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Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who has hard times at schools. She been moving around for the past 3 years. 7 different schools. No friends, beside her now best friend Anastacia. When she finally comes to a school she like a boy appears, or actually, two of him, or maybe even three...


27. Chapter 27.

Harry POV


Our hips are touching each other and her hands is placed on my chest. She stares into my chest and I can see her lips are shaking. I really want to just place my lips on hers, but that would be way to soon. Or would it? We've kissed before. Can I do it again? Would she stop me? Her eyes goes from my chest to my chin. I know she's soon going to meet my eyes and I will enjoy every second of this moment because I may not be able to hold her close again. I sound so in love. Am I in love? No, I am not. I just have feelings for this girl that I didn't knew I had. There it goes. Her eyes are locked to mine. She opens her mouth and mumble a few sounds, but then stops and closes it again. I wanna ask her about what she feels about this and I want to ask her if I can kiss her and rub my thumb on her cheek making her blush like she did the first time I did it. I still have my hands around her waist and I just look around the room to check that there is no one here, and luckily we're alone so I tighten my grip a little more, but she push herself away from so she can see me clearly.


''No, Harry. I can't.'' She says through her breath. 


Oh no. I don't want her to stop me. I want to just tilt her head up and press my lips to hers, but she would stop me. Wouldn't she? She would.


''Why?'' I say trying to make eye contact with her.

''I, I just can't.''

''Tell me.'' I beg her.

''Please let go of me.'' She looks away and push a little bit on my chest.


I let go of her, sort of. I let my hands slide from her waist to her wrists and down to her fingers. I hold on to them, not tight, not lose, just holding on to them. She doesn't jerk away. Is that a good sign?


''Now tell me.'' I stare into her eyes.


Elizabeths POV


How do I tell him about Andy and I? It shouldn't be hard to tell him, but I just don't like hurting other people. It seems like he have feelings for me. Maybe that's why him and Sophia broke up? No, it couldn't be. I can't be because of me.

I look down to our hands and my heart starts racing and I feel a shiver down my spine. This is the same feeling I get when Andy touch me. I love Andy, and I would love to be in a relationship with him, but we both knew that it wouldn't work because of the distance there was going to be. We discussed this and made this decision together and decided that we would stay as we were before I left, but I surely regret that now. It would be much better if I could just tell Harry that I have a boyfriend and I can't kiss him even though I really want to. Wait what? No, I do not want to kiss him. I don't know what to tell Harry, I am blank.


''Tell me Elizabeth.'' I freeze.

''Is everything okay in here?'' Joe breaks in.


Thank god. Harry immediately let go of my hands and pull his into his pockets. He looks so cute with his beanie on and hands down in his pockets. He looks like one of those really attractive boys you see in the shopping center in the winter with all of his friends around him. He looks like the really popular kid that every girl wants, but instead he has feelings for the biggest dork ever born. I don't know why I am even thinking about this, but I am just glad that Joe came in and saved me.


''Yea, we're just, talking.'' Is he embarrassed by doing what he just did?

''Oh okay, Marcel and I are just about to pack our things, so he will be ready to leave in about five minutes, okay Harry?'' He looks up at Harry who looks down at me and then back to Joe.

''Yea sure.'' He says and Joe heads off back to the living room.

''I'll just come with you Joe!'' I yell.


Harry tries to reach for my hand, but I notice and pull both of my hands into the sleeves of my sweatshirt. I almost run into the living room and I notice Marcel right away. His glasses is on the table and his hair is messy as hell, revealing his beautiful curly lures. He look exactly like his brothers. They are identical. I wonder if he have a birthmark on his wrist that forms a M. He moves his hands way to fast for me to see if he has the birthmark. Harry steps into the room leaning against the wall. Marcel takes his time to get ready and when he his finally ready to leave, Harry is already standing by the door. I hug Marcel and doe does Joe.


''I had a great time tonight. We have to do this again.'' He smiles.

''Yea, it was great fun.'' I notice Harry staring at me.


Joe goes for a hug with Harry, but instead Harry pulls his hand out going for a handshake. I can see that Joe is embarrassed and just shake his hand. Harry walks over to me and I expect a handshake as well, but he goes for a hug. I am quite choked by this. I hug him back and he tighten his grip and I feel his breath against my ear.


''I'll see you tomorrow.'' He whisper into my ear before kissing my cheek and let go and head to the car without looking at any of us.


What the actual fuck? I hope that the boys didn't notice, and what did he meant by ''See you tomorrow''? I am not going to see him tomorrow. I am going to stay at home an relax, I just don't hope Joe invited them over again. Marcel and Harry jumps into the car and pull out of the parking lot. Marcel gives us a little wave and drive away. Joe closes the door, grabs my wrist and pulling me into the living room and pushes me down onto the sofa. He sits next to me and claps his hands together.



''Tell me.''

''Tell you what?'' What is he talking about?

''What happened in the kitchen?'' He smiles.


Fuck. He saw it. 


''Nothing really. He just held my hands trying to comfort me.'' This doesn't really make sense. ''And he have a girlfriend too, so there is nothing in it to be honest.'' I lie.

