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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


33. Chapter 33.

Harrys POV


Her eyes are wide and her mouth open. This seems fucking stupid now. Without taking her eyes from the table, she puts the flowers onto the desk and and walks towards the dinner table. She brush her hand over the table and admire what I've made for her. She pull her mouth into a small smile and her eyes catch mine. Maybe this isn't as stupid as I think it is. It is maybe a bit overwhelming for her, but I am not good at all this taking it slow shit. I am used to just do things right away, without over thinking it. She is not that kind of girl, I know that, she wasn't back then either, but I somehow feel like she have a thing for me. She can't resist me. I feel the electricity between us when we touch and I know she does too. Tonight, I wanted to show her that I am not just here to get in her pants, but I am here to get to know her and show her that I want to build a relationship with her. Right now, I just want to push her against the wall and grab her bum. I want to kiss her soft lips over and over again, and it annoys me that she want to take it slow. I heard it all this morning, I heard her talk about how Andy is already with another girl. It sickens me to think that he probably have been cheating on her the whole time. No one should hurt her, ever, she doesn't deserve that in any way.


Elizabeth: ''You made this?'' She smiles.

Harry: ''Yea.'' My hands are behind my back and I play around with my feet.

Elizabeth: ''I, this is, wow.'' She smile and walk towards me.

Harry: ''You like it?'' It's hard not to make eye contact with her.

Elizabeth: ''No.'' I quickly look up and widen my eyes. Fuck.

Harry: ''What?'' I can't focus right now.

Elizabeth: ''I love it.'' She take my hands.


She almost gave me a heart attack. Seriously. That wasn't even funny. I breath out a deep breath I didn't even knew I was holding in and look down to our hands. She is holding my hand. Is this a good thing? It has to be. She lay her head on my chest and her arms tighten around my waist. Should I hug back? Yes, yes I should. I place my arms around her neck and shoulders and slightly tighten my grip. I surely hope this girl is hungry, or else I've been doing all this for nothing.


Harry: ''Please tell me you're hungry.'' I say, still hugging her.

Elizabeth: ''Hungry? I could eat a zebra.'' She laughs and I join.


I pull out of the hug and lead her to the table. I pull out her chair for her and she sit down thanking me with a smile. She still admire the table and to be honest, I think I did pretty well. I got candles, floral napkins, and good food. It all looks well decorated. I sit down opposite her and I start filling my plate with food and so does Elizabeth. She looks cute when she eats. She is definitely not good at it, but I admire her awkwardness.

The dinner is quiet, not awkward, just quiet, but in a good way. I laugh at her when she spills something and her cheeks getting red. She is adorable.


Elizabeth: ''I still can't believe you did all this for me.'' She smiles.

Harry: ''Me neither.'' I say and she looks up at me.

Elizabeth: ''Thank you, really, thank you.'' She smiles.

Harry: ''It's nothing El.'' I assure her.

Elizabeth: ''How long did this take you?'' 

Harry: ''Not that long.'' I lie. It took forever.

Elizabeth: ''Oh.''


Fuck, did I say something wrong? I surely don't hope so. I repeat the few sentences we spoke before and I can't put my finger on what I said wrong? Did I say something wrong at all? Maybe she is thinking about Andy, or Joe. Wait, where is Joe anyway? Shouldn't he be home with her? Maybe he is out for laid. He could use that. He seems so quiet and nervous about everything, I actually can't imagine him getting laid. Not that I want to.


Elizabeth: ''Why weren't you in class?'' She breaks the silence.

Harry: ''I was planning this.'' I honestly answer.

Elizabeth: ''I missed you.'' She whisper.

Harry: ''What?'' I heard her, I just want her to say it again.

Elizabeth: ''Nothing.'' She say in an attempt to avoid the subject.

Harry: ''You missed me?'' I smile.

Elizabeth: ''A bit.'' She smiles and plays around with the food on her plate with her fork.

Harry: ''That's cute.'' I smirk and lay my hand over hers on the table.

Elizabeth: ''Yea.'' She pull her hand back to herself. ''Anyway, thank you for preparing this lovely dinner.'' She smiles.

Harry: ''I'm glad you liked it.'' I smile and stand up. 


Elizabeth POV


He start walking towards the couch and I am left alone by the table. What the hell is he doing? I know he put a lot of effort into this meal, and I appreciate it very much, but he has to help doing the dishes. I am not doing that alone. If he is trying to charm me, by being romantic, well, he is failing right now.


