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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


43. Chapter 43.



''You're not going anywhere Joe!'' I yell at him before he gets the chance to enter the taxi.

''I need to talk to him!'' Why are we even yelling at one another?

''No, let it go.''

''He hurt you El, I can't just let is pass by,''

''But you have to.'' I lay my hand on his shoulder.

''It's not like I'm getting into a fifth with him or anything.''

''I know, because you wouldn't have a chance against any of them.'' 


He seems quite offended.


''Not even Marcel.'' I continue and he huffs which makes my laugh.

''Come on, Marcel is probably the weakest boy I have ever met.'' 

''I don't think so actually, anyway…'' I change the subject. ''We're not having this conversation right now. I am way to tired.

''Just please come inside with me.'' I smile at him and he his eyes soften.


''Are any of you gonna drive with me?'' The taxi driver yells and I once again looks at Joe.

''No, non of us is.'' He says still having eye contact with me.


Oh my god, that was close. I am just glad he is staying here and not going over to Harrys because I am sure that they will end up in a fight and Joe wouldn't win that for sure. I can't believe that he would actually go there just to talk to one of them. He would probably ask for Harry, but as well as I know him he wouldn't agree to talk to Joe. Do I even know him? He has probably been lying the whole damn time we've seen each other. We haven't actually seen each other like that, because I have been more with Liam than I have with Harry. Liam. I miss him, is that weird? I think it is.


Joe starts to walk towards the door. Oh. If he isn't going to pay for the taxi, then I obviously have to. I tell the driver that I will be out in a second with some money for him and he smile, but I notice him roll his eyes before I turn around. What an idiot. 


When I reach the door, Josephs jacket is on the floor along with his shoes and house keys. Why is his keys on the floor? Maybe they just fell out of his pocket or something. I push those thoughts to the back of my head and find my wallet. Shit, I don't have that many money left, how do I pay the driver? There is no need to ask Joe for money because he probably won't give me any, even though it actually should be him paying. I take the last few money I have left and walk outside to give the driver. His smile fades as soon as he counts the money.



''Only this?'' He raises his brows.

''I don't have more.'' I reply innocent.


He huffs and rolls up the window, quick away from our driveway. Without him noticing I mumble, ''Well fuck you too.'' while he is pulling out of our driveway.


I hurry inside as it is freezing outside. I thought is was summer, and when it is summer it is usually hot. I shouldn't be freezing right now, especially not in America. 


When I get back inside, Josephs things is gone from the floor and I hear some noises from the kitchen. When I get to the kitchen, Joe is cleaning up something, I can't exactly see what as it is in the dishwasher, but I guess it is a plate or something. How could he possibly been eating while I was out there. It is like 2 minutes ago I walked out and he have already eaten something. The power of boys and their mouths. That could sound so wrong is so many ways and I find myself giggling at my thoughts.


''Why are you laughing?'' Joe asks while wiping his hands in the towel.


I just lift my shoulders and giggle a little more.


''Is it something I have done?'' He asks leaning against the counter.

''No, no not at all. I just misunderstood one of my thoughts.'' I answer his question.


He nods his head and smiles a little.


''What was it?'' He says with a smile on his lips.

''Uhm, just, a thought that could be understood as dirty in some cases.'' I look like and rub my hands.

''Tell me.''

''I just said to myself like, uhm, ''The power of boys and their mouths.'' and I misunderstood it.'' Wow my feet are suddenly very interesting. 

''I would misunderstand it as well if you just it out loud. No need to feel embarrassed by that.'' He walks towards me and take the seat next to me.

''Why did that thought came to your head?''

''I was thinking about how quick boys actually ate and then it just popped up.'' 

''Are we eating quick?'' He seems surprised.


''Oh. I'm sorry.'' Why the heck is he apologizing?

''Why are you apologizing? It's normal for boys.'' I tell him.

''Oh, then I'm sorry for saying sorry.'' He smiles and I push his shoulder.


A few moments pass with silent, not awkward silence, but good silence. I like it when Joe and I is just sat in silence, thinking each of our thoughts. Not many people can sit with their brother or sister and just think by themselves without the other just all the time. This is one of the things I adore the most about Joe and I's relationship. We don't need to tell each other everything, every moment there pass of our lives. I wish Liam, or Harry or any other person would have that talent.


''Are you okay with what happened between you and Harry?''

''I guess so. I can't really do anything about it, so I just have to deal with it.'' I admit.

''It's just not okay.'' He sighs.

''Yes it is, maybe not the way he told me, but I had to know sooner or later and I am glad he did it now and not in a week or more.''

''That is true, but i just don't like seeing you hurt.''

''I don't like being hurt either.''

''What about Andy? How is things with him?'' Why did he have to bring Andy up now.

''Fine, I mean, I haven't really spoke to him since he announced that he was in a relationship with Daisie.'' 


I don't know why, but since they got in a relationship together, I just have so much anger towards both of them. I used to be good friends with Daisie, but it is just the fact that she have been hooking up with the same guy as me, then again I haven't told her anything about Andy so how would she know? She is a very pretty and attractive woman so I totally understand Andys choice, or I don't really understand it but he chose a nice and pretty girl. To be honest they actually look quite cute together.


''Daisie is a slut.'' Joe surprises me.


A slut? No she isn't. Why would he think that?


''I've never really liked her.'' He continues.

''What do you mean by slut?'' I am chocked by his choice of words.

''I mean like, just before we left for America, she tried to hook up with me in a club.''

''You didn't do it did you?'' Just to be sure.

''No, gosh no, I'm gay Elizabeth, remember?'' He laughs and lay his arm over my shoulder.

''Yea, uhm, right.'' I am embarrassed for asking now. I'm such an idiot.


Joe and I continue our little chat a few more minutes before it is time to go to bed. I am so tired, and I may be able to sleep now that I've been awake for a few hours or so. We walk to each of our rooms and we say a last goodnight before entering our rooms...


(Sorry, for the boring chapter :))

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