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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


35. Chapter 35.

I wake up half an hour before my alarm goes off, by Harrys loud snoring. My body is soaked in sweat and my clothes is all sticky and disgusting. Harrys arms is still wrapped around me, not as tight as it was when I fell asleep, but still quite tight. I need to get out of his grip, but I don't wanna wake him.

I try my best to remove his arms without waking him, and to my surprise, he doesn't say anything. His arms wrap around the duvet that was over us, and he hug it tight. He pouts, in his sleep I think. I quickly run to the bathroom and get out of my clothes. I take a shower and blow dry my hair. Harry is still sprawled out across the bed when I get back into the room, still sleeping. I find my makeup and apply minimals of it. I finish off by putting on some baby pink lipstick and check myself in the mirror for any fails.


''Go back to sleep. You're noisy.'' He growls in his sleepy voice.


Instead of answering, I giggle and grab some clothes and go to the bathroom to change. Today, I am wearing my black knee socks, an oversized denim dress with rolled up sleeves, my bowler hat and my black docs. As soon as I am changed, I walk back into the bedroom, only to find Harry still sprawled out on the bed. It is 6:15am. Isn't he going to get up? I am leaving in a quarter and I have a damn boy sleeping in my bed at six in the morning. 


I pack my bag with a few schoolbooks, and my dancing clothes. I have no idea what kind of dancing we will be doing. Modern? Ballet? I have no idea. I pack a bit of different things, just in case, and I am basically ready for school now.


Should I wake up Harry? He needs to go to school, doesn't he? I don't know if it would be rude of me to wake him, but on the other side, it would be rude of me to not, because then he won't wake up in time for school. 


Joe knocks slightly on my door and whisper through the door that the taxi will be here in about five minutes. Maybe I should wake Harry. That would be the best to do. 


I walk to the bed and place my hand on his shoulder, slowly shaking it, in an attempt to wake him up. He doesn't even move. Is he dead? I shake his shoulder once again and he growls and turn to his side, hugging the duvet. A smile appears on my lips and I turn my head a little to the side. 


''Harry. I am leaving in five.'' I smile and shake his shoulder again.

''Mmhh.'' He growls. ''I'll get up now.'' He whispers and sit up in the bed.

''Good.'' I smile and throw my bag over my shoulder.

''How long have you been awake?'' His feet hanging from the bed.

''About one and a half hour or so.'' I say looking through some paper on my desk.

''I don't get why you wake up that early.'' He rubs his eyes.

''It is just something I do. I can't sleep any longer.'' I put on a fake smile.

''What time is it?'' His voice sounds sick. All raspy and sleepy.

''About six thirty or something.''

''Are you already leaving?''

''Yes. I told you less than two minutes ago that I would be leaving in five.'' He probably wasn't paying attention before.

''You have three minutes left.'' He smirks.

''No, I'm good.''

''Ugh.'' He rolls his eyes.

''Suit yourself. You have to be out before school.'' I say and walk out of the door.


I meet Joe as I walk down the hall and he have a big smile plastered on his face. I suddenly remember his date last night. I wonder how that went? Maybe good. It must've been good since his mood is all happy. We doesn't speak until we reach the taxi. Why aren't he telling me anything?


''How was it last night?'' I finally break the silence.

''Great. Fantastic. Perfect.'' He throw his hands in the air.

''Tell me about it.'' I lean on my left arm.

''Okay, so he was really cute, and he has a really good sense of humor, and he is really attractive as well, so that is just a big bonus.'' He sounds so happy.

''He sounds like a very smart young lad.''

''He is! I also found out that he plays the guitar too!'' His face lightens. ''I'm sorry if this seems weird to you…'' 

''No, not at all. I enjoy it actually.'' I cut him off.

''You do?''

''I do.'' 

''Well, then you have a good reason to look forward to me, telling you about everything tonight.'' He smiles.

''I have.'' I smile back.


When we arrive at iHop, Liam is there as usual. Today he is wearing black pants, a grey shirt, a snapback and brown boots. His sleeves are rolled up and I notice four arrows on his right underarm. He have tattoos too? Okay, so what I've found out about America so far, is that every boy has a quiff and have at least one tattoo. That is for sure. Joe and I find out usual table and wait for a waiter to arrive. I see Liam starts walking towards us, but just before he reaches our table, a young girl around my age steps in front of him, ready to take our order.


''Amanda, I can take this table.'' I hear Liam say.

''Nope, this is mine.'' She giggles and push him a little bit with her elbow. 


She seems to nice. She has long brown curly hair, like, really long brown curly hair. The front of her hair is tied back into an elastic and it makes her face lighten up a lot. Her smile is really special, but in a good way. She is one of those girls who just immediately lighten up your mood, just by smiling. She is wearing a black crop top, black leggings, a dark grey hoodie without sleeves and some black and white nike free. She doesn't look goth or dark at all, she looks cute, even though she is only wearing dark colors.


''Can I take your order?'' She smiles, shifting from looking at me to Joe.

