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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


32. Chapter 32.

Liam: ''What did he say?'' He ask as we walk out of the building.

You: ''He just gave me a book he wanted me to read.'' I smile.

Liam: ''What book?'' 

You: ''Fifty Shades of Grey.''

Liam: ''Oh.''

You: ''I've already read it.''

Liam: ''Oh, you have?'' He says, sarcastic clear in his voice.

You: ''Yea. Surprise?'' I laugh and he joins.


As we reach his car, he opens the door for me and I thank him with a smile. I get in and watch as he walks to the other side of the car to get in himself. Just as he reach out to open his door he stops and pull his phone out. He text a message and get in, in a whole different mood. Without looking at me, he start the car and put his hand os his lap. He is mad. Who texted him?


From you to Joe:


*Where are you?* 


From Joe to you: 


*On my way. Is there enough space for one more?*


One more? Maybe Marcel and him is going for studying again.


You: ''Joe is on his way. Can he bring a friend?'' I ask.

Liam: ''Sure.'' He try to pull a smile, but fails.


From you to Joe: 


*Yea, but hurry up. :)*


Minutes later, Joe appears on the path with a boy. A really hot boy. Why is every boy on this school either adorable or hot? I wave at Joe through the window and both Joe and his friend waves back. His friend is wearing a black Guns and Roses shirt with the sleeves cut off. He wears dark blue jeans and black converse. His hair is curly and light brown. He have dimples, gosh he is cute. As they enter the car, Josephs friend start laughing. God, even his laugh is adorable. 


Joe: ''Sorry for waiting.'' Joe smiles and Liam pull out of the parking lot faster than ever.

Ashton: ''I'm Ashton.'' Josephs friend tell us.

You: ''So you are the famous Ashton.'' I smile and turn around in my seat to shake his hand.

Ashton: ''I am.'' He laughs. What a happy kid.

You: ''And you are from New Zealand or something?'' I smile.

Ashton: ''Australia.'' 

Joe: ''You do really suck at accent El.'' He laughs and Ashton and I joins him.


I turn around to face the road again and Liam doesn't pull a face. What makes him so mad? I would die to know who texted him. 


You: ''Are you okay?'' I ask him.


He tighten his grip around the steering wheel and take a deep breath.


Liam: ''Yes.'' He says and breathes out.

You: ''Are you sure? You seem upset about something.'' I say.

Liam: ''I'm fine okay.'' He snaps and speed up the car. ''Where do you live Ashton?'' He look up in the mirror to look at Ashton.

Ashton: ''Uhm, turn right next time and I'll guide you.'' He smiles and his eyes goes from Liams to mine in the mirror. 


Liam does as Ashton say and he guides him down the road.


Ashton: ''Nice meeting you two.'' He smiles and gets out. ''See you tomorrow Joe.'' He smiles and slam the door closed.

Liam: ''Should I just drive you two home?''

You: ''Yes please.'' I say at the same time as Joe says ''No.'' What? ''Where the hell are you going Joe?''

Joe: ''Going out.'' 

You: ''Well what about changing clothes first?''

Joe: ''I'm not going clubbing. I'm going on a date.'' He proudly smiles.

You: ''Uh, that is cute.'' I say and clap my hands together. ''What time are you coming home then?''

Joe: ''I don't know if I'm coming home.'' He winks and we laugh.

Liam: ''So, Elizabeth home, Joe where?'' He say with annoyance in his voice.

Joe: ''Can you drop me off at Nandos?'' I cut in.

You: ''Wow wow wow, are you two going for Nandos?'' His first date and they're going for Nandos? Seriously?

Joe: ''He is a pretty chill guy. He's not a big fan of the fancy stuff.'' I wide my eyes and mouth 'Fuck'. 

Liam: ''Wait what? He?'' Oh shit.

Joe: ''He?'' Joe, please, just shut up.

Liam: ''You said 'He is a pretty chill guy'. Are you gay?'' He crunch his face.

Joe: ''I meant she.'' He bite his lip.

Liam: ''No way bro, that's sick!'' He punch his hands against the steering wheel with the brightest smile on his face.


Well it seems like he thinks of something else now. He doesn't look mad right now. That is great. Isn't it? Even though I still wanna know who texted him. It must have been important, because he was, is, I don't know, but upset about it.


Joe: ''Promise me you won't tell anyone.'' He says with a serious face expression on.

Liam: ''I promise man. Shit. This is fucked up. I've never expected that from you.'' He smiles.

Joe: ''But please, hurry up. I don't wanna be late.'' He smiles.


The way there is quite awkward. Liam is back to being a shit and Joe is clearly embarrassed. I just sit here like a lost poppy. The awkwardness is filling the air in the car. Sometimes, one of us takes a deep breath and that somehow becomes really interesting.

I can not believe Joe is actually going on a date. With who? Do I know him? Of course I don't. I haven't even been in America for a week yet. I hope he is a good person. Joe doesn't deserve to be treated like a fool. Joe is a smart person. He wouldn't go on a date a person who doesn't treat him right.

