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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


28. Chapter 28.

(Don't be fooled by the name of this chapter! It is not the end of the story! :))


Most of the drive is silent. I think we're all scared of saying the wrong thing. I sit on the passenger seat and Joe is on the back seat. Liam keeps smiling at me, then looking back at the road, the to me again, then the road. I can't help, but giggle at the way he tries to flirt with me. I wonder what class Liam is in? He looks like someone on my age.


You: ''So, Liam, what class are you in?''

Liam: ''I'm on the dancing line.''

You: ''Oh so you are a dancer?''

Liam: ''Yea, what about you guys?'' I look back at Joe.

Joe: ''We're also on the dancing line.'' He smiles.

Liam: ''Oh, first or second year?''

You: ''I'm on second year and Joe is about to start his first. Well, it is in fact my first year as well.''

Liam: ''Oh, yea, I was about to say that, because I haven't seen you at all last year.'' He laughs.


He looks really cute when he smiles. Th way his eyes crinkle and his smile covers his whole face.


You: ''So you are on your second year as well?'' I smile.

Liam: ''Yup, seems like we're gonna see each other a lot from now on.'' He laughs and I join him. 

Joe: ''Can you tell us about the school maybe?''

Liam: ''We're at the school in a minute, but we can meet after classes and I can tell you there?'' He says looking at me, then back at Joe and quickly back at the road.

Joe: ''Sounds great to me.'' 

You: ''Me too.''

Liam: ''Great, Elizabeth and I will find you there then.'' He smiles and pulls into the really big parking lot. 

You: ''Wow, this place is huge.'' I say and look around as I step out of the car.

Liam: ''And this is just the small bit of the school.'' He says and lay a hand on my shoulder.


We say goodbye to Joe and Liam and I head of to class. 

Just as we walk into the class I gasp and drop all of my things. This can't be true. Everyone turn around and lay their eyes on me, inclusive Harry, Edward, that guy from IKEA, Liam and all twenty hot boys in here. This is really awkward. I can be honest and say that there is not more than three girls in this class and they are all super skinny and have flawless faces. A lot of the boys start to laugh in silent, but Harry, Edward, the guy from IKEA and a blond haired boy doesn't. Edward is sitting on the table in front of one of the girls and when the girl notice that Edward is staring at me she gives his leg a little push, making him shake his head and continue his attention to her instead. Harry sitting on the table opposite Edward with the two other girls. I guess what he did saturday night is something he does for living, if that sounds right? The guy from IKEA is sitting in the corner with some biker dudes. He is dressed like one as well. All of his friends are pushing him and whistling at me, but he just stares at me and smiles. Before I know it a blond guy is stood in front of me with all of my things handing them out of me. He is really cute, like, really cute, all boys in this class is cute, but this guy have something really special about him. Liam gives me a little push with his elbow and I am back to reality.


Niall: ''You dropped your things.'' He smiles.

You: ''Oh, thanks.'' I push my hair behind my ears and take my things.

Niall: ''So I am Niall. You must be new.'' He smiles.


This guy is defiantly not american. He is like scottish or something. Maybe irish, but I can tell that he is not american. Liam decide to answer for me.


Liam: ''Yea, she is. Find your seat again Niall.'' He takes a step towards Niall.

Niall: ''She can answer for herself Liam.'' He says right back into his face.

You: ''Yes, Niall, I am new.'' I say and grab Liams arm to pull him back a little. 

Niall: ''Well, as you know now, my name is Niall. Who are you?'' He smiles.


He is wearing a tank top with the american flag printed on it, blue pants and some white sneakers. His hair is up in a quiff, like every other boys hair in here, and he have the most beautiful blue eyes. They almost look like the sea. 


You: ''I am Elizabeth.'' I say and I can feel Liams eyes on me.

Niall: ''And I can tell by your accent that you're british.'' 

You: ''And I can tell by your accent that you are scottish.'' I smile.

Niall: ''Irish.'' He corrects me and laughs. Oh, awkward.

You: ''I am sorry, I am not good at accents.'' I can feel my cheeks getting warm.

Niall: ''That is okay.'' 


Liam takes a step in between Niall and I and grab my hand like we are a couple. My eyes quickly goes to our hands and my heart starts racing. What is he doing? I really want to jerk away from his grip, but I don't want to be rude either. I look around the room to find Harry staring at us with his eyes widen and I can tell that he doesn't feel happy about this. I can clearly see the sadness in his eyes.