You: ''Where do you think you are going?'' I put my hands on my hips.

Harry: ''Couch.'' He say and throw himself down.

You: ''No way, you are helping in the kitchen.'' I demand and he sit up.

Harry: ''Do I have to?'' He sounds like a freaking 8 year old.

You: ''Yes.'' I snap and start cleaning the table.


Few minutes later, Harry joins me in the kitchen in a playful mood. He keeps spraying water on me and play silly jokes on me. After finishing the dishes, Harry heads for the sofa again, but I grab his wrist just before he reach the sofa. He turns around and gives me a smirk before lifting me up, so I am sit with my legs around his waist. This is chocking. I don't want this, or do I? I do, definitely, but not now. I really need to take it slow, no matter how much I want him. I don't want to make a fool out of myself, by throwing myself over him, but to be honest, right now, it is him throwing himself over me. It isn't wrong to kiss him right now, is it? He let himself fall forwards down onto the couch. He is laying between my legs, on top of me, staring straight into my eyes.


You: ''This is not taking it slow.'' I remind him and he roll his eyes.

Harry: ''You have no idea how hard it is to take it slow.'' It can't be that hard.

You: ''Obviously not.'' I smile.

Harry: ''Please, just let me show you how I can make you feel.'' I feel embarrassed by his words.

You: ''Harry!'' I say and try to push him off of me.

Harry: ''I'm serious El.'' Oh.

You: ''Harry, I don't know. I..'' I don't want to finish my sentence.

Harry: ''You what?'' Why does he always has to be so curious.

You: ''Nothing.'' Please don't ask again.

Harry: ''No, tell me.''

You: ''No Harry.'' I don't want to tell him and he need to respect that.

Harry: ''Should I get off of you then?''

You: ''No.'' I shyly reply.


This seems silly. Harry laying on top of me and we haven't even been a week since we met. Yes, we had fun back in England, but this is not England, this is America and I came here to start a new life, but instead I am thrown back to where it all started.

Harrys sparkling green eyes are staring into mine and I can't help but giggle as he bite his lip. I don't know where Harry is going with all of this, but I am definitely not ready to sleep with him. Some people may think it is weird that a twenty year old is still a virgin, but I just don't feel ready yet, and some people don't seem to respect that.

I know, Harry isn't a virgin anymore, of course he isn't. I just want him to respect the fact that I don't feel ready for anything yet. Nothing. Not even him fingering me or me blowing him. Nothing. Harry doesn't know I am a virgin and that is what I wanted to tell him, but just imagine how embarrassing it would've been if I told him and that is not even what he wanted to do? That is why I decide to take everything slow.


Harry: ''Am I allowed to kiss you, right her, right now?'' Why is he even asking?

You: ''The question is, am I allowed to kiss you, right here, right now?'' I smirk and he press his lips against mine.


Is it even possible for me to have missed this feeling? Last time I kissed him was last night. I have missed this. His soft lips against mine, and his hands around my waist. He tighten his grip around me and once again, I tug at his hair. I cross my legs behind his back and his hands goes from my waist to my hips. I am quite scared he will put his hands in under my skirt, then there is smart me, being smart enough to wear hot pants in case the skirt would fly up. Just as I thought, he brings his hands under my skirt and as soon as they touch my shorts, Harry pull his lips from mine and watch me as I smirk.


Harry: ''Shorts? Really?'' He says in annoyance and lift his eye brows.

You: ''Yea, really.''

Harry: ''Well let me take them off then.'' His thumbs crawl down into my shorts, slowly tugging them down.


I don't know how to feel about this, at all. Harry just took off my shorts and have now free entry to my panties. I feel like panicking, but somehow I am not. I am laid here, actually enjoying it. Him having full control over me. His hands are slowly following his body up to my face again. I thought he would be tugging my panties down next, but instead his hands are placed on both of my cheeks, holding my head in place as he kisses me. My hands goes from his hair to his neck and his tongue into my mouth. What? Is he fucking kidding me?


You: ''Are you serious?'' I literally yell into his mouth.

Harry: ''I thought you missed it.'' He smirks.

You: ''No Harry! When did this happen?'' I am growing mad.

Harry: ''Today. You don't like it?'' His smirk falls.

