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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


40. Chapter 40.

I hear the loud ''Hello.'' and some laughs from the living room, so I guess Ashton and Marcel has arrived.


I still can't sleep. No matter what I do or how I lay I can't manage to fall asleep. How is that even possible? I am tired as hell, and I was sure I would be able to sleep, but I was obviously wrong. I could always get up and go in to talk to the boys, but how will they react to me looking like hell? I don't have any kind of makeup on and my clothes is baggy. I already checked my phone and laptop, so the only fun thing to do right now is either lay back down and try to sleep again, or go out to the boys and have a laugh. I think I'll go with the second option. I stand up and look at myself in the mirror. I put on a tiny bit of concealer and put on some tight jeans. I still look just as terrible as before.


''Hi!'' Ashton yell-laugh-ish, I don't know, at me when I enter the room.

''Hi.'' I reply quietly with a smile on my lips.


Marcel is quick on his feet to give me a hug. It actually feels nice. He tighten his grip around me and burry his head in my neck. Well okay then. To be honest, this doesn't actually feel wrong. His lips slightly touching my skin and his glasses on the table. He is a whole different person without them and I really like that person. I like both of them, but this one is just so amazing. He lets go of me slowly after whispering ''Hi.'' into my ear. It sends a shiver down my spine.


''Weren't you suppose to sleep?'' Joe ask as I sit down next to him.

''Yea, but I couldn't fall asleep.'' I tell him.

''Well you need to get your beauty sleep.''

''I know.'' I sigh.


I look over at Marcel and Ashton sitting on the other side of the table. They are both sort of staring at Joe and I and to be honest, it kinda freaks me out. 


As they continue their homework, I am sat just beside them with my legs underneath myself. It is freezing in here. I stand up and start to walk towards the kitchen to make myself some hot chocolate, but when I enter the room I almost trip over my own feet as I see lay my on the dark person sat on one of the chairs. What the heck is he doing here? eyes


''Oh hey.'' His voice is low.

''What in the freaking hell are you doing here?'' I sound just as chocked as I am.

''Hoping to see you.'' He smiles and stands up. ''And now I got what I came for.'' He starts walking towards me.


His brown curly hair is not up in a quiff as usual, it's falling down onto his forehead instead and he literally looks hotter than ever. He is not wearing his usual black jeans and t-shirt right now, he is wearing some simple loose grey shorts and a wine red UCLA sweatshirt. He is wearing white converse on his feet instead of his usual brown boots. He looks like a whole different person, just as Marcel. To be honest, he doesn't look like a boy who is soon turning twenty, in this outfit and the way his hair is, he almost look like a seventeen year old version of him.


Just as I think he will stop right in front of me, he walks past me. His overarm slightly touching my shoulder and my arm his thrown back by his push. Well thank you.


I shake my head and take a deep breath before I start to walk again. He made me dizzy.


''You haven't made a cup for me?'' I hear a voice saying behind me and I almost drop my coco. 

''Seriously, everybody needs to stop scaring me.'' I turn away and mouth falls open. ''So the whole family is together now?'' I lift my brows.

''No.'' He smiles and I frown. ''Our mom isn't here.'' He says crossing his arms over his chest.


I huff and grab a spoon to my chocolate. I don't even wanna talk with or about Edward right now. I am quick to walk past him and out into the living room. Edward doesn't seem to be offended, he probably figured out I wouldn't talk to him.


I place my cup on the table and sit down between Joe and Harry. Well this is awkward. Joe keeps sending me these eyes to warn me, like he's telling me not to fall into their trap, but unfortunately, I think I have. Or his at least. The only trap I have fallen into his the Harry one, never in my wildest dreams would I fall into the Edward trap, nor the Marcel one. Edward is a dick and Marcel is friendzoned. I don't exactly know where I am placed in Harrys life, and I am actually kinda glad about that. That gives me another good reason to get out of this relationship-ish thing. 


''So Elizabeth.'' I haven't even noticed Edward entering the room, until he spoke. ''How is things with Liam.'' He smirks and sits down next to Ashton.

''Uhm, I don't know.'' I don't want Edward to know what happened between us.

''Are you sure? Because last time I saw you guys together he told you he would never see you again.'' He lifts his brows and my heart sinks.


Joe, Ashton and Marcel is staring at me, all frowning. How the hell did he knew? Harry is staring directly at Edward and to be honest, I don't think he have blinked for at least five minutes now. His breathing is heavy and his hands is folded together. If eyes could kill, I am sure Edward would be more than dead now. Why is this bothering Harry so much?


''How do you know?'' I ask, my voice almost coming out as a whisper. 


The first thing that comes to my mind when I ask, is who beated Liam up. My eyes goes directly to Edwards hands, but yet again, no sign of blood or swollen knuckles. Edward didn't do it either.