''Comfort you?''

''Yea, I miss home already.''

''Oh.'' He pouts. ''Well Marcel told me that him and Sophia broke up?'' Fucking hell.



I try to pull my best surprised face, but miserably fails. I know they broke up, but I just don't want Joe to know anything about this. Well, what Harry did.


''Yea, he looked pretty much in love.''

''Yea. He did.'' I smile, remembering how cute they looked together.

''I meant with you.'' I turn my head to face him and widen my eyes. ''I am talking about how he looked at you in the kitchen.''

''He pulled away the minute you walked in Joe.'' I say.

''Yea, I was watching you for a while.'' He smirk.


How long did he spy on us. I surely doesn't hope he saw when Harry tried to kiss me. That would be so awkward.


''Nothing happened and you know that if you were watching.'' 

''I know, but I also know that you wanted to.'' 

''Wanted to what?'' I hope it is not the answer that I am thinking of.

''Kiss him.'' Yup, it was.

''No, well, yes, but no.'' 

''Okay El, I know Andy and you have this thing going on, but you live in two different countries now, and you won't be able to see each other for at least the next six months.'' 

''Please don't.'' I know what he is going to say.

''I won't. I just think you should, I don't know, talk to Andy about this.''

''About what?'' I really don't know why I even asked. I don't want to know the answer.

''Maybe, you know, stop it. I know you have strong feelings for him, but it is just, I don't think it is a good idea, because I saw how you were looking at Harry and I don't want either you or Andy to get hurt, and I know for sure that you will end up making out with Harry, one way or another, and then you will feel terrible and beside you'll feel terrible with yourself, you're going to hurt Andy. I just don't want that.'' How can he be so right about this?

''First of all. My feelings for Andy is way to strong to just stop it. Second of all, I surely won't ever make out with Harry, and third of all, I won't feel terrible because I won't do any of the things you just said.'' I snap.


I know Joe is disappointed at me because I won't admit it to myself. I really want to make out with Har, no, what am I thinking? I won't and I never will, but I have to admit he is one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen in my entire life, and he just gets more attractive by every time I see him, and his new tattoos are really looking good on him. I have never really been into all of this tattoo and tough guy thing, but there is just something special about Harry. He is far from tough, maybe on the outside, but on the inside he is soft as a, I don't know, he is just soft and, nice.


''I am sorry, I…'' He cuts me off.

''No it is okay. It really is. I just don't want you to get hurt, okay?'' He raise his brows.

''Okay.'' I smile and he stands up.

''I'll go to bed now, it's late.'' What time is it? Isn't it like 10pm?


I look at the clock hanging on the wall and it is already 1am, plus Joe probably still have the sickest jetlag ever. Mine is actually not that bad.


''Goodnight.'' He says and kisses my forehead. 

''Goodnight.'' I smile.


Just before he walks into his room, he yell through the whole house.


''Don't worry about waking up early! Sleep as long as you want to!'' He laughs and I join him.


Maybe it is time for me to go to bed anyway. I am in fact really tired and I have to get my thought off Harry and Andy. I get ready for bed and put my phone into the charger, just to reveal the five unread messages I got from Andy and one unread message from Harry. I read the ones from Andy first and they all include the words ''I love you.'' in the end. I answer him back ending the messages with ''I love you too.''. Now for Harrys. I don't really know if I even want to read it, what could he possibly have wrote? I open the message and it chock me to find the picture he send me.


From Harry to you: 


Do you fucking have a boyfriend?!


The message is revealing a photo of Andy and I together. I am sitting on his lap and his hands are around my waist. What do I answer to this? Oh, yea, sorry I forgot to tell you, but I sort of have a boyfriend who I really love, but when you touched me tonight I realized I have really strong feelings for you as well. My subconscious adds. Do I have feelings for Harry? I don't want to have feelings for him, but the feeling I got when he touched me was exactly the same as when Andy touch me, if not better. I want to text him yes, but I can't because Andy and I are not in a relationship, and how the hell did he even got the picture? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Now I either text him back or leave my phone alone. I go with the first option.


From you to Harry: 


No, well sort of. He is my flirt, and btw. that is a really old picture. I think it is about 1,5 years old, so yea, something has been going on between us for a while, but we decided not to take it further into a real relationship because I was moving so soon. 


I text back. Why is he even freaking out about this, it is not like I would ever date Harry or anything. 


From Harry to you: 


Well it surely would've been great to know…


It would. It would've been great to know for him. He wouldn't have done what he did if he knew about Andy and I, I think at least. My thoughts go back to when he whispered in my ear. Why is he going to see me tomorrow. It's sunday tomorrow and I won't be doing a shit.


From you to Harry: 


Why? It is not like something would ever happen about you knowing it or not? I am tired Harry, goodnight.


I really don't want to discuss this with Harry now, and especially not over text messages. I want to sleep, nothing else.


I wake up to Joe knocking hard on my door and screaming behind it. What is he doing? Is something wrong? I rush up and open the door to see an exhausted Joe standing with his right arm up ready to knock again. 


''What are you doing?''

