lamp and we also need lots of food. We barely have any.'' 

''A lamp? Why do you need a new lamp?'' 

''The one I have now is hideous.'' I laugh and he joins.

''True, then I can buy a new bedding.'' We laugh.


Liam still hasn't showed and I don't know how to get from iHop to school. If he doesn't show up in the next 10 minutes we'll have to call a taxi and no matter what we will be late. Fuck. I can't be late for school, I will panic and they will yell at me for vein late and people will stare at me when I enter the classroom late, shit I can't I am panicking. My heart is racing already and my breath is heavy, god.


''El, what is wrong?'' He lay his hand over mine.

''I am having a panic attack, Joe I need to get out of here now.'' I say breathing a lot heavier than before.

''Well let's go then.'' He takes my hand and pull me outside as quickly as he can.


When we get outside I am in total panic and I can't focus on anything. I don't know what to do, how to react. I feel like crying and just break down and let all my feelings out but if I do that here I will cause a scene and make people look at me and then I'll probably panic even more. Even though Joe is trying his best to comfort me it doesn't work, I want to push him away and just lay down on the cold hard ground to cry my ass off.


I finally get back to reality and my vision isn't blurry anymore. I notice that my breath is almost back to normal and I feel slightly better. Josephs face is right in front of mine with both of his hands on my shoulders and his face expression is definitely worried, no more than worried. Afraid. What the hell happened?


''El!'' He waves his hands in front of my face.

''Yes.'' I stare at him and he breaths out.


What the hell? How long was my panic attack, he acts like I was about to die, but again he always acts like that.


''Thank god you're okay.'' 

''Why shouldn't I be okay?''

''You don't remember what just happened?'' He frown.

''I had a panic attack.'' That what was happened right?

''A pretty sick one.'' He laughs and I look around. What the hell? Why am I laying down?

''Why am I laying down?'' I try to sit up, but I get dizzy and lay back down.

''You don't remember?''

''Obviously not.'' I am so confused.

''You fainted.'' I did what?

''Did I?''


I fainted. I've never fainted before and I didn't even felt it. I thought you'd get dizzy and stuff before you fainted but I felt absolutely nothing. I don't know if I should be happy about that or if I should be slightly worried.


Where am I even? I'm inside somewhere, I just don't know where. This is creepy.


''Where am I Joe?'' 

''In my room,'' He smiles.


Why the hell am I in his room? How did he even get me here? Was I sleeping all that time?


''Yea I know, I should've brought you to your own room, but I just felt like… I don't know actually, I just carried you to the closest room.'' His cheeks is getting red.

''Oh that is okay, I like your room much better than my own anyway.'' I admit.

''What time is it?'' I ask slowly lifting my body to lean on my elbows.

''About 10am.''

''Great, then I still have time to get to my last classes.''

''You are not going anywhere.'' I am thrown back by Josephs arm which makes me even more dizzy than I am.

''You can't decide what I am doing.'' 

''Yes, right now I actually can. I called mom.''

''You called who?'' I can feel my anger building inside me.

''Yes, you heard me right. I called mom and she told me to keep an eye on you and she also told me to keep you in bed all day, so as I said. You're not going anywhere.'' That little asshole.

''I can't believe you did that.'' I huff and lay down.

''Me neither.'' 


I can't believe he called mom. Hurra for mom saving the day. Ugh.


''Now, get some sleep.'' He stands up.

''And where are you going?'' I cross my arms over my chest.

''To the kitchen so you can get some sleep.'' He raise his brows.


Oh. I kinda want him to stay, but that would just be weird. I somehow just feel so lonely and empty, I don't feel alright, hell I feel like shit and I can't handle to be alone anymore. I've lost the love of my life, or I thought he was until he cheated in me with one of my friends. Then my best american friend Liam suddenly out of nowhere dumps me and yell at me that he never wants to see me again, and then the guy I had began to grow feelings for face me and tells me that I am an idiot for having feelings for him and that he was only using me to get laid. This is just too much for me to handle.


''No, please stay.'' I reach out for his hands and he grabs it.


Without another word said, he crawls under the quilt with me and spoon me. This isn't awkward, he is my brother and he is gay so what should be weird about me and my brother spooning, exactly, everything, but i feel comfortable this way and the hole in my heart isn't that big anymore. Joe is really the cure to everything...

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