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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


31. Chapter 31.

(I suck at updating, sorry)

Harrys POV


I wake up by something pressing against my chest and I look down to find Elizabeth asleep. It takes me a minute to remember what happened last night. Wow, I can't believe I actually told her everything. It is nothing like me. If is wasn't her, I wouldn't have even thought of saying it. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. This is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I start brushing my hand through her hair and I can see a small smile appear on her lips. I can't tell if she is sleeping or awake. I put my arm around her waist and she makes a really cute noise.


Harry: ''Elizabeth?'' I whisper to see if she's awake.

Elizabeth: ''Mmh.'' She mumbles back.

Harry: ''Are you still asleep?'' 

Elizabeth: ''Yes.'' She giggles.

Harry: ''Okay then.'' I smile and close my eyes again.

Elizabeth: ''What time is it?'' She whispers.


I grab my phone and check the time. Wow. It's only half past five in the morning. How is it possible for me to even be awake at this time?


Harry: ''It's half past five, love.'' Did I just call her love?

Elizabeth: ''Oh.'' She says and stand up quickly. What the hell is she doing?

Harry: ''What are you doing?''

Elizabeth: ''I need to get ready for school?'' She says in confusion.

Harry: ''What? This early?'' Is she sick or something?

Elizabeth: ''Yea?''


She heads for the bathroom and I am left alone in her bed.

It seems like I've been in this position way to many times, but this somehow feels different. Everything seems different since I met Elizabeth again. I stand up and walk around her room. She have absolutely nothing interesting in her room. She has a MacBook, that is probably the most interesting thing in her room, Ive found so far. I keep walking around, but stop in front of the bookshelf that is placed in the corner of her room. I look through the books and i gasp when I see my favorite book of all time. I just thought it was all school books. I look through the other books and it really chocks me to see that almost all of my favorites are here. She does have good taste in books. I pull out The Books of Mormon and look through it. The books cover looks like it has never been touched, but when I open the book, I find dry water drops on some of the pages, which clearly means that she have read it before. I haven't read this in like almost a year. I have missed this, just sitting, or actually standing, and just read. I hear the door open and I almost drop the book, luckily, I don't. Elizabeth walks in with wet hair and only dressed in a towel. She doesn't look at me, she just quickly grabs a pair of panties, a bra and a few clothes. I giggle as she quickly returns to the bathroom. I open the book again and read through it. About five minutes later, I actually drop the book.


Elizabeth: ''Wha, what are you doing?'' I almost screamed.

Harry: ''No, no, nothing, I was just, looking.'' I panic a little as I pick up the book and put it back on it's place.

Elizabeth: ''Did not look like 'just looking' if you ask me.'' She huffs.


She is wearing a plain black high wasted skirt and a navy top with black dots on it. Her hair is dripping wet and her face is makeup free. She looks beautiful without makeup, just as I remember her back in England. Back there, the boys wasn't all over her and she didn't dress like this. Back then, she was the shy and quiet one with a pair of blue jeans and a over size black or red t-shirt. Back then, her hair was completely flat with bangs and she was wearing toms. Back then, she was so neutral. So, her. She doesn't look like herself, she looks like a, woman. Exactly what she is. A very beautiful woman. Her eyes is wide as she looks at me and her mouth opens as she is about to speak, but doesn't say a word.


Elizabeth: ''What are you wearing?'' She mumbles and cover her mouth with her hands.


I look down, only to realize that I am stood only in boxers. Oh, this is awkward. Why am I only wearing boxers? I don't remember taking my clothes off. Did she do it? No, she wouldn't ask if she as the one to undress me. I must have either done it in my sleep, or I did it when I was the most tired. 


Harry: ''My boxers.'' I say as it was supposed to happen.

Elizabeth: ''Cover yourself up with something.'' 

Harry: ''You don't like what you see?'' I tease.

Elizabeth: ''Just do it Harry.'' She says and picks up my shirt from the floor and throw it at me.


I put on my shirt and jeans and watch her as she apply her makeup. Dear god, I want to walk over to her and just throw those damn brushes away. I want to tell her she don't need makeup because she is perfect as she is. I want to grab her wet hair and lean her against the wall and kiss her. 


Her shirt is covering the love bite I gave her last night. It makes me sad, sort of. I want to show it to Liam and tell him that he will never be able to do this. She is mine, or at least, I want her to be. As she finish her make up, she grabs her bag and her cowboy jacket. I guess she is done now. I follow her to the kitchen where her brother Joe is sat, eating his cereal. She grabs an apple. Is that seriously what she eats for breakfast? To be honest, she actually have lost a bit of weight since England. She grabs a bowl, some milk and the cereal box and handle it to me.


Joe: ''I'll just go call a taxi.'' He smiles at Elizabeth and finish his cereals.

Harry: ''Are you seriously driving a taxi to school?'' I ask laughing.


They got to be kidding me. They have this wonderful house and all, and they drive a taxi to school.


Harry: ''I can drive you guys.'' I say and tilt my head to the side.

Joe: ''No thanks Harry.'' He force a smile and leaves.

Harry: ''Seriously El, I can drive you.'' I say and stretch my arm over the table.

Elizabeth: ''No Harry. We take a taxi to iHop to eat and then we meet up with Liam and he drives us to school.'' Is she fucking serious?

Harry: ''No way.'' I snap.

Elizabeth: ''That is not something you decide Harry. We have done it the last two days, I think I will survive a third.'' She says and finish her apple. ''But thanks for the offer.'' She force a smile on her face. 


I know she told me to take it slow, and I am trying my very best, but I know Liam likes her and I don't want her to fall in love with him. I need to talk to Liam about this. He doesn't know about Elizabeth and me. There is something special between us. 