''Yea, uhm, just two plates of pancakes with chocolate and two glasses of water.'' Joe answers for us.

''Anything else?'' She smiles.

''No thanks.'' I smile and she walks away.


She is so nice. She seems different from the rest of the girls I've met so far. Her face isn't covered in four layers of makeup, she was only using minimals of makeup, just like me. I think I would grow great friends with this girl. So would Joe to be honest. I haven't seen her the other days here. She must be new, maybe that is why she wanted to take our order so bad.


When she arrives with our food, she smiles at both of us before leaving again, with her long brown hair, waving back and forth. She is stunning.


By the time we are finished eating, Liam is leaning against the desk in the corner of the room with his bag between his feet. He looks amazing. I just wish I felt the same way about Liam as I do with Harry. What? No. I didn't just thought that. Harry is just a friend, thing. Liam is my, friend. As well. None of them is something special to me. Liam is. Liam is caring, fun, and friendly. Harry is violent, overprotective and annoying. I haven't kissed Liam, yet, but one good thing I can say about Harry, is the fact that he kisses like an angel. I don't know how angels kiss, but I imagine it being like that.


Joe and I stand up and pay for the delicious meal we just got served and Liam greets both of us with a smile.


''Hello beautiful.'' He say, almost whispering, while hugging me. 


Walking out of the building, his arm is around my shoulders. We're walking in front of Joe, and I am too busy smelling Liams cologne, that I don't even notice Amanda following us out. Her car is probably parked next to Liams or something, but that is just until she stands on the other side of the car, waiting for Liam to unlock it. What the heck?


''Amanda is driving with us today, I hope that is okay.'' He smiles

''That is fine.'' I bite my lip and get into the car.

''Amanda is a nice girl though. You seem real.'' Joe says, almost flirting.

''I am in fact.'' She winks.


Liam pulls out of the parking lot, and before I know it, Joe and Amanda are best friends. They just keep talking and talking and talking. He haven't told her he is gay yet. Will he tell her? For a second I am actually afraid he won't tell her. It's an important fact about him that she needs to know. 


Amanda seems reasonable. As Joe said, real. I really want to know her better. Maybe Joe can invite her over to do some homework? Which year is she in? Questions fills my head, and I swear, if I don't let one of them out soon, my head will explode. I need to know stuff. I'm not good at patience. Things need to go fast, gladly faster than fast. I need to know things, I can't just sit back and wait for people to tell me themselves. Sometimes, yes, I can have patience, but that is far from often. 


''Which year are you in Amanda?'' I look at her through the mirror.

''Oh, I am in my last year.'' Wow, is she that old?

''Wow, no offense, but I can't imagine you being that old. Understand me right.'' I smile and she laughs.

''It's okay, really. I hear that a lot. I am not that tall of my age to be, so it's cool.'' She smiles and I breath out a breath I didn't even knew I was holding in.

''Can I ask then, how old are you?''

''I'm twenty-three.'' She smiles.

''Wow.'' Joe and I says at the exact same time.


I can't believe she is twenty-three. I just turned twenty a few weeks ago. She must be turning twenty-four this school year, it is really just, wow. I thought she was about nineteen, just like Joe. It makes more sense now that she's acting so mature.


My mind somehow goes back to Harry. Is he still at our house? I hope not. I hope he left for school and I really don't hope that he is there when I get home. Doesn't he have his own home and family? I know he lives with his brothers and his mom, I just wonder where that is?


''Which line are you on?'' Joe ask her.

''Dancing.'' I can feel my lips turning into a smile.

''Seriously. So are we.'' I smile and turn around in my seat.

''I knew Liam was, but I didn't knew you guys were! That is so cool!'' She smiles.

''But, uhm, Amanda?'' I ask her looking at the car floor.


''Do you know what we are going to be doing today?'' I smile at the ground.

''Uhm, we usually just learn an easy dance routine, the first couple of times. Otherwise, we're just showing off our dancing skills.'' She says and throws a hand sign.

''Oh, okay. Thank you.'' I smile and turn around to face the road again.


We finally pull into the schools parking lot, Joe walks off to his class, Amanda walks off to hers and Liam and I follows down to ours. 


I am surprised to see Harrys face when I walk through the door. I am not that happy with his face expression when he sees me with Liam. He doesn't look mad or sad, he mostly look annoyed. 


He is not sat next to one of the girls today, he is sat next to his brother which surprises me a lot, since I thought they hated each other. Maybe they do, they just don't want people to know because they're the 'popular boys'. If one of them leaves the group, it may just split totally. The teacher is five minutes late now, what is going on.


We've sat here waiting about a quarter for the teacher to show up, but he doesn't. Where is he? I don't want to miss classes, so I would be very happy if I saw Mr. Deyes walk through that door right now. 


''Do you think he is coming?'' I ask Liam.

''I don't know. It doesn't look like him to be late.'' He lifts his shoulders.

''Oh there he…'' I say, and point at the woman that is now standing behind the desk.


My mouth drops and my eyes widen. Are we really back to this?

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