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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


29. Chapter 29.

When we get back into the class, they are all staring at us. 


Teacher: ''Take a seat Styles and…'' He says raising his left brow at me.

You: ''Elizabeth.'' I smile.'

Teacher: ''The new girl?'' He smiles.

You: ''Yup.''

Teacher: ''Take a seat please.'' He smiles and looks through his notes.


Every eye in the room is following me to my seat, I hear a couple of whispers and I just sink down in my seat. Harry is sitting leaned back in his seat with a pen between his teeth, probably smirking. Luckily for me I am sitting behind him, so I can watch every move he makes, and one of them is defiantly flirting with Jessica or what the hell her name is. Liam lay his hand on my thigh and I gasp a little, which make some of the students turn around to look at me. Liam doesn't seem to be bothered by it, because I can still feel his hand on my thigh. 


Liam: ''Just tell me if you want me to move it.'' He whisper and I nod. 


Harry seems annoyed by Liams actions, so he place his hand over Jessicas thigh. How mature. I can feel Liam slowly loosen his grip on my thigh and I guess he is about to remove it, but I place my hand over his and he turns his head to look at me. He raise his brows at me and smiles.


Liam: ''Do you want me to keep it there?'' He smiles.

You: ''Yes please.'' I awkwardly smile and he chuckles.


Teacher: ''That's it for today students! Remember to read chapter 13-17 for tomorrow.'' He says and everybody leaves the room. 


Liam takes my hand again today as we walk out of class and I am glad that Harry is no where to be seen. He probably already left with Jessica. Why am I jealous at her? I know, she has pretty, curly silver hair and she is super super skinny. I know exactly why I am jealous at her. If he wanted to, Harry could just walk by a girl and she would be all over him and she would sleep with him, just if he asked her to. Liam and I walk hand in hand down the hall and people are literally staring at us. Liam let go of my hand and for a moment I am relieved, but that is just until he places his arm around my waist. He pull me close and I can tell that he feels proud of me, if you can say it like that. This hallway seems longer than it was yesterday, and I just feel like there is more and more people noticing us, that is just until a curly haired boy steps in front of us.


Harry: ''Elizabeth can I just talk to you for a moment?'' He asks and Liam tighten his grip around me.

Liam: ''No.'' He answer back coldhearted for me. 

Harry: ''I think your little girlfriend can answer for herself.' He is mad.


Liam looks down at me and I rub his arm.


You: ''No Harry.''


Harrys POV


She's got to be kidding me.


Liam: ''Harry I think you need to leave.''

Harry: ''No, I don't think so.'' I say through my teeth and take a step forwards. We have a crowd now.

Liam: ''How is it that you've become so violent the last few days?'' He says and pulls Elizabeth behind him.


I look around only to find a massive crowd and a lot of people whispering. I don't want to cause a scene right now. 


Harry: ''Does it matter?'' I roll my eyes.

Liam: ''Yes it does actually.'' I know he is one of my best friends, but right now I just really want to beat the shit out of him.

Elizabeth: ''Liam can we go now?'' She is not going anywhere with him.

Liam: ''Sure.'' He smiles and take her hand.


What the fuck am I gonna do? Should I beat him up right now in front of everyone or should I just let him go? Liam and Elizabeth walk past me, but I grab Elizabeth wrist and without looking at her, I pull her through the massive crowd of people and Liam is stood left looking like a shit who can't even defend a girl. Everybody is staring at us and I can feel that Elizabeth is trying to fight against me, but she knows that I am stronger than her. I pull her into an empty classroom and lock the door, just in case Liam will try to come after her, and just as I lock the door I hear Liam knocking behind it. What a jerk.


Harry: ''Ignore him.'' I say as he starts yelling.

Elizabeth: ''How is that even possible?'' She's right, he is annoying.

Harry: ''Give me a second.'' I say and kick the door as hard as I can. ''Shut up!'' I yell through the door and he immediately shuts up. Great. ''We can talk now.'' I say and sit on the table.

Elizabeth: ''Harry I don't really want to talk to you right now.'' She says and I rush up and stand in front of her.

Harry: ''I have a couple of other ideas to do instead.'' I smirk and place my hand on her cheek, but she push it away.

Elizabeth: ''No Harry, this is exactly why I don't want to hang out with you. You are gonna get me under your skin and then just dump me. I already told you that I don't want to be one of those girls, but you just don't seem to get it.'' She snaps.