Elizabeths POV


What the hell is his problem? I can drive with whoever I want to, he can't decide that.


Harry: ''Okay.'' He then says and I somehow want him to fire back an annoying sentence.

You: ''Okay.'' I repeat and Joe comes in again.

Joe: ''It will be here in ten.'' He smiles.

You: ''Great.'' I say and lay down on the sofa checking Facebook. 


Everyone seems to get into a relationship and as I scroll down I notice Andys name.


''Andy Samuels in now in a relationship with Daisie Smith.'' Is he fucking kidding me.


I could kill this boy. This aches my heart so much. I want to smack his face over and over again. I gasp and Harry and Joe quickly turns their head to me. 


Joe: ''Is something wrong?'' He have a worried face expression on.

You: ''Nothing.'' I say as I wipe a few tears away.

Harry: ''Tell me.'' He says and stands up.

You: ''Can I talk to you for a minute Joe?'' I ask.

Joe: ''Sure.'' He says and crunch his eye brows.

Harry: ''I can come.''

You: ''No, Harry.'' I snap and take Joes hand.


We walk to the room next door and I explain him what I just happened. I cry, hard. He hugs me tight and keeps his arm around my waist as we walk out. Harry is still in the living room and I can tell he is mad.


Harry: ''I am gonna kill that dude.'' He says and balls his fists.


Instead of freaking out on him I just walk towards him and I can see the confusion in his face as I open my arms and hug him. It takes him a minute to hug me back, but as sons as his big arms goes around my waist he tighten his grip a lot. He lifts me up so my feet aren't touching the ground anymore. How can he lift me?


As soon as I see the iHop sign I start clapping my hands. I am excited to get my thoughts on something more important than love. Food. 


As we step in, Liam is taking a order by a table and I walk past him, without him noticing. I give him a little clap on his bum and he turn around quickly. As soon as his eyes catch mine he smiles and point at me with his pen, like giving me a warning. I laugh a little and sit down at a table. Minutes later, Liam is stood in front of our table with a pen and a block in his hand.


Liam: ''Hello beautiful. What can I get for you?'' He says and kiss my hand.


I giggle a little by the way he is trying to charm me. It works. 


You: ''Well I would like to order some pancakes.'' I smile.

Liam: ''What kind dear.'' Oh god. We sound so old school.

You: ''The ones with strawberries and chocolate please.'' I say and he laughs.

Liam: ''Alright then.'' He says and write it down. ''And what about you mister?'' He puffs his shoulder and Joe chuckles.


I can easily tell by the way Joe acts that he is attracted by Liam. Luckily, Liam don't know, so he doesn't have to feel awkward being around Joe.


Joe: ''Do I not get a kiss on the hand.'' He tease and Liam laughs. I am actually not sure if he is joking.

Liam: ''Haha, I think I save that for the ladies.'' He winks and I immediately know what he means.

Joe: ''I would like to order the banana pancakes.'' He giggles. Oh god, he makes it so obvious.

Liam: ''Any kind of water?'' He asks and raise his eyebrows.

You: ''No thanks.'' I smile and he heads to the back of the restaurant. ''You think he is attractive.'' I smirk at Joe.

Joe: ''So does you.'' He laughs and I join him. ''Let's share.'' He says serious and then we both burst into laughter and people stare at us.


This is exactly what I needed. Some fun. I love hanging out with Joe, and I love it even more now that I know he is homosexual. I can talk to him about everything. Joe knows when to talk about what and when not to. Another waiter brings our food to our table a few minutes later and Joe and I hurry up eating. We're running late. When it is about time to leave, Liam appears from the back and he doesn't even sit down, he just put some money on the table and grab my bag.


Liam: ''Come on, we're running late.'' He says and heads towards the door.


Joe and I quickly get on our feet and follow Liam to his car. 


As we get to the school we have about five minutes to get to class. Joe runs off to his class and Liam and I quickly get to ours. Harry isn't here. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. 


During class, Liam isn't flirting with me or trying on anything. It is weird.

The class goes by quickly and before I know it, the bell rings and the room is almost empty. Liam lays his arm over my shoulder as we walk out. Finally he does something. Just as we're about to leave the room I hear a mans voice behind me.


Mr. Deyes: ''Uhm, miss Nielsen. Can I talk to you for a second?'' I look up at Liam.

You: ''It's okay.'' I whisper to him. ''I'll meet you in the hallway in a minute.'' I say and he kisses my cheek.


Liam leaves the room and I walk towards Mr. Deyes desk.


You: ''Have I done anything wrong mr. Deyes?'' I ask, nervously clearly in my voice.

Mr. Deyes: ''Call me Alfred, or Alfie.'' Weird.

You: ''Okay Alfred.''

Alfred: ''I just wanted to tell you how great you are. So far in these two days, your homework has been absolutely amazing.'' Wow.

You: ''That is a good thing right?'' I ask and he laughs.

Alfred: ''It definitely is.'' He smiles and pull out a book. ''I was wondering if you wanted to read this?'' 

You: ''What kind go book is it?'' I ask, trying to get a look of it's cover, but I can't.

Alfred: ''The book is called Fifty Shades of Grey.'' Ugh, I've read that way to many times.

You: ''I am sorry, I've already read that.'' I say smiling politely.

Alfred: ''I know you have.''

You: ''Then what is the point of me reading it again?'' I say sounding much more harsh that I wanted it to sound.

Alfred: ''This is the original. This book has fifty extra pages.'' What? I crunch my brows. ''In between some of the pages, is suddenly a whole new page. This makes the book a lot more interesting.'' He smiles and hand me the book.

You: ''Uhm, I can try.'' I smile and put the book in my bag. ''Thank you.'' I say and head to the door.

Alfred: ''Have a good day Elizabeth.'' He says and I quickly find Liam...

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