''Well, your door was locked and you didn't answer your phone and when I started knocking on your door you didn't answer either. I thought something was wrong.'' Oh, typical Joe.

''Seriously Joe, what time is it?'' I say and rub my eyes.

''10am.'' He smiles.

''Seriously Joe, you promised I could just sleep.'' I raise my brows.

''Yea, but I, was bored.'' He mumbles.

''Go back to sleep Joe.'' I yawn and try to close the door, but Josephs foot is in the way. ''What?''

''I thought, you maybe, I don't know, uhm, can we talk?'' 


Joe wants to talk at 10am. What is going on? This must be really important since he wants to talk about this now. He looks worried. I follow him into his room and sit down on his bed with him. He starts talking and I am literally in chock. Why is he telling me this now? Maybe he felt ready in this exact moment. He is telling me for how long, and every other detail about it. I don't know if I want to feel happy for being the first to know or not. It's a good thing that he trusts me, isn't it? I hug Joe, really tight and I just keep talking to him about all of this until he feel comfortable about it. I ask when he is ready to tell everyone and when he is going to tell mom and dad. We decide to call them and tell them. They seem glad and happy. They support Joe in this and so do I, it just chocked me a lot, because I never expected this from Joe at all. I can't believe my brother is homosexual. That actually explains a lot. He is always good to talk to about love and he is a really good listener. The way he always claps his hands together and lean his head a little. The way he dress. Why haven't I ever noticed this. Joe tells me that he wants to be alone a little and I accept that and walk to my room. I look at the clock and notice that Joe and I have been talking for almost two hours. Well, now I know that I can just take Joe out on shopping trips and stuff. 

After sitting in my room for a while I decide to go down and make some breakfast. While eating Joe suddenly runs down the hall, full dressed and a bag on. 


''Where are you going?'' 

''I am just going out for a while, I'll be back so we can eat together okay?'' Uhm.

''Who are you…'' 

''Bye babe.'' He yells and I hear the door slam.


I didn't even get to ask him who he was going out with. 

The day passes by quite quick and before I know it Joe and I are sitting by the dinner table eating pasta. I am such a great cook. 


''So who were your with?'' 

''Oh, I just met up with Marcel and one of his friends, which also is one of my new classmates.'' He smiles.

''Oh that is great. What is his name?'' I fill my mouth with pasta. 

''Ashton.'' He smiles. ''He is really cute.'' I really want to spit out my pasta and just laugh, but he is gay, it is rude to laugh.

''Oh, and is he gay as well?'' I ask him sinking my pasta.

''Unfortunately not.''

''Then you can take that guy from IKEA, he was gay right?'' I laugh.

''Don't laugh El.'' He laughs. ''He was actually really attractive!'' He laughs and I join him.

''Agree.'' We laugh.

''No seriously, I told the boys that I was, you know, and they were really supportive about it.'' 

''Well that is great.'' I raise my brows and smile.


After eating we clean the dishes, we head to the living room to watch a movie. We don't actually see the movie we just talk. When the movie finishes we decide to just go to sleep because we have school tomorrow and have to get up early. Harry didn't see me today, what did he meant when he said he would see me tomorrow, which is today? I don't want to think about that right now, I just want to sleep.


I wake up at 5:30am and get ready for my first day at NYU. I hope my classmates are nice. I am going to bump into second year of college, I don't even know if that is normal, but I got in anyway. My classmates know each other because they all took the same classes last year, so I hope there is at least one or two nice people there who welcomes me. Joe bumps into my room just as I am about to apply mascara.


''Are you ready for iHop?'' He asks.

''Yup, I am ready in a minute.'' I say and look at myself in the mirror. I look like a typical college student.

''Great, because the taxi is already here.'' He says. 


I hurry up and gather all my things together and throw my bag over my should and head to the door to find Joe leaning against it. He walks out to the taxi and I follow him. 

When we get to iHop we order the exact same things as last time and I notice that Liam is here. He is taking orders by a table near us. He is wearing the exact same clothes as last time, beside he is wearing black boots today. He is really attractive. Joe kicks my leg under the table. He probably noticed me staring. I giggle a little and Liam walks pass us, but backs again.


''Elizabeth?'' He says pointing at me with his pen and raise his left eyebrow. 

''Liam.'' I smile.

''Aren't you two going to school or something?'' He asks pointing at me, then Joe, then back to me again. 

''You know, it's not nice to point at people.'' I tease.

''Uh, sorry.'' He says and let his arm fall.

''But, yes, we are leaving in a minute.'' I look at Joe.

''Me too, were are you two studying?'' 

''NYU.'' Liams eyes widen.

''Really? Me too. You can get a ride from me?'' He smiles and I look at Joe who nods.

''Yea, that would be great. Thanks mate.'' He says.

''I'll just go out and grab my things and then we leave okay?''

''Uhm, okay, but we need to pay first.''

''Don't worry about that.'' He smiles.


After about three minutes, Liam returns with a leather bag over his shoulder and the shirt there were hanging around his waist is now put on normal. He smiles and stop by our table.


''Are you guys ready?'' He says looking directly at me.

''Yes.'' I say and smile…

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