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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


30. Chapter 30.

What? He got to be kidding. It's been three years for gods sake! How is it even possible. It is not. He is joking just to get in my pants. I am not buying this.


You: ''What?'' I then ask.


What if he actually had had feelings for me the entire time? It sounds impossible, but what if it is actually true? I mean, he has probably been dating hundreds of girls, but maybe that is why it didn't work out with them, because he had feelings for me. Him and Sophia broke up just after we met again. I do not really want to believe this at all. Harry is every american girls dream, why would he have feelings for a dork like me? I can help, but feel guilty about him and Sophia, even though I am not even sure it is because of me, but what if it is? It is not that I like Harry or anything, I think so. Do I? Like, I mean, he is cute, and charming, and good looking. I am not saying that I have feelings for him, but I am not saying that I don't like him.


Harry: ''Nothing.'' He lies.

You: ''Please Harry.'' He looks up and his beautiful green eyes meet mine. ''Tell me.'' I say and smile a little to comfort him.

Harry: ''You'll just think I'm a complete idiot.'' I have the greatest comeback right now.

You: ''No, you are a complete idiot. I don't have to think that when I can just say it.'' I tease.

Harry: ''Well thank you. That made me a lot more comfortable.'' He chuckles.

You: ''No seriously, come on Harry. Tell me.'' I say and hold his head in my hands.


Without saying anything, he turns around and lay down between my legs, his head resting on my chest. This literally makes my heart race, and I am sure that he can feel that. The way my chest raises up and down. Oh god. I lay my arms over his shoulders and combine my hands together on his chest. He lay his hands over mine and a warm feeling go through my body.


Harry: ''Are you sure you want to know?''

You: ''Yes.'' I say and lay my chin on his head.

Harry: ''It is a long story.''

You: ''Harry come on, tell me.'' I am tired of his 'Why don't we just change subject' sentences.

Harry: ''Okay.'' He says and takes a deep breath. ''When I left England three years ago, I couldn't stop thinking about you.'' 

You: ''I have to stop you there. Are you serious? I mean, you aren't just pulling a joke on me?''

Harry: ''No, of course not.'' He says and crunch his face.

You: ''Okay, continue.'' 

Harry: ''What I was saying was, I just couldn't stop thinking about you. I just couldn't get you out of my head no matter what I was doing, you were just stuck in there. Then I met this girl named Hannah. I asked her out on a date, in hope that you might disappear from my head, and to my surprise, you did. We dated for about a month, then I dumped her because you came to my mind again. It continued like that, with lots of different girls, but then suddenly Sophia came into my life, and I finally thought I was over you, but that night on the restaurant where I met you again, I just sunk back in. I fell, hard, harder than the first time. I know I sound like some psychopath right now, but you wanted to know the truth and I gave it to you.'' 

You: ''What happened with Sophia?'' I say catching myself playing with his curls. 


I should stop, but I can't. I don't have any control over my body right now. This is a weird feeling.


Harry: ''She caught me.''

You: ''Caught you? What is that supposed to mean?'' This is really confusing.

Harry: ''Looking at you.'' Oh. ''She mentioned when you left, that she didn't like the way I looked at you.''

You: ''It is your decision isn't it?''

Harry: ''Yes, that is why we broke up. I told her that I had feelings for you and she got pissed. I drove her home and she fell on her knees on her doorstep. I felt bad, really bad. I couldn't stand seeing her crying. I care for her, I am just not in love with her. I had to tell her.'' He says and I can feel the guilt pressing.

You: ''So you two broke up because of me?'' I need to know.

Harry: ''Yea.'' No.


I feel the biggest pressure, I have ever felt in my entire life, on my chest. I don't want to be the reason why they broke up. Sophia probably hates me. She seemed so nice, and cute. She surely was very pretty and her and Harry looked adorable together. I want to bury myself in a hole. I feel so terrible. Why did I even ask that? I didn't wanted to know the answer, but I got what I asked for. Stupid me.


You: ''I am sorry, I…'' I can't finish my sentence. I am lost for words.

Harry: ''Don't be. It was the right thing to do.'' He says and kiss my hand.


When he said that, a tiny bit of the pressure disappeared.


I kiss the back of his head and I immediately hear a gasp from him. I shouldn't have done that. He quickly turns around to face me and pull me all the way down on the bed. I am stiff. What is he going to do to me? He sits on top of me and take my hands over my head. I am really scared of him right now. Is he going to rape me or something like that. He holds both of my hands in only one of his and his other hand is on the side of my stomach. He leans his body down, his face only inches away from mine.


You: ''You're not going to rape me or something, aren't you?'' I joke.

Harry: ''Only if you want me to.'' He winks and kiss my collarbone.

You: ''No, stop Harry.'' He continues. ''Harry.'' I whisper and he stops. ''If you want to do this, then wait.''

Harry: ''What do you mean by wait?'' He says and looks at me.

You: ''We need to take this slow.'' I whisper.

Harry: ''I don't want to take is slow.'' His voice is weak.

You: ''I don't do one-night-stands.'' I tell him.

Harry: ''I do.''

You: ''Yea, but I'm the oldest, so I decide.'' I tease and he huffs.

Harry: ''So we can't make out?'' He lifts his brows.

You: ''A few kisses here and there doesn't make a difference.'' I smirk and so does he.


He leans his head down, still smirking, but stops just before our lips meet, and his face gets serious.


Harry: ''Uhm, so, I, I can kiss you now. Right?'' He says nervous and I laugh.

You: ''Yes you can.'' I smile and he brings his lips to mine.


He still has a hold of my hands, but as I start to move them, he let go and I am in full control of them now. I bring both of them to the back of his head and tug his hair between my fingers. His hands move down to my hips and his fingers are playing around with the edge of my panties. If he tries on anything, I will stop him immediately, but for now on, I'll let him.


Harry: ''You have no idea, how much you turn me on.'' He says through his breath.


His hands decide to go up under my shirt, to my stomach. As long as he keeps his hands doesn't move further up I'm fine.


You: ''I don't.'' I say into the kiss.

Harry: ''Let me show you.'' He says and moves his hips.

You: ''No. I told you to take it slow.'' I remind him and he sighs.

Harry: ''Please.'' 

You: ''Maybe another time.'' I say and place my hands on his chest.


His lips goes from mine, down to my neck. He sucks slightly and give me small kisses all over my neck. He then goes further down to my collarbone and suck hard. It hurts.


You: ''Harry, it hurts.'' I say.


He doesn't stop. I half moan and try to push him away, but he doesn't bulge.


You: ''Ouch Harry.'' I say. It seriously hurts now, like, really hurts. ''Stop.'' I raise my voice a little and he stops.


He gives me small kisses around the sore spot. It hurts when he brushes his fingers over it, but the way he gives it small kisses, helps a little. What have he done? I decide to ignore it as his lips meet mine again and his tongue tries to get access to my mouth. I let him once again. Wait. Something is wrong.


You: ''Where is your tongue piercing?'' It's missing.

Harry: ''I took that thing out ages ago.'' He says while giving me small kisses on the corner of my mouth.

You: ''Oh.''

Harry: ''You miss it?'' He asks and pull away to face me.

You: ''Yea, no, it just feels different.'' I awkwardly smile.

Harry: ''I could always get a new?'' No way.

You: ''No.'' I say and mean it.

Harry: ''It doesn't hurt that much.'' He smirks.

You: ''No way you're getting that again, just because of me.''

Harry: ''Sure?'' I nod and he gives me cheek a little kiss...




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