Liam: ''Well, if you two are done flirting…'' He stops and takes a deep breath. ''Class starts in five.'' He smiles at me.


I smile back and let go of his hand and take my phone up from my pocket. I pretend that I got a message or something just to make Liam let go of my hand. When I look over at Harry he is now sitting with one of the girls on his lap and her arm is around his neck. He is trying to make me jealous, and I can tell that it works. Niall finds his seat and I put my phone back into my pocket before grabbing Liams hand again. I can easily tell that he is surprised my by actions, but it doesn't seem to bother him,


You: ''Where am I sitting?'' I smile.

Liam: ''Follow me.'' He smiles and guards me through the class to a free table. I sit down and Liam sits down beside me.


I look over at Harry and the girl is still on his lap, but he doesn't seem to have interest in her. He keeps eye contact with me until the teacher walks in and Liam lays his hand on my underarm. 


Liam: ''Seems like you have interest in Harry.'' He whispers.

You: ''What? No. He has a girlfriend as you can see, and he is not my type anyway.'' Harry is totally my type, but I guess it is best if no one knows we know each other.

Liam: ''Girlfriend?''

You: ''Yea, the girl that was on his lap a minute a go.'' I grab my pencil and start to write down what the teacher is writing on the white board.

Liam: ''Oh dear, Harry doesn't have a girlfriend. He mess around with a lot of girls, not that he is a bad guy, he is nice, but the girls is just all over him and his brother Edward because they're british.'' Liam explains.

You: ''Well, I am british and it doesn't quite seems like the guys are all over me.'' I joke and he laughs in silent.

Liam: ''Oh, trust me, they will be. As soon as they find out that you are british they will be all over you. Just like Niall is.'' 

You: ''Niall wasn't all over me. He was just being polite.'' I giggle.

Liam: ''Sure, whatever you say.'' He smiles and lean back in his seat.


The bell rings and the teacher ends of with ''See you tomorrow students.'' and then he takes his back and walks out. I can hear the bikers whisper behind me, and suddenly I have a brown haired boy sitting on my table, while everyone is leaving.


Louis: ''Hey pretty lady. I'm Louis.'' I am quite offended by his way to introduce himself.

You: ''Uhm, excuse me.'' 

Louis: ''Haha, relax.'' What a jerk.


He stand up and help me up from my seat and takes my bag for me and give it to me.


Louis: ''I was joking. My name is Louis. What is your name beautiful?'' He says and kisses my hand.


He is maybe quite nice anyway. I blush and giggle a little before answering.


You: ''I am Elizabeth. Probably known as the new kid for the rest of the year.'' I joke and he laughs.

Louis: ''Funny and british. I like that.'' He laughs and I join him. ''Let me take you out for dinner tonight.'' He smiles.


Oh, a date.


You: ''Tonight? Uhm, I can't. I am busy.'' I awkwardly answer.

Louis: ''Another time maybe.'' He winks and walks back to the rest of his group and I hear a lot ''Well done mate!''. Ugh. Teenagers.


On the way out of class, Liam tries to grab my hand again, but I take my phone up again.


Liam: ''I told you.'' 

You: ''You surely did.'' I laugh and he joins me.



We meet up with Joe and decide to find the nearest café to talk. We order some coffee and sit down at a cleanest table.


Liam: ''Okay, listen guys.'' Joe and I both lean our elbows on the table. ''The schools popular kids is the brothers Harry and Edward. They have a third brother named Marcel who…'' Joe cuts him off.

Joe: ''Marcel, know him.'' He smiles and Liam rolls his eyes.

Liam: ''As I was about to say..'' He smiles at Joe. ''Harry and Ed don't really want to be seen around him, because Marcel is quite a… Yea, he's a nerd.'' Liam stops and smile. ''Then we have the bikers. We only have one group of bikers, and they're all in our class. The leader of that group is Louis. Louis' best friend is Michael who is the biggest party animal I have ever in my entire life met. Zayn is the quiet mysterious one of the bikers. He never really speaks. Then we have the normal ones. Like us.''

Joe: ''Who said we were normal?'' Joe laughs and we join him.

