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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


42. Chapter 42.

Harrys POV


I decide to leave the room without another word said. I can't handle this, the pain is too strong. I need to get out of this house, with to without my brothers. I can't handle to be in the same house as Elizabeth and especially not now when I've hurt her so much. I knew she had feelings for me and I was so coldhearted against her. I don't want her to think that we would maybe be able to have a future together because we're not and that is for sure. I had relationships before, but they didn't last. I admit that I have feelings for her, but they're not as strong as I thought they were and I have to stop now. 


When I reach the living room Edward is sat on the couch next to Marcel and Joe. Ashton or what the hell his name is, is stood in the door with his jacket and bag on. I guess he is ready to leave. 


I don't sit down as I normally would do, I just head straight for the door, I don't even look back to my brothers or anything, I just head to the door. Should I wait for them or should I just go right away? They could always just call a taxi or something. 


''Fuck!'' I yell to myself and punch the steering wheel.


I am sat in my car is Elizabeths driveway, the girl who's heart is broken and it is because of me. My shoulders feel so heavy and my heart actually feels like it is about to explode. I'm in physical right now, but maybe that is just because Edward hit me right some of the times his fist connected with my body. I look down my shirt to see if I have any sort of marks from Edward but there is no sign of blood or red marks. I'll probably be red and blue all over my body tomorrow, even though I don't feel any kind of strong pain. I feel guilty for doing what I just did, but it had to be done.


I decide to leave the house without my brothers, I don't really feel like sitting in the same car as the guy I just beat up, but to be honest, he deserved it. He was about to tell her and I already warned him about this. I have told him multiple times since it happened that I would tell her myself, just not now, but Edward can't seem to keep his fucking mouth shut. I hate that guy, I hate that guy more than anything and the fact that she told me that I remind her of my brother pisses me off. I am nothing like my brother at all and if that wasn't Elizabeth, I would, to be fair, have ripped off her head. 


The drive home is awkward, even though I am alone. Everything is so weird. I feel awkward being by myself and there is no cars on the streets at all. We're in god damn New York, why the hell is there no cars or humans here? It is empty. The only lightning there is here, is coming from the big signs on every fucking wall. Where is everyone? This is weird.


When I arrive at my house my mom is asleep on the couch with a blanket covering her body. The tv is on and there is a big bowl of popcorn standing on the table. I guess she was watching a movie or something. Should I wake her up? I should, but I don't do it. She looks fine sleeping there, so if anybody wants to wake her up, Edward or Marcel can do it. I don't want to get in trouble for waking her up. Why would I get in trouble? The first thing she will lay her eyes on if she sees me is definitely my lip. The cut is still slightly open and dripping tiny drops of blood down my shirt. Elizabeth didn't do a great job there.


I go upstairs to my room to change clothes, no, not changing, just to take it off. I feel like sleeping naked tonight but to be honest I've never really liked that fact. Of course just after having sex it's fine, but otherwise I'm not very comfortable sleeping naked, so I'll just keep my boxers on.


*Come back and get your brothers.* I look at the text Elizabeth send me.


*I don't really feel like doing it. Tell them to call a taxi or something.* I text back, laying on my back on the bed.


*They don't have any money.*


*They have legs. They can walk.* I will not pick up my brothers, no way in hell that is happening.


I plug my phone into the charger and turn around in my bed.


Elizabeths POV


''Here you go boys.'' I say and handle them some money before they enter the taxi.

''Thank you, and sorry for, you know.'' Marcel says and looks down.

''It's fine.'' I smile trying to comfort him. It obviously isn't working.

''I'm so sorry.'' He repeats.

''Marcel, it's fine, really, it is. Don't think about it.'' I open my arms to hug him.


He still smells as good as when he arrived and his hair is a bit messier now. He hugs me way to tight and I am not really sure when I will pass out because of air loss. His grip is really thigh, like really really tight. For a moment I actually wonder if he is trying to kill me or something. When he finally lets go I feel even more empty than before. My mind is blank, I get numb just by thinking of him and my body starts to shake. This feeling is horrible.


''I'll see you tomorrow okay?'' Marcel assures me before walking out of the door.

''Yep.'' I gasp as I let out the word.


I am a terrible person just to think that Harry would have the tiniest bit of feelings for me. He is exactly the same person as people described him. A slut, a player, a prick. I have so much anger towards him and my thoughts are way too overwhelming and it just makes me even more tired. I don't even notice Joe hugging me and wiping away the tears that is streaming down my face. Have I been crying the whole time they've been here? 


''What happened out there?'' Joe doesn't pull away from the hug.


Should I tell him that Harry just dumped me and told me that I was an idiot for having feelings for him? I sound like an idiot, hell I am an idiot. 


''Nothing.'' I snuffle and wipe away a few tears. I am a terrible liar.

''Please tell me Elizabeth.'' He begs and I giggle a little.


I sit down on the couch before telling Joe. I don't want him to fall or anything, because this may blow his feet away under him. 


''So basically, I have feelings for Harry.'' I start out.

''Oh really?'' He sarcastically jokes and I actually find myself laughing at his annoying joke.

''Yea, surprise.'' He chuckles and take ahold of my hand.

''When we were in the kitchen…'' I take a deep breath. ''I obviously annoyed him and after he told me he didn't like me, I accidentally said that he kept crawling into my house which really bothered him.'' I stop. Gosh this is hard.

''What then?''

''He told me that the only reason he have been seeing me is because he haven't got laid in a long time and that he was desperate after something new.'' Josephs face expression is priceless.

''Oh no he didn't.'' His expression turns into anger.

''Yes he did, but then he told me that I was an idiot for actually having feelings for him. He also told me that he didn't have feelings for me and that he probably never would.'' 

''I am gonna beat the shit out of this guy.'' He stands up and walks towards the kitchen.

''What the hell are you doing?'' He grabs his phone and dial a number.

''Hello? Yea, is it possible for me to get a taxi to…'' He walks out of the room and into another so I can't hear anymore of hi sentence. 


What the hell is he actually doing? I hope he's not going over to Harrys because then he won't come back alive. 


After a few seconds Joe returns and he grabs his jacket and open the front door.


''Where are you going?'' I stand up and run to the door.

''Just going to have a chat to a friend.'' He answers and closes the door.


I run after him outside, god it's cold. I hurry up and reach his arm just before he is about to open the car door. Hell he is not going to talk to Harry. Not today, not tomorrow, never. We need to keep some distance from that family. They're no good for us.


Don't get near them, they're nothing but trouble.


I remember some of the first words Lou spoke to me. I should've just listened to her...

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