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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


34. Chapter 34.

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Harry: ''Are you sure you want to do this?'' He asks, while rubbing his hand the outside of my panties.

You: ''Yes.'' I lie. I am definitely not ready, but this has to be done.


He look down, his hands slowly tugging at my panties. I am shaking, I know I am. My breath is uncontrollable and I am in panic. His hands moves down and soon, my panties is all off. He looks up at me and his smile falls a little when he sees the way I am reacting. I don't want him to think that I am not enjoying this, because I am. It feels great, no, more than great, fantastic, but I am just not ready for this. It would be so awkward to back out now, just imagine how he would react if I told him I was a virgin. He looks down again and tug them all off. Shit. His hands is laid on my stomach, but he isn't moving them down. What is he doing? His hands is just moving around on my stomach. I move my hands to his pants and I start unbuttoning his belt, but he stops me. Why is he stopping me? I thought this was what he wanted? 


Harry: ''I know you don't want to.'' He half smiles.

You: ''What?'' I am confused.

Harry: ''I know you don't feel comfortable. I can feel it on you.'' He honestly say.

You: ''How could you, I mean, how could you feel that?''

Harry: ''Elizabeth, you are shaking.'' He giggles.


True. I am shaking. I am not comfortable, and I don't want to. It is pretty obvious. Just the way he actually stops himself, because he knows that I don't want to, it is a big step in this relationship, thing.


You: ''I am so sorry Harry.'' I say not making eye contact with him.

Harry: ''No, it's fine. I don't want to push you.'' He smiles and crawls off of me, picking up my panties and giving them to me.


I get them on and pull my shorts on as well. His eyes are locked me as I dress myself, but he is not staring, he is just looking. I am not used to that. I am used to Andy always staring at me, when I got dressed in the morning. I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss Andy. I know he was double playing, but I can't help but miss him. We finished it, he have the right to do that then, but it just seems weird to think that the one you have fallen in love with, have fallen in love with someone else. I just need to think positive. Andy is happy with Daise, I guess, so I should be happy as well. Either if I am with Harry or not. Or Liam, he is quite cute, and attractive. I would jump on him. I don't actually get why all the girls are on Harry and Edward, why not Liam? He is just as attractive as them to be fair.

When I am finished getting dressed, I lay on the bed next to Harry. He immediately lay is arm over my waist and pull me close. This feels nice. His nose against the back of my neck, and his soft lips giving the top of my spine small kisses.


Harry: ''Elizabeth?'' He tighten is grip around me.

You: ''Yea?''

Harry: ''You know, it is sort of, late, and I was wondering if, I mean...'' I cut him off.

You: ''Do you want to sleep here over night?'' I ask with a smirk on my face.

Harry: ''Yes.'' He smiles at the ground.


I knew he was going to ask that. 


You: ''But you know I am waking up early.'' He rolls his eyes.

Harry: ''Can't you just for once wake up at like, seven or something?'' He ask annoyed.

You: ''No, Joe and I need to go to iHop as usual.'' I smile and turn around to face him.

Harry: ''I can drive you there.''

You: ''No.'' I smile.

Harry: ''Yes.'' He insist.

You: ''It is kind of you, but it is fine for us to take a taxi.'' I smile.

Harry: ''It is fine for me to drive you.'' Oh god, he just won't stop.

You: ''No Harry.'' He pouts. After a few minutes of silence, he finally speaks.

Harry: ''Get your pajamas.'' He says and stand up. ''Can I use the bathroom?'' I nod and he disappear out of the door.


I let out a small sigh, before getting up to find my pajamas. I don't actually have a pajamas. I usually sleep in a t-shirt and my panties, but I don't really know about that right now. I did it that one time Harry came to my house in the middle of the night, pissed at his brother, but back then, he wasn't such a pervert. Should I just sleep like that again? No. No more teasing him, I'll go with shorts. I grab one of my old oversized t-shirts and pull it over my head, followed by a old pair of loose shorts. I take off my bra after pulling the shirt over my head. I remove my makeup and lay back down onto the bed. I am exhausted.


Just as I feel the most comfortable, Harry appears from the door, in only boxers and socks. He carries his clothes in his one hand and the other is hanging loose by his side. I literally have to force myself to look away. Why does he have to be so god damn attractive? He let his clothes fall from his hand to the floor. Rude? 


You: ''Pick them up.'' I sit up.

Harry: ''You can't handle a little mess?'' He starts.

You: ''No, I can't. Pick it up.'' I snap.