As we pull into Nandos parking lot, Joe takes a deep breath and then breath it out. His clothes is not something I would expect him to wear on a first day, but he said that it was just a relaxed night. He does look good to be honest. 


You: ''Are you ready?'' I turn around in my seat.

Joe: ''I don't know.'' 

You: ''It is gonna be fine. Just be yourself.'' I say and unbelt my seatbelt and get out of the car with Joe.


Liam is still in the car, probably annoyed. I want to say goodbye to Joe right now, so I can get in the car with Liam. He can drive me home quickly, and then he will be able to go home himself. I think he needs to relax. 

It's only 6pm. It is pretty early to go on a date if you ask me, but on the positive side, there aren't that many persons in there at this time. Maybe that's why it is so early? He don't want to be seen on a date with a guy. Who is the guy anyway? It bothers me that I have absolutely no idea who the guy is. Is he as good looking as Joe? Is he as smart as Joe?


Joe: ''Oh, there he is.'' He smiles and point at him.


Is he fucking kidding me? This guy is, oh my god.


Joe: ''Hey Zayn.'' He pulls him into a hug.


Zayn is really gay. Wow. I know he looks like one, but I wouldn't really think of him as gay after I saw him with the bikers. Do they know? I can't help, but stare at him. 


Zayn: ''And hey Elizabeth.'' He says and hugs me.

You: ''He, he, heeey.'' I mumble, awkwardly hugging him back.

Zayn: ''Are you ready?'' He ask Joe.

Joe: ''Yes I am. See you Elizabeth.'' And without even giving me a hug, him and Zayn just leaves. Ouch.


I get back into the car and Liam is still sat, staring out of the front window. Mad I guess. His mood changes a lot. And really quick. He drives me home quickly, way too fast. We don't speak, but somehow the drive home goes by quickly. He is acting weird. 

As we pull into my driveway, he takes a deep breath and tighten his grip as his eyes are locked onto the black vehicle in my driveway. No way Harry is here. 


Liam: ''What is he doing here?'' He say through his teeth.

You: ''I honestly don't know Liam. I promise.'' I panic.


Liam quickly slam his door open and so does I. I run to the front door and knock. A few seconds later, Harry is stood by the door with a bouquet of roses his hand. His face is sad and angry. I understand him. He expected me to come home alone, and he would be all romantic and stuff, but instead, I came home, bot exactly with Liam, he just drove me home, but I see if Harry misunderstand this. I would misunderstand it, if I was at Harrys house and he came with a girl, but I wouldn't get mad. It is not like I have feelings for him, not that many at least. Okay, I do, but they are far from as strong as his feelings is for me.


Harry: ''What is he doing here?'' I can't help, but pull a smile.

You: ''Liam asked the same.'' I roll my eyes.

Harry: ''Answer me.'' Liam is still standing in the driveway.

You: ''He drove me home. Nothing more.'' I place my hands on his chest as he takes a few steps forward.

Harry: ''Then why is he not in his damn car.'' He says having eye contact with Liam.

Liam: ''Why are you at her damn house?'' He yells back cool from the driveway.

Harry: ''Liam, don't start this.''

Liam: ''I'm not.'' He say walking slowly towards us.

Harry: ''Then go.'' He say and lay the flowers down onto the table.

Liam: ''I'm just following her to the door.'' He say when he reach us and lay his arm over my shoulder.


I can see Harrys eyes wide and he bite his teeth together. Jealousy fills the air, between both of them. I want to just stand between them, push both of their chests and tell them not to fight over a dork like me. Nothing special about me at all.


Harry: ''Well, now she is here. Leave.'' He say through his teeth and pull me close by my wrist. Liam sighs and laugh at the same time, making a really cute noise out of it.

Liam: ''See you tomorrow El.'' He smiles and kiss my hand.

You: ''Bye.'' I shy, smile and Harry close the door quickly.


I am leaned against the door, Harry standing in front of me with a mad face expression on. He is hurt, I think, or he is just mad. I can't actually tell. He isn't leaning in over me as I expected him to, instead he is just stood in front of me with his hands behind his back. He is wearing the same clothes as this morning, probably haven't even been home. Where is the flowers from? I look down at the flowers, then back to him and raise my right eye brow. He looks down at the flowers, then back to me as well and lift both of his eye brows.


Harry: ''Oh, I got these for you.'' He say and take them in his hand again.

You: ''They are beautiful.'' I smile.

Harry: ''Do you want them?'' He hands me the flowers and I smell them.

You: ''Of course.'' I smile.

Harry: ''Can I show you something?'' He play with his fingers.

You: ''Yea?'' He takes my hand quickly and walks to the kitchen. ''Wow.'' Is the only word I can say...



Tbh, I need more likes, comments and favorites. If I don't get any new, I feel stupid writing. I know I'm not, and I am so thankful for all of you who reads and comments and it means a lot, but the meaning of this is also for making more people noticing my writing! Love you all who still reads and comments! I really do xx

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