Harry: ''But you're not one of those girls.'' I smile and try to grab ahold of her hands, but she crosses her arms over her chest.

Elizabeth: ''Is that so?'' She almost laugh.

Harry: ''Yea, you are the only girl who haven't just jumped on me.''

Elizabeth: ''Oh trust me, I've been there.'' She laughs.


How do I save this? I am just stood there with wide eyes and mumbling some words, not even words, sounds, and I can tell that she enjoy this moment because she have full control over me. 


Elizabeths POV


He is just stood there, numb. I don't want to be in the same room as him right now, I am afraid he will hurt me or something, but I bet on that. Of course he wouldn't hurt me, at least not physically. He steps closer and I really want to back, but it seems like my feet are stamped to the ground. My arms are still crossed over my chest when he places his hand on my cheek, and starts rubbing his thumb in circles. It gives me a shiver now only down my spine, but through my whole body. He press a little harder on my cheek and I immediately feel the electricity. Exactly the same feeling as when Andy touch me. I can't believe I am telling myself this, but I need to stop thinking about Andy. It is over between us and I just need to move on. I catch myself staring into Harrys sparkling green eyes, and I immediately look away. He giggles as he turns my head to face him again, he then quickly gets serious again. He now have both of his hands on my face and his right thumb slowly runs over my bottom lip, making him bite his own lip. His eyes goes from my mouth to my eyes and then back to my mouth repeatedly, and I can't help, but feel save. My arms are still crossed as he slowly leans his head down so our foreheads are touching. I look at his lips as he repeatedly licks and bites them and I somehow feel like I have forgotten everything about Andy. Right now I really wanna jump on Harry, but I have already been there once and I am not going there again. He leans a bit more down and his nose his now slightly touching mine. He lifts my head up and leans down a bit more so his lips brush mine.


You: ''Harry.'' I whisper.

Harry: ''Please.'' He sounds exhausted. ''I need to know.'' 


I sink and gives him a little nod, making him lean down further down and his lips are now in contact with mine. I can't help it, I need to grab something, I can't just stand here with my arms crossed. What am I gonna do? I awkwardly loosen my grip around myself and put my right hand on the side of his stomach and my left hand is tugging his hair. Wow, his hair is really soft. I tug harder on his hair as his tongue starts to brush over my bottom lip trying to get access and I open my mouth, giving him it. Our tongues move together so easily as this was meant to be. I feel amazing. My legs are shaking, but it feels good. My eyes roll behind my eye lid in enjoyment and I start to move my tongue faster. His right hand goes from my cheek to my waist, pulling me close to him. His hand starts moving further down, but I stop him before he reach my bum.


You: ''No.'' I say and place my hands on his chest as I pull away.

Harry: ''Okay.'' He says trying to catch his breath. 


He leans in and kiss my cheek, while holding both of my hands.


Harry: ''You can go out to your idiot now.'' He smirks and I walk to the door looking at the ground.


I find Liam sitting on the floor against the wall, but as soon as he sees me he rushes up and grab my shoulders.


Liam: ''What did he do to you?'' He ask immediately.

You: ''Nothing, he ju…''

Liam: ''Did he hurt you?'' He cuts me off.

You: ''No Liam he didn't. Come on lets go find Joe.'' I say and grab his hand as Harry comes out.


I turn around to see Harry leaning against the door with a smirk on his face.


Harry: ''Great timing.'' He mouths and I sink together.



Joe: ''How was your day?'' Exhausting, confusing, dumb.

You: ''Fine.'' I lie. ''What time is it?'' I ask him.

Joe: ''Uhm, I don't know actually, why?''

You: ''Just asking.''

Joe: ''Uhm, it is 15 minutes past half past six.'' He looks at his phone.

You: ''Thank you.'' I smile and continue my homework.


After doing homework for a while Joe comes into the living room with a worried face expression.


You: ''What is wrong Joe?'' I say and he sinks.

Joe: ''You have a visitor.'' I crunch my face and in comes Harry. What the hell is he doing here?

Harry: ''Hello beautiful.'' He say and take a seat next to me on the couch. 

You: ''What are you doing here?'' I whisper.

Harry: ''I told you I'd be here at seven.'' He smirks.


Fuck, I forgot that. I look like shit and everything, and I am studying. This isn't the perfect timing.


