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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


3. Chapter 3.

H. There is a H on his wrist. 


''Hi. I'm Elizabeth. Who are you?'' I know it's Harry, I recognize his clothes, but somehow, I asked anyway, just to be nice. 


He doesn't really answer me, he just turn his head and look at me for a few moments, then turn his head back to the window. I take that as a 'Please don't talk to me'. So I won't.


I pull out my notebook from my bag. This is kinda the place I write everything down that happened, no private secrets, just so I am able to remember what exactly happened that day on that time. Harry turn his head back to me, then look down into the book that is laying on my lap. He stare at the book for a while, until he just grab it out of my hands and begin to write down something. His handwriting is beautiful. Very old school. 


''So, where is your brother?'' I ask not expecting an answer, but he did actually answer me. A cold no-feelings answer, not looking at me, just concentrated about writing.

''He's still at the school. Hanging out with his friends.'' Wow, I can still not get over his raspy deep voice. It is somehow... perfect.

''Oh, what about your friends? Why are you not hanging out with them?'' He stops writing for a moment and look at me confused. 

''What friends?'' What. I can see Harry getting emotional. What do I say?


Harry is still looking at me. At my eyes to be exact. A little giggle come out and a small smile. He look back into the notebook and write one last thing down. He then stood up without even looking at me, and place the book on the free seat, and get out of the bus.


I take the notebook from the seat and open it, about to read what he wrote, but I stop myself. I just put the book back into my bag instead.


The bus stops 200 metres away, from where Harry got off and I notice my house, so this is probably where I have to get off. It is sunny and warm outside, like, really warm and really sunny. I walk a little bit until I reach my house. I find the key and open the door and get inside into the living room. I sit down and pull out the notebook...

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