Liam: ''Anyway, Niall is quite popular in that group, followed by Calum and Luke. Then there is the sluts. We have Emily, Josephine and Jessica. They are in our class as well.''

Joe: ''And my class is just like normal or what?'' 

Liam: ''To be honest, it's the first day and you guys are all new, so I haven't really got the chance to get to know any of them yet, beside you.''

Joe: ''Makes sense.'' He smiles.

Liam: ''Then we have all the sport freaks. Almost everyone on the years above us is either basketballers, cheerleaders or footballers. There are a few nerdy girls and boys there, but otherwise it's just sport freaks all of them.''

You: ''But we are on the dance line?''

Liam: ''Do you even know anything about this school?'' Him and Joe burst into laughter. ''Dancing is an optional class, just as there is science, drama, cooking and all of that stuff.'' Oh.


Liam, Joe and I sits at the café for about an hour until we decide it is best to go home.

Liam drives us home and we thank him and walk inside. I crash on the sofa and Joe walks to the kitchen to get an apple and then walks back into the living room and sits down on the sofa.


Joe: ''Long day huh?''

You: ''You don't say.'' I laugh and he joins.

Joe: ''Is Liam like, into you or something?''

You: ''Wha hat?'' I half laugh into that word.

Joe: ''I mean, I saw how he was looking at you.'' He seems worried.

You: ''Joe, no. Liam is just a friend. I still have Andy.'' I proudly say.

Joe: ''You haven't ended it yet?''

You: ''No, and I probably won't do it at all.''

Joe: ''Please, just think about it El.''

You: ''There is nothing to think abo…'' I get cut off my my phone ringing. ''Okay, Andy is calling now, and I have to pick it up. You just shut up okay?'' I say and mean it.''

Andy: ''Hey babe, how is America?'' He doesn't sound excited.

You: ''Uhm, it's great, but I miss you.'' I pout even though he can't see me.

Andy: ''Talking about missing…'' Oh god. ''We need to talk.'' 

You: ''Go ahead.'' This can't be good.

Andy: ''I've been talking to my sister about this and stuff and she like, I don't want to, but, uhm…''

You: ''She wants us to stop right?'' I sigh.

Andy: ''Yea…''

You: ''I don't know if this makes it any better, but my brother has been telling me the same.'' Josephs eyes widen and he lifts his brows.

Andy: ''So should we, just like, stop it?'' I can hear the sadness in his voice.

You: ''If it is for the best?'' I really want to cry at this moment.

Andy: ''I, I'm sorry El.'' Oh no, is he crying?

You: ''Me too.'' A few moments of silent pass by before any of us speaks.

Andy: ''I love you El.'' I can hear him snuffle.

You: ''I love you too Andy.'' I can feel my eyes getting wet.

Andy: ''Bye.'' He says and before I can answer back the phone beeps into my ear. 


This is it. It is over between Andy and I. I am now completely single. I somehow feel a press is lifted by my chest, but in other ways I feel it drop again. I can go on a date with Louis now, I can cuddle with Harry as much as I want now, I can hold hands with Liam now, I can flirt with Niall now. I can be me now, but one thing is, that I have to choose which one of the options I would like to choose. Louis seems like a nice and funny guy. Harry seems like the romantic and mysterious guy. Liam seems like the happy and helpful guy. Niall seems like the hyper and polite one. I don't see myself with Niall or Louis. At all. I am kinda split between Liam and Harry. 


Joe: ''He ended it?''

You: ''No.'' 

Joe: ''What then?''

You: ''We ended it.'' I burst out in tears and of course Joe is immediately there to help me.


I wake up with swollen eyes and lips. Last night was rough. I don't have the energy to go to school today and especially not taking a taxi there. I need to get a car. Joe is already up and getting ready, I should get ready too. I take a cold shower to relax a little and then dry my hair. I looked quite clumsy yesterday if I would say so. Today I want to show them how I normally dress and not just look like an idiot because I thought everyone else looked like that. I decide to go with my high wasted aztec and cowboy shorts, a white vans t-shirt, an oversized black cardigan and my black Dr. Martens boots. I do my makeup as I usual do, beside yesterday where I was wearing almost nothing, today I will be doing my usual makeup. I put on some light eyeshadow and then blend it with a little darker color. I put on mascara and do a little cat eye before putting on my lip balm. To be honest, I am not really into lipstick beside when I am at parties and stuff. I prefer lip balm. I apply a tiny bit of concealer underneath my eyes and then let my curly hair fall down naturally. I look like myself today. Joe and I takes a taxi to iHop and once again, Liam is there. He offers to give us a ride to school again and we thank him.


