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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


38. Chapter 38.

(Short, I know, sorry. :))


''No.'' I say, sounding a lot more harsh than I wanted to.

''What do you mean by no?''

''By no, I mean that I don't want to be your partner.'' I say and mean it.


Harrys eyes widen and Liam lift his head up. No, fuck no, this can't be true. His face is bruised and his lips and eyes are swollen. What the hell happened? His lower lip is split as well as his left eyebrow. He has a little piece of paper up his nose and it is all blood red. Have he been in a fight? He must have, this doesn't just happen, but who have he been fighting? As soon as Liam notice me staring he looks down again and my eyes goes from his face to his hands. They are swollen and blue. This is serious.


''Oh my god Liam, what happened to you?'' I run over to him and cup my hand around his face to make him look up.

''Nothing.'' He tries to smile, but miserably fails because of the pain.

''Don't lie to me.'' His eyes is sparkling.

''Nothing, really El, I just fell on the wet floor and slammed my head into the wall.'' The surprising thing about this is that he doesn't seem to lie.


I look over at Harry who are standing with his arms crossed over his chest and biting his lips. Did he do this to him? No, his face doesn't look messed up nor his hands, so it can't be him. Why would Harry even beat him up? I can't imagine Harry do that. I look around the room to find any people who look suspicious, but there is non. I sound like some sort of detective, this is ridiculous, why would Liam lie to me? He probably just fell as he told me and took off the fall with his hands or something.


''Do you wanna be my partner?'' I ask, not wanting to look at Harrys face.


Liam doesn't reply right away, he starts of by looking up at Harry instead and gives him a little smile before nodding at me. Harry looks so pissed off right now and I understand him, but I won't let him win me this easy. Liam looks horrible right now and I really want to do everything to make him feel better, and if that is being his partner, I will be that. 


Liam and I leave Harry standing by himself and I can't help but feel quilt. I left Harry for Liam, even though the one I have feelings for is Harry.


Jim is stood behind the curly haired girl with his hands on her hips and her feet is stood in this really weird ballet position. Her hands looks like she's holding a ball and her head is tilt up.


''Okay guys, so this is how the first position looks like.'' He says and all the girls stand the exact way as the curly haired girl. ''I have Danielle here to show you how it's done.'' He smiles. 

''Yes.'' She smiles. ''I am Danielle.'' She giggles. Is she british?

''Okay boys, stand as I do and we'll continue from there.'' He says and place his hands on Danielles hips again.


Liam awkwardly places his hands on my hips and takes a deep breath. I know he is nervous to do the wrong thing, but he shouldn't be. I take ahold of his wrists and pull him closer to my back and he gasps before I place my hands in the weird ball position again. I feel a lot more comfortable this way.


''Now girls, you have to do a little jump and the boys will lift you a little higher in your jump.'' He smiles and I look back at Liam.

''Okay and one, two, three, jump.'' I just just as he says jump and Liam lifts at the same time.


I literally feel like I am flying on my way to heaven. He is much stronger than I expected him to be, I expected him to drop me to the floor at the moment I jumped, but he lifts me up like I am a feather and slowly puts me down again.


''Good job guys, now we're doing that three times in a row. One, two, three, jump.'' He says and I jump just as easy again.

''Wow Liam, you are really strong.'' I say and turn around to face him.

''You're not very heavy babe.'' I freeze by the word babe. ''I'm, I'm sorry, I wasn't suppose to use that word.'' He mumbles.

''No, it's okay. I kinda liked it.'' I honestly say and his eyes widen.


''Yea.'' I smile.

''Okay guys, now we're gonna move on and switch partners.'' Wait what? ''Your new partner is the person on your left.'' He can't be serious.


I look to my left and a stranger is stood there. Great. I don't know what I should be most worried about, a strangers hands on my hips or the fact that this guy looks like he is at his last year and an actual ballet dancer. A really good looking ballet dancer though. Maybe a handshake would be good to start off with?


