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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


4. Chapter 4.

You were kinda scared to read it. He could've wrote down anything, but you checked it anyway.


''Hiiiiiii. I've been looking at you all day. You're new here, right? Well as you already know, my name is Harry, and my twin brothers name is Edward. We're known as the Styles brothers, which I find really annoying. My brother is a dick. I wanna be known as Harry Styles. Not just a twin of the Styles brothers. You are the only one that's been nice to me, and actually have talked to me as I was a normal person. Thank you for that. I really wanna know more about you.'' You found yourself smiling trough it all. ''This is the part where you asked about my friends. I don't have one, but maybe, if we could get to learn some more about each other, you could be my friend. Text me ***********'' The note ended there.


You were still smiling, you just couldn't stop. After a while you became serious. You remembered the note you got in class. There was a phone number on that as well. You stuck your hand in your pocket, got the note up and checked the number. It was identical. Harry gave you the note in class. 


''Oh, you're home. I didn't even heard you come in.'' She said with a smile. She looked like a woman who had a great day. You turned your head to your mom and smiled. ''What's that honey?'' She looked at the note and pointed. 

''Oh, that's nothing. Just a note someone gave me in class.'' No one gave you a note, you just didn't wanted your mom to think that your new school was even more crazy than the old one. 

''Well, what's on it?'' It got awkward very quick. 

''Uhm, nothing. Just a facebook name.'' You smiled and lied. A facebook name? How much more stupid could you possibly get? 


Your mom just lifted her shoulders and sat down next to you. She looked happy. Very happy actually. 


''Sooo, how was your first day love?'' You saw that one coming. You smiled and giggled a bit. You actually couldn't describe your first day. You got confused every time you thought about it.

''It was great. I actually made some new friends already. Kevin, Lou and Harry. They are really nice.'' Your mom looked even happier now. She was kinda clapping her hands really fast to express her glad feelings. She hugged you and looked you in the eyes. 

''That is so great Elizabeth! I am so happy for you. I'm gonna go out and tell dad!'' Then she disappeared out of the door.


You really wanted to call or text Harry, but if you did, what would you say to him? It's not like you've known each other for ages and can talk about everything. Harry seemed really shy, like he could only express his feelings in a note. You took your phone out and created a new message.


From you to Harry:


''Hi Harry. It's me, Elizabeth. Thanks for the cute note, I really wanna learn more about you as well. Love :)''


You did not really found the confidence to send the message, but you just closed your eyes and pressed sent. 


A couple of hours later while you were sitting at the table eating dinner you could feel your phone vibrate in your pocket. You knew you couldn't just take it up and look at it. Your mom would be so pissed. You tried to forget that you may or may not just received a message from Harry, but you couldn't. You were just so excited about everything at the moment.


''Mom, can I please go the the bathroom?''...




I am really sorry about that I haven't updated anything lately, but my mom is at the hospital and my dad is so stressed. I had to visit my mom everyday and I didn't really found the time to update, but now I'm back, trying to update my stories as much as I can. Hope you guys enjoyed it! :)




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