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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


39. Chapter 39.

I trample through the door and almost fall as I walk over the doorstep. I can't believe I just walked 9 miles, damn you Liam. I drop my bag in the floor and fall onto the couch. Oh my god, this feels good. The house is silent so I guess Joe isn't home yet. I stand up and slowly walk to the kitchen to get some food. I am so hungry. I don't really have any appetite, so I just grab an apple and eat that.


Today has been exhausting. Liam was all sweet and cute this morning and I even got a new good friend because of him, then suddenly his face is ruined and all bloody and now he is mad at me and won't talk to me. I am still in chock over him, leaving me in the school parking lot without any possibilities to get home. This is way to weird.


I finish my apple and turn on the tv, maybe that will help a little. I switch through the channels until I stop at MTV. Catfish, great. Even though it's not exactly what I need to watch right now, it is the best thing I can find. I decide to just fall asleep, I can't keep my eyes open any longer.


I wake up by someone shaking my shoulder and calling my name. My vision is blurry the first pair of seconds I have my eyes opened, but they focus quite quick again. Joe is standing beside me with a biscuit and a bottle of water in his hand. He have a smile on his face and his eyes is soft.


''Are you okay?'' He asks still holding my shoulder.


For a split second I've actually forgotten everything about Liam. I begin to wonder again what could've made him so mad, and why he was so coldhearted. Who beated him up? I feel bad for him, even though he made me walk home. I care for Liam much more than I thought I did, and that is annoying me as hell.


Joe is still stood with a worried face on and his hand on my shoulder. He is sometimes a bit over protective, but that's what you have a brother for, right?


''Yea, I'm fine. Just tired.'' I smile and sit up.


Gosh my body is ruined. I don't even have the energy to sit up. I am breathing heavily as I finally get up. I am exhausted. How long have I been sleeping.


''How long have I been sleeping?'' I ask. How would he know? He wasn't home when I fell asleep, so god knows how long I've been sleeping before he got here.

''You've been sleeping since I got home and I've been home for about two and a half hour now.'' He smiles and sits down next to me.

''What time is it now?'' I ask and run my fingers through my hair.

''Half past six.'' His shoulders relax.

''Oh.'' Wow, I've slept since three or something. 


My stomach rumbles and I put my hands on it. I must be hungry, even though I don't feel like eating at all. I feel full, completely full. I don't think I can get a single thing down, I think I might throw up if I try. I start to think about Liam again. I kinda think Harry was the one who beat him, but it couldn't be him. I looked at his hands and they didn't have the tiniest bruise nor did his face. Liams face was full of blood and if it would've been Harry who did that to him, he would at least have some messed up knuckles. No one in there didn't really look like they have been beating anyone, so maybe what Liam said about tripping on the wet floor is in fact true. It just seems impossible to get that look afterwards.


''Are you hungry?'' Joe breaks the silence.

''I don't really feel like eating to be honest, but my stomach sounds hungry.'' I smile a little.

''I made pasta. Come on.'' He flip his head back towards the kitchen and reach out for my hand.


It's nice to get something to eat, even though I thought I would puke. My stomach isn't rumbling anymore and I feel a slightly bit better. I don't feel so sad anymore and I actually laugh at some of Josephs ridiculous jokes. He doesn't comment on the way I look nor the way my voice is raspy of sleep. This is my favorite thing about Joe, he doesn't remind me of my flaws all the time. I don't remember the last time he said a bad thing to me to actually hurt me. He've told me a couple of times that I look like shit, but he's only joking when he tells me that.


''You feel better now?'' His lips turn into a little smile and he lay his hand over mine.

''Yea, thank you.'' I smile and bring my napkin to my mouth.

''I know this probably isn't the best time to ask this, but is it okay if Marcel and Ashton comes over tonight? Just to study of course.'' 

''The guy who drove with us home the other day?'' I know it's that guy, I just want to be sure.


''Yea, he seems like a polite guy.'' I honestly say.

''He definitely is.''

''I'll do the dishes, then you can prepare for your homework.'' I stand up.

''No, I'll do the dishes. You go straight to bed.'' He orders and point in the direction of my room.

''Are you sure? I can help.'' I smile.

''Nope, you go to bed and I'll do the dishes. End of discussion.'' He giggles and I sigh, but do as he says.


The first thing I do when I enter my room, is look at myself in the mirror. I look like freaking shit and it is clear in my eyes that I've been crying. My makeup is ruined and my clothes is way to messy on me. I take off my clothes and change into my pajamas, I afterwards remove my makeup and pull my hair into a messy bun.


I fall onto the bed and I swear, I have never in my life felt this good. I close my eyes in an attempt to sleep, but I can't. I am literally about to die of tiredness, but I somehow can't sleep. Am I still hungry? Or am I thinking way too much about Liam? Or is it Harry? I have no idea what to think of. Maybe my phone will help a little. I pull out my phone from my bag and I literally get blinded for a couple of seconds. That light was really sharp. I check through Facebook, twitter and any other social media when suddenly my phone buzz. Harry. 


*Do you know what happened to Liam?* Okay, it was definitely not Harry who did it. That's for sure now.


*No, he is really mad at me and I don't know why :(* Is it stupid of me to tell Harry about this?


*Mad? At you? I can't imagine him being mad at you.*


*Me neither, but he said he would never talk to me ever again.*


*Sick. You alright?* Why does he even worry about me.


*Yea, well, I haven't known him for that long, but still, he was the best friend I've made so far.* I text back honestly...



I am so sorry for the short chapters lately, I just don't really have the time tbh. Anyway, I need a co-writer for a chapter or two because I am traveling to Turkey in a week on vacation, and I won't be able to update :( Hopefully they have internet down there. so you'll maybe be able to get a short chapter from me. But if you want to write a chapter or two on this story, then comment down below and if you want to show me your writing skills, then mail me a short one shot you've wrote :)


mail: laur6543@hotmail.com


Love you guys :) x

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