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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


36. Chapter 36.

She hasn't changed a bit. She doesn't even look older. Same black hair, same makeup, same everything. Maybe that is why the brothers is sitting together? Did they knew that she was the one that was going to walk through that door?


As she lay down her back on the desk, she drops something onto the floor, and when she leans down to pick it up, a lot of the guys in the room is whistling at her. This must be so awkward for Harry and Edward. I notice Harry and Edward, slowly sliding down in their seats and I literally want to burst out laughing. She is good looking by her age, but she isn't that good looking. She doesn't look old enough to have triplets that is now almost twenty years old.


''Okay guys. As you can see, mr. Deyes is unfortunately not here today, so I am here to teach you instead.'' The boys sink lower down in there seats.


The class is in silence as she explains why mr. Deyes isn't here today. She tell us that he as recently as yesterday, was in a car accident and is now at the hospital. Nothing extremely bad happened besides he broke his leg, his arm, one of his ribs and he got a gash in his skull plus a bad concussion. She tells us that he won't be able to work for a while, and that she will be taking over the classes he used to teach in. Wow, that sounds horrible. Even though she says that it isn't that bad, it surely does sound really bad. Should I visit him? No, that would be weird.


''Oh, and I am ms. Styles, but you can call me Anne.'' She says with her thick british accent and writes her name down on the white board and I hear the whole freaking class gasp. 


A boy in the corner raise his hand and coughs, making Harry and Edward turn around in there seats. 


''Uhm, your last name is Styles?'' I see the boy, scornfully smile at Harry and Edward.

''Yes it is.'' She smiles and gather some paper together.

''So, you're the Styles' mom?'' Another boy says.


I can see the boys growing mad at these annoying boys. I would too. Wait, they haven't told them, that their mom is a teacher here? I didn't knew either, but I am new here, so it doesn't counts. 


The few girls that is sitting right behind the twins is numb. There eyes is wide and if it wouldn't be for the table in front of them, their jaws would be at the floor right now. Everyones reaction to this is the same. Eyes wide and mouth open. Even Liam is numb and frozen. This comes as a chock for everybody, except me obviously.


''Yes. I am the lovely twins mother.'' She smiles and opens a book.


Everybodies eyes is switched from Anne to the twins that are now almost laying down in their seats. I notice some of the boys whispering and pointing at them. They got to be kidding me. They act like they're back in sixth grade, and that is not ok.


I am one of the oldest in this class, if not the oldest, so I need to act like the oldest as well. I notice Liam writing something down on a small piece of paper, and he gives it to me.


''Wow, you've seen that coming?'' It says. I don't know how to answer this. Should I be honest and say yes, or should I be a liar and tell him no? I know Harry to good, to know that he will be pissed at me if I reveal any more of this. He would be mad at me and hate me forever if I tell him that Harry and I went to the same high school and his mom reached us there as well. I need to lie so I mouth no to him, hoping that he will believe me. Luckily, he does and lifts his shoulder and looks back to the twins that are now gathering their things together. What the hell are they doing?


''Where do you think you guys are going?'' Anne asks them as they're on their feet and about to leave the room.

''Leave, what the hell does it look like?'' Edward snaps back.

''No you aren't. You guys, get your asses back to your chairs.'' She orders and the whole damn class is numb.

''You can't decide what we do.'' Edward replies.

''I can in fact. You're in school and I am your teacher today.'' She says and Edward and Harry look at each other and sighs.

''Get back to your seats boys.'' She calmly says and they go back to their seats and sits down.


They doesn't look up during the whole class. They must be extremely embarrassed. I understand them.


After class the boys are quick on their feats and out of the door. Liam follows me out as usual and we sit down outside the class on a bench. There is a really awkward silence between us, which I really don't like. People is running around in every direction, no one stops to look at us luckily, but Liam is just sat next to me, first looking to his right, then his left and then back to his right. His hands is in his pockets and he is either shaking or very cold. I'm gonna go with the first, because it is about 30 degrees or something in here. It is like really hot.


''How long is it until dancing class?'' I ask him.

''Uhm.'' He says, trying to find his phone in his pocket.

''Liam?'' I ask him, making him look up quick.

''You have a watch on your wrist.'' I remind him and lift my brows. He giggles nervously and check is watch.

''There's about 15 minutes 'till it starts.'' He awkwardly smile and starts looking right and left through the hall again.


What is wrong with him? Why is he so nervous? What is he nervous about? He confuse me. 


The hallway is nearly empty now, and I stand up with Liam, starting to walk to class. We have about 10 minutes until we have to be there, dressed. I say a quick goodbye to Liam before we disappear into our dressing rooms. When I get in, the only thing I see is a lot of girls laughing, but that is just until their eyes catch me and they stop. This is awkward. I walk to the bench looking at the ground, but I can feel their eyes straight on me. As I begin to undress, the girls start to laugh at me. I really want to just turn around and slap every single one of them. I am not as skinny as them, no, but I am happy for my body.


''What are we laughing at?'' I recognize the voice. ''Elizabeth?'' Worry clear in her voice.

''Yea.'' I sigh.


Amanda is numb. I can see that she is clearly disappointed in her classmates. I understand her one hundred procent. 


''Stop laughing.'' She orders, but they ignore her.


She walks over to the one who seems to be the leader and grab ahold of her shirt. She fist her hand in her shirt, and pull her up to stand her feet. She looks terrified. The leader looks like the typical popular girl. Blond hair, pink nail polish, pink top, extremely short pink shorts, pink trainers and a pink headband. Everything is pink. Ugh.