You: ''I mean, like, I think it's quite, hot, but I told you that I didn't wanted you to get a new one. I don't like the thought of you being in pain.'' I admit.

Harry: ''I told you, it's not that bad.'' He replies and I huff. ''Do you want me to take it out?'' Oh god hell no.

You: ''No, you can keep it in.'' I smile.

Harry: ''Great. Come on.'' He says and stand up. Where the hell is he going?

You: ''Where are we going?'' I say and pick up my shorts from the floor.

Harry: ''To your room.'' Oh.


He is quick to get to my room. He is literally almost running. What have he planned in my room? I start walking towards my door, when Harrys head pops out. I stop and he disappear back into the room. I slowly start walking again and when I reach my room, I see smelly candles, more roses around my room and an almost naked Harry. Wow. He is only wearing his jeans and boxers. I am not having sex with him tonight, I am not having sex with this guy at all. That is something I need to promise myself. I sit down on the bed and watch Harrys back muscles move every time he moves around. He is moving something around on my desk, but I can't see what exactly. It's nothing I guess.

He joins me next to me on the bed, but my eyes are still focused on the big mirror in front of us. Why does there have to be a mirror, right in front of the bed? When I finally look at Harry he is laying down, looking at me and showing off his dimples in a smile. My head is filling up with thoughts about what is right and what is wrong. I want to cut it out, just for tonight. I swing my left leg over Harry and end up sitting on his lap. I feel my cheeks getting warmer, and I bet my cheeks look like a damn candy flush or something. I look at his birds on his chest, remembering how I once touched them. Would he notice if I did that again? Stop over thinking it Elizabeth, just do it. I slowly place my index finger on the right birds wing, but quickly take my hand back to myself.


Harry: ''Don't be shy.'' He smiles.


I place my index finger on the bird once again. They are so beautiful. I focus on the birds for a while, until I notice the rest of his tattoos. Wow, there are many. I noticed the big butterfly before, but I never really notice noticed it. His arms are covered in tattoos as well, and he have a few on his hands. Only about one or two. My eyes goes from focusing on the birds to the big butterfly on his stomach. It is even more beautiful than the birds to be honest. Did he had these tattoos back in England as well? Or was the birds the only on he had. I notice a big ship on his left over arm, then a hanger, then a star. What does all of this means? He have at least twenty minimal tattoos around his arms. On both of his underarms, he have matching texts. ''Things I can'' on the left arm and ''Things I can't'' on the right. I think I have already figured that out now. On his right arm, he gets things tattooed he can't and on the left arm he gets things tattooed he can, an to be fair, there are a lot tattoos on his left arm. I don't want to think about what it actually means, because then, when he tells me, if he does, I'll just be disappointed in myself for thinking something else.


Harry: ''You like them, don't you?'' 

You: ''Mmmh.'' I love them.

Harry: ''Enough watching and touching.'' He smiles and take my hands in his. ''I think it's my turn now.'' He smirks. Shit.

You: ''What do you mean?'' I say, knowing exactly what he means.

Harry: ''You know, to discover your body.'' He says and I feel a big hand squeezing on my thigh.

You: ''Oh.'' Is the only word I am able to say.


His hands slowly moves from my thighs to my panties. His thumbs are playing around with the edge of them and his eyes widen as I gasp. He tugs them a slightly bit down, just like two or three centimeters and I place my hands on his overarms. He doesn't seem to bother as his index finger runs around, above my panties.


Harry: ''Lace.'' He says and sit up. ''I like that.'' He winks and rolls us over so he is on top.


I can't think clear right now. Am I really doing this right now? I am not ready. Am I? It would be awkward to tell him no, wouldn't it? I let him. I like him, and this is something that has to be done. Wow, did I really just said to myself that I liked him. I must do, since this is the same feeling I got with Andy. Andy. Fuck.


You: ''Stop.'' I say and his hands stops whatever they were about to do.

Harry: ''Is something wrong?'' Worry clear in his voice.

You: ''Andy.'' I whisper.

Harry: ''Oh.'' Wow, this is awkward. ''Don't you think you need to think about something else?'' He is right. I need to think about something else. ''Don't you think it is time to show him who is the leader of you two?'' He whisper.

You: ''I think so.'' I half smile.

Harry: ''Are you okay with this?'' He asks.

You: ''Fine.'' I half lie. I don't know how I feel about this to be honest...



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