When we get to class people are staring at us once again as we step into the room. I look down to the ground in case I have dropped all of my things again, but I haven't. What are they staring at? Liam and I walks to our seats and I can feel every single eye in the room is on me. Suddenly out of no where there is three boys sitting by our table, chatting to us. Or me. 


Harry: ''Guys, I think it is enough. Give the new girl some space.'' A curly haired boy steps into the group of people that is swarming around our table. ''Elizabeth can I talk to you for a second?'' I smiles and holding out a hand.

You: ''Can we talk after class?'' I don't really want to talk to Harry right now.

Harry: ''No, I need to talk to you now.'' He is getting annoyed.

You: ''But…''

Harry: ''Now.'' He bites his teeth together.


I stand up, not grabbing his hand and give Liam a ''It is okay'' look before following Harry outside. 


Harry: ''So you're quite popular now huh?'' He stands walking back and forth really slow.

You: ''No, ac…'' I am cut off guard by him turning around and slamming me against the lockers.

Harry: ''How is it with you and Andy?'' He say through his teeth.

You: It i…''

Harry: ''Or should I say boyfriend?'' He smirks. ''You know, you could just have told me in the first place…'' He pulls away and begins to walk back and forth again. ''How is it going between you two?'' He asks again when our teacher walks by.

Teacher: ''Goodmorning Harry.'' He smiles.

Harry: ''Goodmorning mr. Deyes.'' Harry smiles back as he enters the classroom.

You: ''Wait, are you just allowed to stay out of class?'' I say and take a step towards him.

Harry: ''Yea?'' What is wrong with him.

You: ''Okay, never mind, I am going to class.'' I say and turn around to open the door, but Harry grabs my wrist.

Harry: ''You are not going anywhere.'' He says and spin me around so we are placed in the same position as we were in saturday night in my kitchen. ''So tell me darling, how is it between you two love birds?'' He smirks. I am glad the hallway is empty.

You: ''We're done.'' I say and look at the ground.

Harry: ''Done?'' He tilt my head up, forcing me to look him in the eyes.

You: ''Yea, done.''

Harry: ''What do you mean by done?'' His eyes goes from my right eye, to my left eye, then back to my right eye.

You: ''We broke up, or we didn't, because we weren't even in a relationship. We just, ended things.''

Harry: ''And if I am allowed to ask, why?''

You: ''We couldn't keep up with the distance.'' I say and look away.

Harry: ''So you're free now?'' His smile grows.

You: ''Yea, but I defiantly won't be dating you.'' I say and turn my head to look at him.

Harry: ''And why is that?'' His accent becomes thick.

You: ''Because I know how you are with girls. Take them on a date, then fuck them, then dump them the next day. I don't want to be one of those girls.'' I say disgusted by the thought.

Harry: ''Who told you that? Your little boyfriend Liam?''

You: ''And what if he did? You made it pretty obvious about the way you and Jessica sat yesterday morning, and now you're doing this?''

Harry: ''I just tried to make you jealous.'' 

You: ''Yea, but you failed miserably.'' I lie. He did actually make me jealous, but I don't know why.

Harry: ''Is that so?'' He smirks.

You: ''Yea, why should I said it if I was lying.'' I lie again.

Harry: ''Can I ask you a question?'' He changes subject.

You: ''Don't just cha…''

Harry: ''Why haven't you tried to pull away from me?'' I look down and I start to wonder why he is actually right. 

You: ''I don't know.''

Harry: ''Exactly.'' He smirks.


He leans his head forwards, but turn it so his lips meet my ear.


Harry: ''I'll be at your house at seven.'' 


He tighten his grip around my waist and lifts my up a little so his mouth is touching my neck. He gives it a little kiss and pulls away, giving me a smirk. I am frozen. What the hell just happened? He walks to the door and stops in front of it.


Harry: ''Ladies first.''

You: ''Then you should maybe go in first.'' I roll my eyes and he chuckles, opening the door for me...

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