''I'm Sawyer.'' He smiles and shakes my hand.

''Elizabeth.'' I smile and he raise his right brow.

''Oh, yea, the Styles girl.'' The Styles girl?

''What do you mean?''

''You're the girl Harry and Edward is all upset about, aren't you?'' His smile pales and both of his brows are raised.

''Uhm, I don't know.'' I honestly have no clue about what the hell he is talking about.

''Can we agree that you're the girl dating Liam?'' Again, what?

''We're just friends.''

''Okay, can you agree with me then that you're Liams good friend who is is really in to?''

''I don't know if he is in to me.'' 

''He is, anyway, and you're the girl Harry pulled away from Liam in the hallway right?'' How does he know all of this? Was he there?

''Yea, that is me.'' I frown at his weird questions.

''Alright then, you're the Styles girl.'' He smiles.

''Still don't get it.'' I shake my head.

''You don't have to get it.'' 


He stands behind me and places his hands on my hips as we continue to do that same jump over and over again. 


After class, Liam is quick to the mens dressing room, without even giving me a smile or anything. I go to the women dressing room where I meet Amanda and a few of the other girls. Luckily, the idiots from before is already gone, so I can change in peace. Amanda tells me about how awkward it was when she was doing the jump thing. She felt so ridiculous, but she probably wasn't. She is just overreacting.


''And do you wanna hear the most awkward thing of it all?'' She laughs as we walk out of dressing room.

''Tell me.'' I say as we walk down the hall.

''I did it with Harry Styles.'' She burst out laughing and for a minute the whole damn world stops, I swear.


I bump into some random boy walking past me in the hall and I drop all of my things. He helps me gather them together and he apologizes and starts walking away again, hand in hand with his girlfriend. I am frozen. She did it with Harry. For a moment, I want to punch her and beat the fucking shit out of her, but that is just the jealousy taking over. It's not Amandas fault that she ended up doing it with Harry. 


''Elizabeth?'' She waves her hand in front of my face.


''Are you okay?'' She says, worry clear in her voice.

''Yea, uhm.'' I say pulling my hair behind my ear. ''I just, I just thought of something.'' 

''Is something wrong?'' She asks as we begin to walk down the hall again.

''Yea, I mean, no, just, it's just something back from England.'' I smile.

''Is it something about Harry?'' Fuck.

''No, I didn't knew Harry back then.'' I lie. I don't want her to know.

''Well okay then.'' She smiles and we walk out of the building. ''Are you meeting Liam out here?''

''Yea, I think so.''

''You think so?''


''Haven't he spoke to you about where you're gonna meet?''

''Uhm, no, not really. I can always call him.'' I wave my phone in front of her face.

''You're right. Do you want me to wait here with you?''

''Yea, I mean, if you want to?'' I smile.

''I would love to.''


After waiting for what seems like hours, Liam finally appears out of the building, his face covered in blood, again. I run over to him, but he push me away and walk straight to his car. Who pissed on his breakfast? I say a quick goodbye to Amanda and follow Liam to his car. He won't talk to me, what the fuck is wrong with him? I reach out to open the door, but Liam locks it.


''What is wrong with you?'' I yell through the closed door.


He rolls the window down and turns his head to face me, his eyes clear with water. Is he about to cry? He looks horrible. His face covered with bruises and blood and his fist doesn't look better either.


''You can't drive with me anymore.'' He bites his lip.

''Why?'' I say feeling the tears in my eyes.

''You just can't okay.'' He almost yells and the tears start to stream.

''What is wrong and who did this to you?'' I cry. ''Why are you so upset with me and why do this hurt you?'' I yell.

''Don't fucking talk to me. Go fucking home, I don't wanna speak to you ever again.'' He says and rolls the window up, leaving me crying outside his car. He pull out of the parking lot and I am left here, without any chances to get home...

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