''Well, it was pretty hard to overhear when he was almost yelling at you.'' He lift his shoulder and my eyes goes to my hands. ''Relax, he'll be over it sooner than you think.'' He leans back and places his arms on the back of the couch.


If I heard right, Harry let out a gasp as Edward told me he would get over it. What does that mean? I am so confused. Since I've met Harry again, everything just seems to difficult and complicated. The boy I thought was my best friend, suddenly just turned his back against me and told me he would never speak to me again without a good reason, or at least a good explanation. The boy I thought I loved is now with someone else, which literally breaks my heart because I do still love him more than anything else in the whole damn world. Everything is just so hard. 


''I don't think so Edward. He sounded pretty serious.'' I say and lean my arms on my knees.

''Ha! You're so stupid.'' He laughs and Joe is quick on his feet and in front of Edward, which makes Edward stand up as well. He is much taller than Joe. If Joe thinks of fighting him, he should better back off. He will never ever be able to win in a fight between him and Edward. 

''I think it is time for you to leave.'' He say through his teeth.

''Oh, and why that? Because last time I checked, I wasn't the person who did anything wrong here.'' He looks over at Harry who is staring at the floor.


Okay, now I seriously had enough. I know Harry is hiding something, but the problem is, I don't know what. I know Edward is being the dick he is right now, but I really want to just stand up, face him and ask him what the hell he is talking about. No matter what he is hiding, it somehow bothers him and myself to be fair. Harry is playing with his feet and Marcel and Ashton looks like two lost puppies, but that is exactly what they are, so I don't judge them.


''Leave, now.'' Joe orders and Edward throw his hands in the air.

''Fine! I just thought Elizabeth should know.'' He raise his voice and points at me.


Harrys POV


I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. Why the hell did I even tell him? Fuck I regret it. I should've known he would try to ruin everything! I want to punch his head against the wall and flip it off, but I know that if I do that, Elizabeth would definitely never talk to me again. 


All I hear is Elizabeths and Edwards voices in my head. They don't actually say anything, they're just screaming at one another. I don't know why I am overreacting in my head, when in reality they're just talking like normal people. 


I am afraid to look up. What if they're all staring at me?


''Know what?'' She says and I stand up grabbing Edwards arm before he can say anything.

''I think Harry would like to tell you.'' He smirks and looks at me.


The room is silent as I look around. They are staring, fuck. 


Elizabeth doesn't speak, she just looks at me and waits for an answer. I don't know how to save this, no matter what she is gonna be mad at me and she will never ever talk to be again, that is for sure. How do I explain this without her ending off with being pissed? Is that even possible?


''I know you're probably going to be mad.'' I pause and she slowly sinks down. 


I can't see her this way, she already looks crushed and terrible and I am already feeling the knife turn around in my heart. Fuck, I am going to hurt her, I know.


''I..'' I can't find the words. I am numb. I didn't actually knew I have fell this hard. I know I have feelings for her, but I am afraid that I am in love, I just won't admit to myself because I know it is sick of me to be in love with a person I barely know.

''You can't tell her can you?'' Edward smiles at me. ''I thought so.'' He huffs and jerk his arm from my grip.

''I am confused now.'' Elizabeth says and shakes her head.

''Well, it was actually Harry who…'' I cut him off by connecting my fist with his face. 


I hear nothing. No screams, no talking, nothing. Not even a single sound from Edward as I am beating the shit out of him. I won't let him tell her.


''Harry stop!'' I hear Elizabeths voice low. ''Stop Harry! You're hurting him!'' Her voice raises. 


What am I doing? I quickly get off of him and my vision is not blurry anymore. Oh god no. His face is, ruined. What is wrong with me? I am a monster. Joe and Marcel is quick by Edwards side, Ashton is in the corner of the room and Elizabeth is stood with her arms crossed over her chest looking directly at me. I'm gonna get n trouble for this, I just beat my brother up. Shit.


Elizabeth starts taking a few steps towards me and I notice my heavy breathing. She stops right in front of me and she brings her one hand up, which makes me jump because I thought she would slap me, but instead she just smiles and bring her hand to my face slowly. Her thumb runs over my bottom lip a couple of times until she walks me to the counter. What is she doing? I touch my bottom lip and when I pull my hand away, it is covered in blood. How the hell did this happen? I don't remember him punching me. How long did we even fight?


''Here.'' She says and brings a wet piece of paper to my mouth.

''Ouch.'' I say when it connects with my bottom lip.



I watch her as she clears my lip and she looks absolutely beautiful.


''What happened?'' She asks and throws out the now red piece of paper.

''Nothing, I, I just didn't want him to… Never mind.'' She is not going to know about this.

''What is it that are bothering you?''


''It's clear on you that something is wrong. What is it?'' She jumps to sit on the table.

''Nothing I said.'' I lie...

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