''You laugh at her one more time and I'll break your little perfect nose.'' She warns and let go of her.

''Look at her.'' She smirks.

''I look at her and she is beautiful.'' I smile by her choice of words.

''Beautiful? She looks like a slut.'' She turns around and laugh at her friends, but that is just until Amandas palm connects with her cheek.

''If anybody here is a slut, it's you.'' She smiles and I can see the blond girl getting mad.

''You didn't just slap me.''

''Yes I did, and I would gladly do it again.'' The girls gasp.

''You know that I can make your life terrible within seconds right?'' She warns.

''And you know that I can easily reveal your little secret ti the whole school.''

''You wouldn't do that.'' What secret?

''Oh yes I would. Now go out there and pretend nothing happened in here, and try to act like you actually like Elizabeth.'' I am numb.


The blondies huffs at the same time and walk out into the gym.


Wow, I didn't see that coming. She seemed so sweet and innocent earlier, and now she's like this big and dangerous tiger. She was actually defending me, even though I only met her this morning. I like her. She is dressed in black yoga pants and a tight navy top, with a blue oversized shirt over her top. She is wearing a pair of black socks and her hair is tied up in a bun. She is one of those girls who look beautiful no matter fucking what. I look like shit compared to her. I am wearing a pair of grey loose shorts and a black oversized t-shirt with cut off sleeves. On my feet I am wearing a pair of black running shoes. I look awful.


''You okay?'' She pats my shoulder and I jump.

''Oh, yea, I'm used to it.'' I smile.

''Used to it?''

''Yea, this is normal for me, you know, people staring and laughing.'' 

''You shouldn't be. It's not okay.'' She is serious.

''I know.'' My smile falls and I look at the ground.

''You're sure you're okay?'' She says and tilt my head up.

''I'm fine. Thanks.'' I put on a fake smile and she grabs my hand and pulls me into the gym.


There is a lot of boys, and even more girls. They're separated in groups. A couple of girls and boys in one corner is dancing ballet, another group doing street dancing, another group is just talking and another group is doing modern. One girl stands out in the ballet group. She is amazing, how is it even possible to be balancing like that? She is beautiful! She looks like a freaking princess. She has big curly hair and she is wearing a tight black gymnastics suit with a baby pink cardigan over it. She is also wearing ballet shoes. She is so flexible and it hurts to just look at it. There is a few boys in that group of people and they're all almost black. I'm not a racist, just to throw that out there, I think it is amazing to see this. In the street dancing group is a lot of boys and a few girls. And now I am asking myself this question again, how is it even possible to do those things? They're rolling around on the floor and twisting their feet and hands together. It looks amazing. In the modern dancing group, they're doing modern dancing. That group actually looks really shitty to be honest. In the talking group is of course Harry and Edward. I notice Zayn and Joe as well. Liam is no where to be found which actually worries me a bit.


Harry nor Edward is looking at me as I walk towards their group. I poke Josephs shoulder and he quickly turns around and hug me tight. Well, nice to see him too. I shake hands to all of the people in the group, just to let them know who I am. There's a Charlie, a Kristen, a Tom, a Joel, an Eleanor, a Claus, a Mathilde, an Emily, an André, an Howard and a Jules. Then there is Joe, Amanda, Zayn, Harry and Edward as well, but I avoid shaking their hands. When Edward notice I don't shake Harrys or his hand, he quickly smirks at his brother and pull me into a hug. Okay then.


''Good to see you El.'' He smiles into my neck and hug my tight.

''You, too.'' I mumble and he pulls away, leaving his arm on my shoulder.


Harrys face is red, too red. It almost looks like he is on fire. His hands are fisted, and his teeth is bitten together. Is he mad or jealous? I slowly grab the tips of Edwards fingers and for a moment, I swear, Harry was about to punch both of us in the face, but when he realizes what I am doing, his shoulder fall and a deep breath leave his mouth. Edward seems chocked as I remove his arm from my shoulder, but I don't care. That guy is a prick and I don't like pricks. He once again tries to lay his arm around my shoulder, but when I try to remove it, he tighten his grip and his mouth is beside my ear.


''You can't handle me, can you?'' He whispers, almost sounding like a freaking vampire.


Instead of answering I nod, unnoticeable and he giggles into my ear. This fucking freaks me out.


''I thought so.'' He says and I turn around to whisper into his ear.

''I can, I just don't want to.'' I honestly say.

''You can't, admit it.'' He says looking around the room, acting like we're not having this conversation.

''I admit that I can.''

''Oh, would you shut up? You're just a little english schoolgirl, every mothers dream, you're trying your best to be perfect, but you know what? You aren't. I would much more be likely to fuck every other girl in this room besides you. You're just a little…'' I cut him off.

''Bitch?'' His brows lifts and he leans into my ear once again.

''Exactly.'' He bites my earlobe and I feel a shiver down my spine.


It doesn't seem like anyone just noticed what happened between Edward and I, and that makes me a lot more comfortable, being in this class. I don't even notice that Edwards has removed his arm form me, before Amanda hugs me from behind and drag me to the back of the room. 


''I want to be in the front.'' I pout.

''Oh trust me, you won't.'' She says and places her hands on my shoulders. ''I don't want you to make a fool out of yourself on your first dancing class.'' She smiles. Well thank you for the pep talk. ''I just want you to fit in and be relaxed as every other girl in this room.'' She smiles and relaxes her shoulders.

''Uhm, thank you.'' I lift my brows and she lets go of my shoulders and turn around to face the front of the class.


I haven't even noticed our teachers appearance, but I can say one thing about him. He is...



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