Harry: ''So, what have you planned for us to do?'' He stands up.

You: ''Absolutely nothing. I forgot you were coming.'' I admit.

Harry: ''Luckily for you, I have a few ideas.'' He winks and I push his shoulder. ''Okay, sorry, enough with the perverted comments.'' He giggles, showing off his dimples.

You: ''Yes please.'' I say and blush.


This is awkward. I am sitting with one of the schools most popular boys and he is one hundred procent flirting with me. I kissed him earlier, and yes, it felt amazing, and I understand why every girl wants him, I just don't want to be one of those girls. I keep telling myself that. Harry is standing between my legs and I suddenly feel a squeeze on my hand. I look down and realize that Harry is holding my hand, trying to get in contact with me.


You: ''Oh sorry. What did you say?'' I shake my head and smile.

Harry: ''I asked if you wanted to show me your room.'' He lifts his brows.

You: ''Uhm, okay, sure.'' I say and stand up.


On our way to my room I can feel Harrys eyes is plastered on me. I don't know if I am uncomfortable about this or comfortable. I like the fact that he is looking at me, but I just don't know how to feel about him staring at me. When we reach my room, I open the door and let Harry go in first. He doesn't seem surprised. It looks a bit like my old room, just with a little few modern changes. He sits down on the bed and moans, then he just throw himself back. His feet are dangling from the bed. I notice that his shirt flew up a little with he layer down, revealing his V line. Wow, he has definitely been training. I catch myself staring and luckily his eyes are closed. I walk to the bed and sit down on the edge looking around the room. It is a bit messy.


You: ''I didn't allow you to just fall asleep in my bed.'' I tease.

Harry: ''No, but I would love to. This bed is amazing.'' He says without even opening his eyes. 


I lay down next to Harry, resting my body on my elbows. His curls is spread around my pillows and his cologne is stronger than earlier today, a lot stronger. 


Harry: ''Stop staring.'' He smiles and I quickly look away.


How could he know I was staring? His eyes are closed, and it is not like I am breathing him right in the head.


You: ''How did you know I was staring?'' I lift my brows, even though he can't see me, I guess.


He opens his eyes and lift his body, to rest on his elbows. He slightly turn his head a bit to the side, making him look even more cute than before. His sparkling green eyes lights up the room, even though the moon is a big help too. My room is quite dark, the only light on in here is a little lamp that is placed on my desk. I am actually glad that it is dark in here, because I feel like it makes it a lot less awkward.


Harry: ''It's not that hard to feel it when someone is literally staring at you.'' He smiles.

You: ''Oh.'' I sit up and move back so I lean my back against the bed. 

Harry: ''You seem so, quiet.'' He says and sit up.

You: ''What do you mean?''

Harry: ''Back in London, you were just so, I don't know, smiling and, happy.'' What?

You: ''I am happy.'' I crunch my brows in confusion.

Harry: ''Maybe, but definitely not smiling.'' He says and turn around to face me.

You: ''What?'' I am confused.

Harry: ''I know you have this, thing, going on with Liam…'' I cut him off.

You: ''Not at all.'' I snap.

Harry: ''It surely looks like that.'' I lift my brows. ''I mean, come on, he holds your hand down the hallways and he his hand is on your thigh in classes.'' He half laughs.

You: ''But you do the same with Jes…'' I am cut off guard by him as his face is suddenly inches away from mine.

Harry: ''I already told you, it is just to make you jealous.'' He says through his teeth.

You: ''But why do you wanna make me jealous?''

Harry: ''Because I god damn like you Elizabeth.'' He raise his voice and I am in complete chock by his words. ''I like you okay. You are different and it makes you special in every single way. The way your hair is naturally curled and the way your eyes get all soft when you get a compliment. The way you don't seem to care if everybody laughs at you. I admit that I got jealous when Niall helped you with your books or when Louis was flirting with you, I even got jealous just to see the way Zayn looked at you, but the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that you just let Liam hold your hand, just because you don't want to hurt him. It makes me sick.'' Wow.


He makes it sound like he is deeply in love with me, and that he want me for himself. His eyes are all soft, staring into mine, and I can't help, but place my hands on his cheeks. I let my forehead fall to his and I can feel I'm biting his teeth together.


You: ''You make it sound like you have had feelings for me the entire time.'' I half laugh.

Harry: ''I have.'' He looks down and I widen my eyes...

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