He picks them up and throw them right at me, his shirt covering my face. I hear him laugh and I remove his clothes and stand up. I walk over to him without blinking and stand in front of him.


You: ''Fold them and place them on the desk.'' I say as I lay the messy clothes in his hands.


He pouts and I walk back to the bed, trying to get as comfortable as I were before. Minutes later, Harry joins me in the bed. I am laid with my back against him, at least 30 centimeters away from him. I turn around to find him staring at the ceiling. He is definitely thinking of something. As I keep staring at him, he frowns and sighs a lot. What is wrong?


You: ''Are you okay?'' I finally ask.

Harry: ''Yea. I guess so.'' He half smiles.

You: ''What do you mean with I guess so?'' 

Harry: ''It's nothing you have to think about.'' He turn his head to face me and smile.

You: ''I want to help.'' I say and mean it.

Harry: ''I don't want you to help.'' Ouch?

You: ''Please.'' I beg.

Harry: ''No, I have enough problems to deal with at the moment, I don't want you to be one of them.'' Is he serious? ''I am serious.'' He answer my thoughts.

You: ''I want you to know I am always here to help.'' I smile and take ahold of his hand.

Harry: ''Thank you.'' He smiles and press my hand a liftle.


This is nice. I feel so safe with him, it is weird. Not even with Andy, I have ever felt this safe. Did I really just say that to myself? Things are so weird with Harry, everything about our relationship to each other is really special, in a weird way, but that is what I love about it. I can be awkward with him, I couldn't with Andy. A lot of things Andy and I did was really awkward, even just going for lunch would be awkward, but it isn't with Harry. Well, it haven't been a week since I came here, but on that short time, I do really feel like I can be myself with him.


Harry and I are both staring at the ceiling, my fingers between his. I wonder what he is thinking about?


Harrys POV


I wonder what she is thinking about? How does she feel about this? Us, holding hands. I am usually not the typical cuddler or anything, and I am most likely to just push the ones I love away, but this time feels strange, in a good way though. This time, I won't push her away. I need to promise myself that. I need to promise myself that I will do anything for this girl. It seems crazy, but hell, I am crazy. I don't care what my friends is going to think about this, or Edward in that case. I need to promise myself that I will protect this girl from whatever bad that can get near her. 


She rolls around to lay on her side, her back against me. She let go of my hand and pull her duvet over her, covering her entire body. Instead of turning her around, I decide to try the spoon, even though the only things I have heard about this, is bad. I lay my arm over her, and when she lifts her head a little to look down, I place my arm on her pillow. She lay down her head on my arm and I immediately understand why people only talk bad about this. As soon as she moves her head again, I pull my arm away and just place it underneath my own head. My other arm is still around her, and I decide to pull her closer. This feels nice. 


The hand that is connected to the arm underneath my head, quickly starts playing around with her hair. How is it even possible to have this soft hair? I lift my body a little to look at her, but she is asleep. Now to the next question, how is it even possible to be this damn beautiful when you sleep? I give her cheek a little kiss before whispering in her ear.


Harry: ''If you would just let me in, you would already know that I am everything you ever wanted.'' I smile at my voice of words.


I give her cheek one more small kiss, before laying down again and close my eyes.


Elizabeths POV


My heart flutters when his breath reach my neck. I am surprised by the way he just told me that. I probably thought I was asleep. It doesn't seem like Harry to use these kind of words, and especially not to a girl. 


''If you would just let me in, you would already know that I am everything you ever wanted.'' His words repeats in my head, time after time after time. I want to just turn around and kiss the soft lips of his and say something really cute back, but I somehow feel, that he doesn't want me to know he just said that. I decide to just keep it to myself, and pretend to him that I didn't hear a word of what he just said. It is for the better. 


I am exhausted, and it is not even midnight yet. I have school tomorrow. Maybe it is the best to just fall asleep now, but that is easier said than done. I try to close my eyes again for the fifth time, but with no luck. I can't sleep. Is it because Harry isn't hugging me anymore? Is it because I pushed him away. He is maybe right after all. If I just let him in, I may actually realize that he is in fact everything I ever wanted. 


He is in deep sleep. I think it is possible for me to move him around a bit. I roll closer to him and place his arm around me waist, and as soon as I let go of it, he pulls my back to his chest. Is he awake?


You: ''Harry?'' I whisper trying to figure out if he is awake or not.


He doesn't respond. Maybe that was just something he did in his sleep.


Again, I try to close my eyes and this time I am lucky. After a few moments, I am in deep sleep in Harrys arms...

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